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A superb range of corrugated packaging products for protection in transit

GWP Packagings’ core expertise lies in the design and manufacture of a wide range of standard and bespoke packaging products. This includes everything from standard FEFCO design boxes through to bespoke packaging solutions designed for your specific products and applications.


The range of packaging products you can source directly from GWP includes corrugated industrial packaging engineered specifically to protect your product in transit, corrugated spools for wound products and even high impact point of sale packaging.

Packaging products

As a business, GWP constantly strive to achieve innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging solutions for your business. This is particularly critical in a market where environmental and commercial issues are increasingly of equal importance.

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Why source your industrial packaging products from GWP Packaging?

  • Range of standard designs or custom options
  • Expert in-house design team offering free advice
  • A focus on reducing the costs to your business
  • Wide range of board grades and finishes
  • Print and further customisation options
  • Specialist industrial packaging unavailable elsewhere


Please use the links below to view the range of corrugated cardboard packaging products available to your business.

Corrugated Boxes

Expertly designed & manufactured


With over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of corrugated boxes, GWP Packaging is certain to have the perfect corrugated solution for you. Corrugated boxes provide a low cost yet high performance solution for any application whilst transporting or storing items.

Custom Corrugated Packaging

Designs tailored to your requirement


GWP Packaging can design and manufacture custom corrugated packaging from simple corrugated boxes to highly technical designs. If you are looking for packaging products engineered to very specific criteria, you can source bespoke designs offering the optimum level of protection for your application.

Standard Cartons

Low cost yet effective option


Besides custom designed packaging products, you can choose industry standard cartons produced to the internationally recognised FEFCO layouts. An experienced in house design team at GWP Packaging can further tailor your cartons to any size and strength, ensuring that they suit any product or item.

FEFCO Styles

Tried and trusted solutions


GWP Packaging can manufacture the full range of FEFCO boxes and cartons for your business. Besides this, you can have FEFCO boxes tailored to any size required and select enhancements such as a range of specialist coatings, printing and inserts. Please click below to see all available styles.

Crash Lock Boxes

Easy assemble to reduce packing times


Crash lock boxes provide the most efficient and quickest form of packaging assembly, helping to improve your productivity and reduce costs. Besides this, crash lock boxes offer durability and high performance throughout any packing operations, regardless of your industry or application.

Transit Packaging

Industrial, heavy duty options


GWP Packaging are the leaders in providing corrugated industrial packaging for transit for a diverse range of industries. With designs and options developed specifically to offer your business exacting levels of performance as required, transit damage and associated costs can be minimised.

Korrvu Packaging

Revolutionary protective packaging


Korrvu packaging is incredibly unique and represents one of the most advanced forms of corrugated packaging currently available. In essence, Korrvu packaging secures products using a traditional corrugated carton with an innovative non-slip film to hold each item in place during transit.

Pallet boxes

Perfect bulk shipping solution


Corrugated cardboard pallet boxes – being able to handle weights of up to 1,000kg – are perfect for bulk shipping of multiple items including for export. Easy to manoeuvre, the standard pallet size(s) used will work seamlessly with existing equipment, racking and transport providers. Click below for more info.

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