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Cardboard spools
Recyclable cardboard spool
Plastic reel alternative
Cardboard spool manufacture
Cardboard reels
Cardboard cable reels

Plastic Reel Alternative

Lightweight, environmentally friendly cardboard reels

Corrugated cardboard spools (often referred to as Corrispool) offer you all the benefits of moulded plastic reels but with a number of additional advantages – both practical and environmental.

Using cardboard means these spools are particularly lightweight – allowing for easy handling – yet remain durable, strong, and hardwearing. Suitable for pretty much any wound product (cables, hoses, rope etc.) your cardboard spools are also available with print options, and are easily recycled at the end of their life. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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More info on cardboard spools

Designed to suit almost any type of linear wound products and manufactured from strong, corrugated fibreboard, corrugated spools are specifically engineered to meet the strength and durability requirements of each individual application.

In practice, this means that an experienced design team can develop the perfect spool for both your product and your production methods.

Once the ideal cardboard reel / spool for your application has been specified, it will be manufactured using fully automated manufacturing process on purpose-built machines. This guarantees exceptional accuracy and continuous supply to meet even the most demanding schedules.

It also means that custom branding, instructions, and print can be added (unlike with plastic / plywood cable reels).

Typical applications for cardboard spools include electrical and electronic cables, plastic and heat shrink tubing, rope, string and chains, flexible extrusions, and pressed electronic components. Their use is also becoming increasingly prevalent for the storage and transit of 3D printer filament.

Why replace plastic spools?

There are several reasons why businesses are moving away from traditional plastic or plywood spools.

Arguably the most significant of these is the environmental impact.

Corrugated cardboard is typically produced from 85% recycled materials and is fully recyclable at the end of its usable life. This is in stark contrast to many of the plastic reels and spool options available as alternatives.

Greater recyclability and environmental awareness is also being demanded by many customers.

But beyond the environmental benefits, corrugated spools are considerably lighter and easier to handle than traditional plywood or plastic reels, are more flexible in terms of the sizes and configurations available, and can be enhanced with custom printing.

In many cases they can be lower in cost too.

Key benefits of cardboard spools at a glance

  • Cost effective alternative to plastic reels and spools
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Trouble free winding – designed specifically for your equipment
  • Created from extra strong and durable corrugated cardboard
  • 100% recyclable
  • Available printed for optimum branding
  • JIT supply on demand available (subject to order volumes)


Commonly asked question about cardboard spools

Thinking of switching from plastic reels? Or have a new product that you need spools for? Chances are you’ll have a few questions!

The below covers the most common of these, but of you need further assistance or information, then please get in touch on 01793 754 444 or email

What size spools are available?

The cardboard spools that GWP manufacture can be tailored to the specific sizes that you require (although there are some limitations with very small or very large reels). This means that your spool can be the perfect the size for your winding equipment, transport and / or product.

Are these lower cost than plywood spools / plastic reels?

Depending on the size, configuration and volume of spools required, using cardboard reels can be lower cost than plywood or plastic options (please note that where this may not be the case, we will be completely honest and tell you). There are other related cost savings too, including custom sizes and lower weight resulting in reduced transit costs.

My existing spools are very heavy – will using carboard reels help?

Corrugated cardboard spools are lighter in weight than both moulded plastic and plywood options. This can not only improve safety and ease of handling for your employees / users of the spools, but can also directly impact your shipping costs.

Are these spools environmentally friendly?

Cardboard spools are the most environmentally friendly option currently available on the market today. They are typically manufactured from 80% recycled materials and are fully recyclable at the end of their lifespan. They are also biodegradable should they end up in landfill.

Can I have printed logos etc. on my spools?

It is possible to add logos, branding, instructions, product identifiers and even health and safety info to your cardboard spools. This can improve usability of your reels as well as providing free advertising for your product throughout your supply chain.

Are these suitable for 3D printer filament?

The use of cardboard spools is becoming more widespread for use in holding 3D printer filament (as the adoption of this technology becomes more established). They are also suitable for storing and transporting cables, tubing, rope, string, chains, flexible extrusions and even pressed electronic components.

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Whilst this obviously lends itself to being packaging manufacturers, by having an in-depth understanding of corrugated material, plus an extensive design and engineering department, it is why your business can benefit from many specialist products such as the plastic reel alternatives highlighted here.

Your business can also benefit from working with GWP in a number of other ways, too. This includes a just in time supply service (whereby we hold all your packaging stock), cost reduction strategies, and even a full audit of your packaging setup.

This is combined with a genuine focus on customer service and satisfaction, a wide array of varied corrugated packaging products / materials, plus truly impartial advice and free, no obligation quotes.

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