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Corrugated Cardboard Dump Bins

Boost sales of slow moving lines, new products or sale items

Cardboard dump bins offer the perfect solution when it comes to enhancing sales and increasing brand awareness. Available in a range of sizes tailored either to your products or the floor space available, they are perfect for product launches, old stock clearance, seasonal promos or to help sales of slower moving lines.


Corrugated cardboard dump bins are easy to assemble, free standing to allow easy positioning and durable enough to survive in busy retail spaces. As well as the positive impact on sales however, they can also contribute to enhanced brand awareness & visibility too.

We’ve worked with GWP for around eight years, to supply all of our packaging. Over time our needs have changed and they always respond swiftly with exceptional service. They really understand our business, & work very hard on the relationship. We are absolutely delighted with them.

Mark Barnett | Chief Operating Officer, Consortium

Increase awareness and recognition of your brand:

  • Vivid, eye-catching designs ensures your brand stands out and increases awareness
  • Consistent, on brand colours further aids the awareness of your business / brand
  • Various print options to suit your budget, intended location or target consumer
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Boost performance and sales:

  • Ideal for presenting promotional offers aimed at boosting sales or introducing new lines
  • Also perfect for clearing old stock or boosting sales of slow moving lines
  • Free standing allowing placement in high traffic areas to ensure largest amount of exposure
  • Can also help sales through positioning areas likely to see impulse buying behaviour
  • Can easily be moved to the ensure exposure to the highest levels of footfall

User friendly features that aid the efficiency of your operations:

  • Delivered” flat packed” to reduce transit costs and storage when not in use
  • Easily assembled with no prior training to increase adoption in third party outlets
  • Low cost option perfect for seasonal campaigns, single use or product promotions
  • Available with JIT / Kanban supply to minimise on site inventory and lower storage costs
  • Fully recyclable for easy disposal once promotions have finished

Applications And Uses

See below for images of typical cardboard dump bins applications, alternatively, continue reading for further information.

Dump Bins offer flexibility to boost your sales:

Available in a wide variety of designs and sizes (tailored either to your stock requirements or the available floor space within the retail environment) a team of designers experienced in creating Point of Sale that converts into sales can advise on the best solution for your specific requirements.


Due to the relatively low cost of cardboard dump bins, they are the perfect solution for seasonal sales campaigns and events. This allows for differing designs and variations – for various key selling times throughout the year – to be manufactured at cost-effective prices.


This allows you to keep your products and promotions in-line with seasonal and topical events.

Datasheet for dump bins

Summary Info / Datasheet

For a summary of information, key benefits and customisation options available with cardboard dump bins, please click below to download a PDF datasheet.

Other common uses for cardboard dump bins are to help with the awareness of newly launched products, boosting sales of slow moving lines, clearance of old stock or to provide a prime location for seasonal items that may only be on sale for a few weeks / months.


Their free standing design allows complete flexibility with regards to their placement, meaning they can be positioned where they are likely to be most effective.


Whilst usually near the point of sale, they can be easily moved should your requirements change. This means that you can be reactive to how your customers behave and implement the best sales strategy.

Ensure high impact and a consistent brand appearance

Besides the obvious benefit of increasing sales, dump bins also offer a prominent branding and awareness opportunity for your brand as well.


Being manufactured from high quality corrugated cardboard (most commonly a white B-flute), your branding, logos, graphics and key messages can be easily be added to your chosen design.


Clever use of the opportunity that print provides will not only catch consumers’ attention and boost sales in the short term, but the increased brand recognition can be a platform to creating loyal customers and providing repeat sales too.


There are various print options available, the suitability of which will depend on your budget, product and brand positioning. Single colour silk screen or flexographic printing can be a low cost option for lower value products or stock clearance applications.


At the other end of the scale, full colour litho-laminated print can provide photo quality graphics.


This high quality finish and appearance is ideal for new product launches, higher value items and also allows for exceptional consistency across all of your branded collateral.

Ease of use for your retail staff

Dump bins, as well as aiding sales, are also easy to use and quick to setup.


As they are supplied flat packed to either your own retail outlets or to third party locations, the transit (and indeed storage) costs are minimised.


They can then be easily assembled by staff at the individual stores, without the need for training or having past experience.


This ease of use also ensures a consistent appearance across all stores that they feature in.


The reverse of this is also true, in that the dump bins can be easily collapsed at the end of the relevant promotions / sales period. This means that they can be stored (taking up minimal space) until they are needed again.


Alternatively, if they are for a “one off” event or product launch, their corrugated cardboard construction means they can be easily recycled.

Working with GWP Packaging to enhance your sales

GWP Packaging has vast experience in helping companies like yours to launch new products and boost sales of existing lines, whilst ensuring a consistent brand appearance.


This is achieved through a design team that will offer you guidance and impartial advice at every stage of the design process, knowledgeable and friendly support staff, and a state of the art production facility that guarantees your corrugated packaging and POS will be of the highest quality.


This focus on designing and producing your perfect solution is further enhanced through a range of services designed to make your life easier and reduce your costs.


This includes everything from Just in Time inventory management to reduce your stock and warehouse requirements, through to cost saving strategies and even full packaging audits to identify untapped opportunities to improve your efficiency.

Free Guide: The 7 signs you're overpaying for your packaging

GWP Group – of which GWP Packaging is a part – also offers your company the opportunity to source all of your packaging products and inventory from a single source.


This includes, but is not limited to, engineered foam, tough transit cases, materials handling supplies, sheet material, anti static packaging and much else besides.

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