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Pallet Displays for Retail

Quarter, half, or full pallet displays for increased sales

Available in a range of sizes / print options, cardboard pallet displays can significantly increase sales in retail outlets. Custom designs allow shelves for cross selling / stocking multiple lines, or for bulk filling with a single product, meaning there is an option for virtually any store, product, or promotional campaign.

All cardboard pallet displays can also be flat packed for lower distribution costs or be supplied assembled allowing for pre-filling / merchandising before shipping to your stores or stockists. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
Full colour printed cardboard swatch
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Detailed information on Cardboard Pallet Displays

Pallet displays can provide a significant increase in sales of your products or across specific ranges / lines.

Providing the flexibility to be placed at various points in a retailer’s premises – allowing them to be put at prominent, high traffic areas in store – they can capture consumer attention and drive impulse purchases.

They can be used for bulk filling (similar to cardboard dumb bins) with a single product or can be configured to include multiple lines from a range of items. This can be through the inclusion of shelves for standard product packaging, or hooks for use with hang tab boxes.

Ultimately, cardboard pallet displays are the perfect solution for enhancing sales performance – as part of new product launches, seasonal promotions or help slower moving lines.

Pallet display ideas

Available in quarter, half or full pallet sizes (although displays can be manufactured for any size pallet you require – including custom sized cardboard pallets), this flexibility allows for cardboard pallet displays to be positioned at entrances, on aisle ends and other areas where there is high volumes of consumers (similar to the flexibility offered by FSDUs).

Manufactured from a durable cardboard, this material provides a number of benefits.

It means that the pallet displays can be supplied flat packed, minimising transport costs to stores (they can then easily be assembled by shop employees). Alternatively, they can be supplied assembled for pre-filling before being shipped.

Using cardboard also allows for a wide range of print options. This includes on the body of the display unit itself, as well optional header cards to further grab attention (and include more details of promotions etc.). This can be perfectly matched to or coordinated with any branded boxes / packaging to be used with the displays.

Any print can of course be easily and accurately matched to your brand too.

Key Benefits of cardboard pallet displays at a glance

  • Available in quarter, half, or full pallet sizes
  • Wide range of different designs, including with or without shelves
  • Full print options to allow for bold, attention grabbing aesthetics
  • Options for inclusion of headers for further branding / promotion
  • Can be supplied flat packed, or pre-assembled
  • Versatility allows for placement in high traffic areas in store
  • Can be manufactured to adhere to specific retailers’ requirements / guidelines
  • Allows for cross selling of different products / ranges in one unit
  • Ideal for seasonal promotions, new product launches and sales campaigns


Pallet size data

Quarter Pallet (typical footprint): 600mm x 500mm or 600mm x 400mm

Half / Full Pallet (typical footprint): 1200mm x 1000mm

Please note – sizes can be tailored to specific pallet sizes as required


Commonly asked question about Pallet Displays

If you are launching a new product or looking to promote a specific range at your stockist for the first time, you may have questions regarding how pallet displays can help.

A number of the most common questions are listed below to address this, but should you require any further info then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What is a pallet display?

A pallet display is effectively a corrugated cardboard display stand (or bin) that is attached to a pallet. This allows for the display to be easily positioned in large retailers using pallet trucks and so on. They can be supplied in a number of designs, similar to free standing display units (FSDUs).

What size pallets can be used?

The most commonly used pallets for displays of this type are quarter pallets (600 x 500mm) or half / full pallets (1200 x 1000mm). However, if you have a CHEP pallet or one that is slightly different sized, then it is possible to create cardboard displays that are compatible with these too.

How can I ensure these are accepted by retailers?

The key to ensuring that your cardboard pallet displays are utilised by retailers is to follow their specific guidelines / advice. This can vary by retailer to retailer, although if these are set out in your initial brief then GWP will be able to ensure that these are adhered too.

What print options are there for pallet displays?

Pallet displays can be printed in a number of ways. This can be simple, bold colours with logos (using a low-cost screen or flexographic print method), all the way up to full colour graphics and photographic imagery. The type of print used will obviously depend on your specific requirements, products, target market / consumer or promotional activity.

Is cardboard suitable for this type of POS?

Cardboard is an excellent option for pallet displays. This is because it cost effective even if the pallet display is only part of a time limited promotion, it is reasonably robust and durable, and is light weight too. It can of course be easily printed as well. For outside display such as garden centres, petrol stations etc.) then Correx® corrugated plastic can also be used (as it is waterproof and more durable).

Are pallet displays easy to assemble if supplied flat?

Pallet displays are typically easy to set up / assemble in store, and this can usually be carried out by shop staff for the individual retailers. However, it is also possible for pallet displays to be prefilled and then shipped to store ready to display (please note GWP do not offer a filling / co-packing service)

Tailored Pricing / Sizes

Sourcing retailer approved pallet displays

With pallet displays and other forms of instore POS material (such as FSDUs, CDUs and shelf ready packaging etc.) having the potential to dramatically increase your sales, making sure they maximise your chances of success is crucial.

GWP have more than 25 years’ experience in the creation of visually attractive, commercially successful cardboard pallet displays (and indeed all forms of retail / printed packaging).

This means your business can benefit from expert advice, a full design process, and no obligation quotes on any in-store requirement you may have.

Alternative POS Options

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