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Printed SRP.

Integrated transit & display packaging

Shelf ready packaging (SRP) is ideal for practically any retail environment, being incredibly easy to use and cost efficient. Saving money, time and labour, your stockists or retail outlets will simply take delivery, remove the tear off section and put on the shelf!

If you are looking for a high quality, bespoke, cost effective solution to store and display your products then look no further.

01: Key Benefits.

Advantages to your business of adopting shelf ready packaging

Getting your products into large retailers can be difficult at the best of times – which is why it is important that your packaging plays it’s part. SRP can help reduce friction, allowing retail staff to easily display your product, whilst helping you to control the presentation.

Please see below for the full range of benefits and advantages.

Key benefits of shelf ready packaging (SRP)

  • Cost efficient
  • Enhances prominence in crowded retail space
  • Visually striking
  • Effective way to display and store products or merchandise
  • Additional printing for brand identity and enhancement
  • Dual purpose –protects items whilst being displayed or transported
  • Ideal for product display

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02: Further Information.

Shelf ready packaging saves time and effort

Shelf ready packaging offers a cost effective solution for both product presentation and transit protection.

Boasting a wealth of benefits, shelf ready packaging saves time, labour, materials and money.

Besides this, shelf ready packaging can significantly increase prominence in crowded retail environments, as well as being more likely to be adopted by large retailers.

SRP retail packaging
The shelf ready packaging that GWP Packaging designed and manufactured for luxury chocolate brand Bendicks, won a prestigious Starpack design award

As well as visually displaying products, shelf ready packaging also provides a level of protection whilst in transit.

Manufactured from high quality, durable corrugated cardboard, shelf ready packaging can be enhanced with additional printed branding and logos for brand identification purposes.

GWP Packaging overpaying guide

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03: Additional SRP uses.

Additional reasons to make use of SRP

Shelf ready packaging is commonly used within shops or retail areas where (prominent) display space is often limited.

With the possibility of being able to utilise any space within the retail environment (unlike corrugated point of sale), shelf ready packaging provides an incredibly efficient way to present merchandise.

Suitable for a vast range of different applications, shelf ready packaging can be designed to fit your individual requirements with additional printing options available.

What GWP Packaging customers say

Three out of four new SKUs fail to generate even £100,000 sales in their first year of trading and are often delisted by retailers*. Make sure you give your products a fighting chance by maximising the advantages offered by your packaging, including the use of SRPs.

Source: Marcin Penconek |

04: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for shelf ready packs

View a selection of shelf ready packaging manufactured to your bespoke requirements at GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

05: About GWP Packaging.

A designer, manufacturer and supplier of branded packaging

It takes time and effort to get your products into large retailers. It can take months of sales pitches, negotiations and meetings. But the results are worth it.

One aspect that can play an important role is the ease of which your products can be assimilated into the retailers current product range. Whilst pricing, features and “filling a gap” all play a role here, it is often overlooked that you packaging does too.

This is why shelf ready packaging is growing in importance – as it can allow retail staff to simply stack your packaging onto the shelf, remove the cover area and your products are perfectly displayed on the shelf.

Corrugated packaging manufacture
Choosing a manufacturing partner for your printed consumer packaging should not be a decision you take lightly

Sounds easy?

Unfortunately it isn’t. Creating a successful SRP solution takes design knowledge, as well as manufacturing expertise. This is why choosing a packaging partner can be essential to your products ongoing sales success.

GWP Packaging have a proven track record in creating successful SRPs. This is reflected in having won a prestigious Starpack Award for shelf ready packaging produced for Bendicks, and is backed up by a team of designers and engineers with an understanding of what is required to be successful.

Add in unrivalled customer support, print options to suit any market / budget, and a range of additional features, and you have an SRP supplier that can make a tangible difference to your business.

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