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Tamper Proof Packaging

Protect your products from being stolen and / or damaged before they reach your customers

Tamper-proof packaging provides vital protection for high-value products during shipping / transit. A range of integrated tamper proof mechanisms not only eliminates the need for tapes or labels (minimising costs, packing times and your packaging inventory), but also means that you can be confident that your products will arrive damage free and without being intercepted.


Ultimately, this reduces the costs involved with writing off damaged items and potentially costly refunds and replacements. In turn, this also aids customer satisfaction and protects the hard earned reputation of your business.

There is a “family” feel when dealing with GWP and you can really see how much they value their customers. I would recommend GWP due to the flexibility of helping their customers create a solution and service that fits the needs of their business.

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Reliable protection for high value items:

  • Provides dual protection to the items inside, keeping them free from both damage and theft
  • Reduction in customer complaints and compensation payments due to eradicating theft
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that products arrive safely without damage
  • Integrated tear strips or interlocking tabs provide visible indication of attempted theft / tampering
  • Integrated mechanisms also eliminate the need for tapes / labels, reducing packing times and cost
  • Integrated tear strips or interlocking tabs provide visible indication of attempted theft / tampering
  • Can be designed to any size to ensuring excellent fit and eradicating the risk of damage in transit

Helping to streamline your packaging processes:

  • Easy to assemble, minimising packing times so that orders can be dispatched quickly
  • Eliminates the need for tapes / labels, streamlining packing processes to save time and costs
  • Increase awareness of your brand by adding company branding and logos to your packaging
  • Available in a range of standard Royal Mail sizes for easy calculation of postage costs

Boost brand recognition:

  • Options for additional printing to increase awareness of branding and logo
  • Option to include instructions or customer messages regarding warranties on the carton
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Why tamper proof packaging?

The security of items is becoming increasingly important as more purchases are made online with postage being the supply method.


As soon as products leave your warehouse or fulfilment centre they are at risk from being intercepted and potentially stolen or damaged before they reach the intended recipient.


Tamper-proof packaging can be a useful tool for a wide range of industries – especially ones were product safety is paramount, or items of high value are involved.


This is the case with pharmaceutical packaging for example, with a clear need to ensure that medical items are not tampered with before they reach patients.


Any company sending consumer electronics (items such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc.) can also benefit from tamper-proof packaging to minimise the theft of what is usually a high value item.

A variety of options to prevent tampering and interception

There are a number of options to choose from when you are specifying tamper-proof packaging.


While the traditional method, using tamper evident tapes or labels, would immediately highlight whether packaging had been opened, the use of these methods had a number of problems.


This includes adding a step to all packing processes (with a detrimental effect on packing times / productivity), the added cost of secondary packaging and the increased admin of re-ordering, inventory management etc.


An option growing in popularity is the inclusion of printed tear strips which are impossible to replace once torn off, clearly identifying that the package has been opened.


These tear strips are integrated into the packaging so that they are secure and cannot be removed. There is no additional cost or tooling required for this.

Tamperproof packaging datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

For a summary of information, key benefits and customisation options available when sourcing tamper proof packaging, please click below to download a PDF datasheet.

The other frequently specified option to ensure security is to make use of interlocking tabs that when they are broken will drop in to the box making it clear that the box has been already been opened.


These are single use and extremely secure, making it extremely obvious that the package has been tampered with.


Both these options have no added tooling costs, keeping manufacturing costs at a minimum.


They also remove the need for additional tamper evident tape which further reduces costs to your business and streamlines the process of preparing products for dispatch.

Compatible with your existing packaging

A benefit of purchasing tamper proof packaging from GWP Packaging is the choice of standard and bespoke sizes.


You can ask a team of experienced designers to create a bespoke solution that will fit your products perfectly and remove the need for void-fill or other additional protective items which can increase costs.


Should your requirement be more straightforward, you can also choose from a range of standard sizes that are compliant with Royal Mail size guidelines.


This enables the pricing of postage to be consistent and removes the additional administrative burden of calculating postage costs for each individual product that is dispatched.


Not only can this save money and time it can also lead to products being dispatched faster and increasing customer satisfaction.

Further enhancements and options to get your brand noticed

As well as offering reliable protection for your products, your packaging can also help to increase awareness of your brand and products.


You can choose from a range of printing options that are suitable for any budget, that can also aid your brand positioning (e.g. full colour for luxury, high value items, single colours for high volume, lower value items etc.).


As well as the option to include branding there is also the option to include instructions to the buyer. For example, information about warranties and returns policies can be included on the carton itself.

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GWP Packaging: your experts in protection

GWP Packaging offer your business the knowledge accrued over twenty-five years of  success within the packaging industry, being perfectly placed to offer the right corrugated packaging solution for your specific requirements.


Your business can benefit from free advice and guidance on your specific challenges, and a free sampling service so that you can be confident that the final packaging manufactured will be 100 percent perfect for your intended application.


The added benefit of this experience and know-how is that it allows quick and easy identification of the most suitable packaging for your business no matter the product that you manufacture.


This is further enhanced through a range of innovative services, including Just In Time supply, testing of packaging performance (both physical and theoretical), cost saving strategies, and even a full audit of your entire packaging process.

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