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Corrugated pallet boxes

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Effective solution for bulk shipping / export

Corrugated cardboard pallet boxes – being able to handle weights of up to 1,000kg – are perfect for bulk shipping of multiple items. Easy to manoeuvre, your pallet boxes can be custom designed to work seamlessly with existing equipment, racking, transport providers or your specific products.

Pallet boxes can also be supplied / stored flat when not in use to reduce your warehouse storage requirement. They can be further enhanced with print and a range of coatings to offer further protection from abrasion, corrosion & moisture during shipping.

01: Key Benefits.

Advantages to your business of using pallet boxes

If your business already bulk ships products, or even exports to Europe or beyond, you will understand the challenges this poses. Preventing transit damage, keeping products together and maintaining cost effectiveness, are all of critical importance.

Fortunately, pallet boxes can help with this, plus offer additional benefits.

Reasons you should use custom Pallet Boxes

  • Improved levels of protection during transit
  • Minimises the costs associated with damaged stock / customer returns
  • Aids handling and movement to improve business efficiency
  • Wide range of surface finishes and branding potential
  • Sizes to suit standard pallets, or completely bespoke solutions
  • Just in time supply, free samples and expert advice

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02: Transit Protection.

Protect your products during transit and / or export

Pallet Boxes are, effectively, a large, double walled carton that is attached to a timber pallet.

Made from double wall stitched corrugated board for strength, Pallet Boxes are perfect for shipping both multiple items in a fewer, large consignments, or heavy and / or bulky products.

The double wall corrugated board typically used offers excellent durability and strength, so that you can be confident that your products will be fully protected during storage and transportation.

However, it is even possible for GWP Packaging designers to analyse your products and operations, and design your packaging with the specific stack strength, durability and using the most cost effective material for your specific requirements.

This in turn leads to minimised transit damage, less stock written off as un-sellable, fewer returns and, ultimately, enhanced satisfaction for your customers.

Regardless of your chosen size, design or requirement, cardboard pallet boxes are supplied as a composite pack with a cap, sleeve and tray.

As such, the boxes come with the bottom tray mounted on an integral wooden pallet. Whilst a standard sized four-way entry pallet is commonly specified, Pallet Boxes can be tailored to fit the specific pallets that are used throughout your operations and supply chain.

Regardless of the pallet chosen, they will be heat treated and conform to export standards – giving you peace of mind. In fact, you can either ask GWP to source the pallets you require, or supply them for use as part of your pallet boxes.

Reliable performance to ensure protection in transit

  • Durable, double wall construction ensures excellent strength & protection during transit
  • Custom designed to suit commonly used pallets or your specific products
  • Engineered to hold weights of up to 1,000kgs
  • Calculated strength and performance helps to eliminate costly transit damage
  • Ideal for the shipping of multiple smaller items, or large bulky products
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03: Efficiency & Productivity.

Drive improvements in efficiency and productivity

Cardboard Pallet Boxes can provide a cost effective solution for the bulk transit of your products. However, you can also realise cost savings through reducing transit damage (as detailed above) but also through improved efficiency.

Designed to hold weights up to 1,000kgs, they offer the potential for shipping multiple products in larger consignments instead of in numerous smaller ones.

As such, making use of Pallet Boxes could ultimately reduce your company’s shipping costs and have a direct, positive impact on your profitability.

Printed pallet boxes
Pallet boxes make movement of multiple products / parts much more efficient, improving your overall productivity

If you choose to use industry standard sized pallets, it ensures they are compatible with most equipment, racking, transit vehicles and shipping containers.

Besides the manoeuvrability this offers, it also ensures they are suitable for use when shipping items by road, rail, sea or air. They also enable the efficient use of space, allowing you to ship more items at a lower cost.

Another benefit is that the corrugated element is collapsible, so once your product has been successfully delivered the boxes can be quickly collapsed and stored for the return journey (if applicable).

Finally, the corrugated material can be removed from the pallet and recycled, allowing the pallet to be used again too.

Ways in which pallet boxes can make you more efficient

  • Easy for forklift trucks to manoeuvre, ensuring efficient warehousing and logistics
  • Can be folded flat when not in use to minimise storage and return shipping costs
  • Can be created for standard pallet sizes to fit with existing solutions and warehouse racking
What GWP Packaging customers say

Price is the key issue for our business BUT other companies may have good prices but not quality products – often being very fragile. GWP provides not only quality products but at a good price too. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking for a packaging partner.

R Simmonds | Stores Manager, Batten & Allen

04: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for pallet boxes

View a selection of the pallet boxes / packaging we manufacture at GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

05: Printed Pallet Boxes.

Additional options to boost sales and increase brand awareness

As well as offering an efficient and safe way to transport your products, you can also select from various additional options.

For example, you can choose from a range of print options that can not only give a professional appearance to your packaging, but will help with ongoing brand recognition and awareness too.

Besides this, print can be used to include part / batch numbers, barcodes to help with inventory management or even instructions for handling to ensure safety and further minimise the potential for damage.

Plastic stacking pallet boxes
Plastic stacking pallet boxes are a good solution if additional protection is required, or if they are to become part of a reusable supply chain

An additional option for increased protection is the use of protective coatings applied directly to the corrugated material.

Particularly suited for use on Pallet boxes are water resistance, anti abrasion (useful for protecting the packaging of the items within the pallet box) and even VCI corrosion inhibitor, which prevents rusting or tarnishing of metal products or components.

The VCI inhibitor is essential for export, with products frequently exposed to atmospheric moisture during shipping by sea.

Plus, due to the way in which GWP is structured, if corrugated cardboard pallet boxes are no one-hundred-percent suited to your specific application, you can source plastic pallet boxes instead.

Perfect for particularly heavy duty applications, these can be custom manufactured from Correx® corrugated plastic, or you can chose from a wide selection of moulded plastic stacking boxes.

Additional benefits and opportunities for your business

  • Potential for printed logos and company branding to help raise awareness
  • Specialist coatings, such as anti abrasion or water-resistance, to boost performance
  • Alternative material options including Triwall corrugated and Correx® plastic
  • Further print options including instructions, safety advice, part numbers etc.
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06: About GWP Packaging.

Benefits of working with a packaging manufacturer

GWP Packaging has over twenty-five years of experience in designing and manufacturing corrugated cardboard packaging.

An experienced and dedicated in-house design team will work closely with you to fully understand the challenges faced by your business, products and packaging.

Besides this, an experienced support team will be happy to provide free advice and guidance in order to help identify the best solution to package your products.

Pallet box manufacturers
GWP take pride in being more than pallet box manufacturers, being able to offer your business a huge range of differing packaging products

A free, pre-production sampling service also ensures that you are able to see a prototype of your packaging solution before it goes into production. The benefit of this is that you can be confident that the chosen solution will be entirely suitable and perform as expected before manufacture.

As part of a larger group of companies, by working with GWP Packaging your company can also source a much broader range of packaging than just corrugated cardboard.

From engineered foam to multi trip Correx® handling products, anti static packaging to waterproof plastic cases, you can source your entire packaging requirement from a genuine single source supplier.

This is in addition to a range of packaging services designed to reduce your company’s ongoing costs and streamline your operations.

Further Reading...

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