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Cardboard POS

The aesthetically striking and cost effective way to sell more of your products

Source your cardboard point of sale display both designed and manufactured by GWP Packaging to match your exact requirements. Corrugated cardboard POS’s can be a powerful way of increasing sales, brand differentiation and giving your products an edge in increasingly competitive retail spaces.


By offering a bespoke design service, it also ensures that you have the optimum solution for your individual needs including brand colours, logos, messaging and more.


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The total value of retail sales in the UK in 2016 was £385 billion - equating to a third of all consumer spending. Make sure you don't miss out on market share and sales by not taking advantage of retail display and Point of Sale promotions...

Cardboard POS & product presentation

Cardboard POS / Point-of-sale offers your business an innovative, low-cost method for increasing brand awareness and ultimately sales. If you are looking for a visually striking method to store and display your products, GWP can help.


With a custom design service, it means your cardboard point of sale display can be manufactured in practically unlimited variations –  comprising different sizes, colours and with additional printing options.

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GWP Packaging offers you a fully bespoke service to create the corrugated point of sale that perfectly suits your products, target consumer and retail environment.


Another key benefit you can take advantage of is the creation of both retail and consumer packaging alongside your cardboard POS, ensuring a perfect fit.


You can also choose to design and manufacture coordinating FSDUs (free standing display units), ensuring consistency across your marketing and sales campaigns and differing retail spaces.

Key benefits of Cardboard Point of Sale Display Packaging

  • Visually striking & appealing
  • High quality printing
  • Bespoke custom design
  • Competitive price
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Branded for brand identification purposes
  • Experienced in house design team
  • Excellent method for making products stand out
  • Designed using CAD software
  • Increase sales and brand identification

Applications and uses

View a selection of the Cardboard POS Units we manufacture here at GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

Additional Uses

Point-of-sale packaging is predominantly used for displaying products or items in retail environments.


As such, GWP Packaging recognises the critical importance of creating POS packaging that is aesthetically pleasing and striking to catch your intended consumer’s attention.


Additional printing and branding provides extra appeal and is frequently used to identify brands using logos, colour schemes and messaging etc.

Free Guide: The 7 signs you're overpaying for your packaging

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