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Suspension, Retention & Hybrid packaging to offer unrivalled protection to products in transit

The Sealed Air range of Korrvu packaging is an innovative new form of transit / postal packaging. By using a non-slip film to either suspend or secure products within a traditional corrugated outer carton, it provides a practical alternative to foam void fill / inserts.


Besides the potential environmental benefits of eliminating foam or polystyrene, Korrvu’s suspension, retention and hybrid packaging products offer a wealth of additional advantages, including space savings through flat pack supply and reducing packaging inventory.


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66% of consumers believe the packaging of their shipment shows them how much the retailer cares about them and their order.* Korrvu® packaging safely holds your product in the center of the shipping container and keeps your product securely in place, protecting it from shock and vibration.

*Source: 2014 Harris Poll survey

Eliminate the need for foams and void fill packaging, whilst maintaining protection for your products

Korrvu packaging is incredibly unique and represents one of the most advanced forms of corrugated protective packaging that you can source from GWP Packaging.


Korrvu packaging secures products using a traditional corrugated carton with an innovative elastomeric, non-slip film to hold each item in place whilst offering protective cushioning properties.


Besides this, Korrvu packaging offers an exceptionally versatile and re-usable method for storing and transporting items.


The versatility of this method ensures a wide range of products can be safely packaged, offering both cushioning protection during transit and effective product presentation.

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Key benefits of Korrvu Packaging

  • Protects from shock, vibration and impact by suspending product
  • Transparent film ensures effective product presentation
  • Exceptionally versatile, as the film conforms to a wide range of shapes
  • Supplied flat, saving on storage space and costs
  • Selection of standard designs available and bespoke designs as required
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly (with more than 30% recycled materials used)
  • Can be re-used over multiple trips to lower costs
  • Easy to use with simple assembly

Applications and uses

View a selection of the varying forms of Korrvu packaging available through GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

Types of Korrvu Packaging

There are 3 distinct types of Korrvu packaging, each with their own differing features and benefits.

Suspension packaging


Suspension packaging’s unique construction suspends the products or equipment to be transported between 2 layers of non-slip, highly resilient film, providing a consistent level of protection regardless of how delicate or fragile the items enclosed.


This ensures that there is always a “cushion” of air on all sides of the suspended product.


Retention Packaging


Retention Packaging protects its’ contents by bracing them within a traditional corrugated cardboard outer, using a special non-slip film and ingenious construction to ensure they do not move in transit.


By eradicating movement in transit, and keeping the product away from potential impact points on the outer carton, retention packaging offers a superb level of protection against mishandling and damage.


Hybrid packaging


“Hybrid” packaging combines the best elements of both the retention packaging and suspension packaging solutions that are both available through GWP, suspending the product away from potential impact areas within the outer packaging, whilst also securing the item in place (as per the retention system).


The elastomeric film which the hybrid packaging uses is perfect for low profile items that benefit from surface protection as well as retention hold, and as it is transparent it also showcases the product contained within.

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How Korrvu Packaging works

The Korrvu packaging is delivered flat packed to minimise storage space requirements.


For suspension packaging, the frame is assembled and placed into the box before the product is placed in the centre of the frame, suspending it in the centre of the container.


The top window is then placed over the product, meaning it is completely suspended between both films


For retention packaging, the product is slid into the non-slip film, before the packaging is folded, pulling the film taut to hold the product in place whilst creating a cushion below.


Hybrid packaging is a combination of the above. Arriving flat, the flaps are firstly folded upward to loosen the film (allowing for easy insertion of the product) The product is then inserted before the flaps are folded down to tighten the film around the item


The final step for all 3 types of Korrvu packaging is to place within and close the outer box, creating tension that holds the product securely in place.

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