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Korrvu® Lok™

Korrvu Lok boxes
Sealed Air Korrvu
Korrvu ecommerce packaging
Korrvu Lok
Korrvu Lok Packaging
Sealed Air Korrvu Lok

Innovative Protective Cardboard Mailers

Independent UK supplier of corrugated postal packaging

Korrvu® Lok™ offers you the ability to safely ship multiple product SKUs, with the system using the same low slip film as in suspension / retention packaging, to secure your products to a corrugated backing.

As official yet independent suppliers of Korrvu® packaging, GWP can supply you with a custom packaging option that will be a perfect fit for your business / market. Plus, benefit from free advice, no pressure quotes and pricing bespoke to your actual needs. Read More

Available Colours:

Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
White cardboard material swatch
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Key details regarding Korrvu® Lok™ boxes

Korrvu® Lok™ – also sometimes referred to as “compression packaging” – works in a similar manner to the suspension boxes and retention options in the Sealed Air range.

Suspending the product to be shipped whilst also fixing it in position, Korrvu® Lok™ protects the contents of the packaging from shock, impact, vibration and mishandling. The nature of the design also means that Korrvu® Lok™ boxes do not decrease in performance, even after multiple drops / impacts.

But as well as reducing damage and costly customer returns, using these packaging inserts can offer a number of other benefits for your business (and fulfilment operations).

Improved productivity / satisfaction using Korrvu® Lok™ boxes

Firstly, customers will be much more accepting of postal packaging of this type than excessive void fill (such as foam pellets etc.). It is also easy to dispose of (being recyclable) as well as helping to present the products upon initial opening. Branding can be added to your Korrvu® Lok™ boxes to reinforce this positive experience.

But the benefits can indirectly influence customer satisfaction too. The easy assembly of this form of ecommerce packaging helps to improve fulfilment velocity, which in turn means that you can get orders to your customers faster. The clear film also helps to reduce packing errors, besides the improved protection as mentioned above.

Korrvu® Lok™ is available in a range of standard sizes, but GWP are able to provide custom sizes and options subject to order volumes.

Key features of Korrvu® Lok™ packaging at a glance

  • Protects your products / orders during shipments
  • Versatility allows for multiple product SKUs to be packed together
  • Reduces your packaging inventory
  • Can help to improve packing accuracy (due to transparent film)
  • Can also help with fulfilment velocity through quick assembly
  • Supplied flat packed to minimise storage requirements
  • Recyclable and eco friendly
  • Consumers shown to prefer Korrvu® over other void fill (such as foam pellets etc.)
  • Easy to use with simple assembly

How it Works

How to use your Korrvu® Lok™ packaging

Please see below for the basic steps on how to use your Korrvu® Lok™ boxes.

Korrvu® Lok™ insert supplied flat and separate to outer box

The flat insert is placed over the top of the box, with the edges resting on the outer box lid flaps

The corrugated parts are then folded outwards, leaving the film stretched across the outer box

The product to be shipped is then placed onto the film

The corrugated parts of the insert are then folded back to the centre, fixing the item in position

Outer carton is sealed in the usual manner and is then dispatched


Korrvu® Retention Video

The video below shows how to use the Korrvu® Lok™ product, as well as outlining the key benefits of this packaging. Please note this content is provided by Sealed Air.

Tailored Pricing / Sizes

Only pay for the packaging you actually need

GWP Packaging provides bespoke pricing on all enquiries, which is why no prices are listed on this site.

What this does however mean is that all quotes supplied will be truly cost effective. Based on the options, sizes, strength and print (if any) you need, you only pay for what your business actually requires.

All quotes supplied are free, no obligation and no pressure. And if you are not sure exactly what you need, a friendly and knowledgeable team of advisers and designers will be happy to help.

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