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Retail Packaging

Striking retail display and point of sale packaging for maximum brand differentiation

By choosing to work with GWP Packaging, you can take advantage of a dedicated design team with vast experience of creating three-dimensional cardboard POS, FSDU’s and shelf ready promotional packaging. The aim is always that your promotional retail packaging is innovative, eye catching, cost effective and drives sales.


Already working alongside numerous house hold names across the retail sector, you can be certain of adherence to the strictest of brand guidelines, whilst still producing powerful and innovative promotional packaging solutions.

Retail packaging

Throughout both the design and manufacturing processes, the highest levels of quality and the shortest lead times are always achieved.


And by utilising the latest in CAD software and a modern production facility, all of your retail-ready packaging is designed to improve sales and increase brand awareness.

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Why source your promotional packaging from GWP Packaging?

  • Innovative, aesthetically striking solutions
  • Completely bespoke designs within brand guidelines
  • Increase sales and brand awareness
  • Cost effective for high ROI
  • Strategies to increase retailer adoption
  • Wide range of specialist products to help differentiation of key lines


Please use the links below to view the range of corrugated promotional packaging and display items you can source from GWP Packaging.

Cardboard Point of Sale

Gain attention for your brand & products


GWP Packaging understands the importance of the visual impact provided by cardboard POS, particularly in competitive markets. Offering both standard designs or completely custom solutions tailored exactly to your products, you can ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves.

Shelf Ready Packaging

Increase adoption in large retailers


With consistent branding and appearance increasingly crucial in competitive consumer markets, display of products has never been more important. This has seen “shelf ready” retail packaging grow in popularity, with the outer container (which also protects during transit) simply being opened before placed on the shelf.

Consumer Packaging

Boost sales of your products


With the main purpose of consumer packaging to be visually eye catching whilst displaying your products, you can benefit from bespoke solutions for an unlimited range of uses. When combined with various high quality print options, you can source corrugated promotional packaging to perfectly match your brand identity.

Cardboard FSDU

Gain prime retail floorspace


Free standing display units (FSDUs) need to be eye catching, innovative and visually striking. As such, an experienced design team always strive to create FSDU’s and various other forms of promotional packaging that are high quality and aesthetically pleasing whilst remaining cost effective.

Cardboard dump bin with print

Easy assemble to reduce packing times


Dump bins offer the perfect solution when it comes to enhancing sales and increasing brand awareness. Available in a range of sizes tailored either to your products or the floor space available, they are perfect for product launches, old stock clearance, seasonal promos or to help sales of slower moving lines.

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