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Crash Lock Boxes

Discover how you can reduce packing and assembly times with crash lock boxes

Providing one of the quickest and most efficient forms of packaging assembly, crash lock boxes manufactured by GWP Packaging can result in cost and time savings for a huge range of packing operations.


Crash-lock boxes can be quickly and easily be assembled into the finished box with minimal assembly. This ensures that, for the end user, a large number of crash lock boxes can be assembled quickly, consistently and reliably.


If you are looking for a simple, efficient and effective way to store or transport your items, please get in touch with a member of our team.

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Reduce packing times and associated costs with crash lock boxes

Crash lock boxes, produced by GWP Packaging offer you the most efficient and quickest form of packaging assembly.


Besides this, crash lock boxes offer durability and high performance throughout any packing operations. Due to the design of crash boxes, they can be assembled quickly and reliably reducing cost and time.

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Advantages of crash lock boxes

  • Easy assembly for cost & time reductions
  • Supplied flat packed for savings on storage space
  • Strong, stable and secure
  • Reduced risk of RSI for end users
  • Low or high order volumes

Applications and uses

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How crash lock boxes work

Crash lock boxes are designed in such a way that when the opposite corners are pushed towards each other , the base will automatically lock together to create a secure and rigid bottom to the container.


The clever design of crash lock boxes ensures that even though they are pre-glued, they can be supplied flat for the end user to assemble in one swift, easy action.


This has the additional benefit of reducing the risk of RSI for packing operatives.

Additional benefits and specifications GWP Packaging can offer

At GWP Packaging, an extensive experience and knowledge plus a dedicated in-house packaging design team ensure that you can source crash lock boxes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and designs, making them perfect for a wide range of applications and industries.


Additional services mean that any crash lock box you select can be printed, coated for special properties (including waterproofing and fire resistance) and be created from a range of differing materials depending on the strength or cost considerations required.


Your crash lock boxes can be created from the majority of board grades and weights, including both single and twin walled construction, to create packaging with varying properties and performance.


At GWP Packaging, we can manufacture runs of crash lock boxes from as little as 200 square metres of material.


This flexibility, coupled with lead times of between 2 and 5 days (depending on the order quantity) ensures that crash lock boxes are ideal for both small and large requirements alike.

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