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Tri wall boxes
Triple wall cardboard boxes
Triple wall cardboard
Tri wall packaging
Heavy duty boxes

Tri Wall Cardboard Packaging

Extra strong, custom cardboard boxes for industrial packaging

Triple wall boxes are the strongest, most durable form of corrugated transit packaging. Comprising three layers of corrugated material, Tri Wall heavy duty packaging provides performance levels comparable with wooden crates – with less bulk and weight.

Custom sized triple wall cardboard boxes can also reduce ongoing shipping costs, being perfect for weights of 50Kg or more, as well as helping to better protect their contents during transit. Read More

Available Colours:

White cardboard material swatch
Brown Kraft cardboard material swatch
Cardboard with single colour print swatch
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More information on Tri Wall boxes

Widely used for export and other industrial packaging applications, triple wall boxes (also known as Tri-Wall) are arguably the strongest, most durable form of corrugated packaging currently available.

In fact, triple wall boxes are often used as a alternative to wooden crates rather than similar corrugated packaging, offering similar compression strength to timber (and up to 10 times as much as alternative double wall corrugated boxes).

This strength also means that triple wall cardboard boxes can cope with weights of 50kg or even higher.

And whilst there are a number of different grades to allow tri wall packaging to be tailored to specific applications, they are commonly used for pallet boxes (and pallet optimised boxes), or other transit applications where stacking is required.

Triple wall packaging can also be printed, allowing for not only branding and logos but any specialist handling or transport instructions to be clearly displayed as well.

The inherent properties of the tri wall corrugated sheet also mean that it offers greater protection against perforation, impact, external knocks, and can even help reduce any negative effects of changes in ambient temperature.

Environmental benefits of Custom Triple Wall Boxes

Using triple wall cardboard boxes can actually have a number of environmental benefits as well.

A similar sized tri wall box will be considerably less bulky and have a lower tare-weight than an equivalent timber crate. What this means is that space efficiency can improved in transit, reducing the amount of shipping required (and the carbon emissions this would generate).

As GWP will supply custom sized triple wall boxes, this will also help to reduce your business’ shipping costs (as you will not be paying to ship empty space or excessive amounts of void fill).

Corrugated cardboard is typically also made from recycled material, and is considerably easier to recycle at the end of its life. This is a huge benefit for end users of your packaging too.

Key Benefits of Triple Wall Boxes at a glance

  • Up to 10 x greater compression strength compared to standard corrugated
  • Highest levels of rigidity and crush / abrasion resistance
  • Also minimises effects of temperature changes
  • Comparable performance / compression strength to wooden crates
  • Light tare-weight to reduce shipping costs
  • Considerably less bulky and more space efficient than wooden crates
  • Can be manufactured to custom sizes, further reducing shipping costs
  • Ideal for stacking / pallet boxes / export packaging
  • Different grades to suit various applications
  • Can be printed to add branding, instructions etc.


Questions about Tri wall packaging

Not many businesses have considered or heard of using triple wall boxes as an alternative to traditional timber crates. As such, there are usually a number of common questions about doing so.

Please see below for a number of answers to these most frequently asked questions, or alternatively contact a GWP adviser on 01793 754 444 or

What is a triple wall box?

A triple wall box is effectively corrugated packaging manufactured from triple walled cardboard. What this means is the material has three layers of fluting sandwiched between 4 liners. In practice, this makes the material extremely strong and rigid, and perfect for heavy duty industrial packaging products.

Is tri wall and triple wall the same thing?

Whilst tri wall and triple wall terms are interchangeable, tri wall actually refers to the brand name / company that manufacture this material. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Tri Wall is a truly international business with manufacturing sites and offices throughout the world (including the UK).

Are triple wall boxes much stronger than double wall boxes?

Tri wall boxes can be as much 10 times stronger (in terms of compression strength) when compared with some forms of standard corrugated. However, in many cases various grades of double wall material will be suitable for specific applications (with triple wall being more of a replacement for timber crates). A GWP engineer will be happy to offer advice on the most suitable material for your needs.

Can I use tri wall boxes instead of timber crates?

Triple wall boxes offer comparable strength when compared with wooden crates. They are frequently cheaper, lighter in weight and less bulky too.

Are triple wall boxes environmentally friendly?

As triple wall boxes have both a lighter tare weight and are less bulky than timber crates, they are much more efficient to ship. This not only reduces costs, but also makes them more environmentally friendly as well. Corrugated cardboard is also much easier to recycle than wood as well.

Tailored Pricing / Specification

Source Triple Wall boxes for your business

GWP Packaging are official suppliers of Tri Wall corrugated packaging products.

The combination of the properties provided by triple wall cardboard material, alongside GWP’s expertise in industrial packaging design, means that your business can get packaging that not only provides exceptionally high levels of performance but is actually tailored to your specific requirements too.

A team of designers, engineers and advisers will be happy to guide you through every stage of the procurement process, whilst providing free, genuinely impartial advice.

Besides this, all quotes are completely no obligation and no pressure, meaning it has never been easier to see how much more effective your transit packaging could be.

Custom Triple Wall Boxes

Options for enhancing your Tri Wall Boxes

Think Tri wall boxes could be a good fit for your business, but have some special requirements? Luckily, there are a range of further modifications and enhancements that you can make to further tailor and improve their performance.

Image coming soon

Custom printed Boxes

Add branding, instructions and other useful info

Two custom foam end caps protecting industrial part

Foam Inserts / End Caps

Enhanced levels of protection during transit

Cardboard box dividers inside outer corrugated packaging

Cardboard Box Dividers

Improved use of space, plus transit protection

Transit end caps (cardboard)

Corrugated End Caps

Eco friendly alternative to foam and polystyrene

Alternative Corrugated Packaging

Similar industrial / transit packaging options available

Euro containers

Moulded Plastic Containers

Plastic parts bins colours

5 x Sizes
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An 0201 style corrugated cardboard case with taped closure

Corrugated Cases (FEFCO 0201)

Custom Sizes
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Double wall cardboard boxes

Double Wall Boxes / Cartons

Custom Sizes
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Open die cut transit packaging box with single colour print

Die Cut Boxes / Packaging

BDCM box colours

Custom Sizes
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pallet optimised boxes

Cardboard Pallet Boxes

Custom Sizes
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A gable style Correx box in red material with white printed logo

Correx® Corrugated Plastic

Correx packaging colours

Custom Sizes
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