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Mail order cartons

Cardboard Shippers.

Faster fulfilment of your orders

Mail order packaging – tailored to your specific requirements – can help to give your business the edge against your competitors, boost your sales and protect your hard earned reputation.

Mail order packaging is specifically designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of couriers and the postal system. Perfect for sending CDs, books, clothes, consumer electronics or larger items directly to your customers, mail order packs eliminate damage in transit and the associated costs to your business.

01: Key Benefits.

Advantages to your business of the right ecommerce packaging

The lines between ecommerce and traditional mail order are becoming ever more blurred. This is actually posing a challenge when it comes to packaging, with expectations now shifting on what to expect when items are delivered.

Saying that, there are a number of significant benefits that can be realised by getting your ecommerce and / or mail order packaging right.

Key benefits of ecommerce packaging

  • Prevents returns (and costs) by minimising transit damage
  • Branding, logos, returns info and more can be printed directly onto the packs
  • Minimise fulfilment times through easy assembly and reducing secondary packaging
  • Can include tamper proof features
  • Standard sizes (e.g. tailored to Royal Mail guidelines) reduces shipping charges
  • Can help eliminate cost of secondary packaging such as foam pellets

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02: Enhance Sales.

Boosting the sales and reputation of your mail order business

In today’s market place, more consumers than ever are purchasing items online and having products sent directly to their homes, rather than purchasing from physical shops.

This is now so commonplace that many online retailers are in-fact asking customers to provide feedback directly relating to the packaging of the items they have received.  This highlights the increased importance of packaging to the buying experience.

Mail order packaging is designed to be robust in order to protect the items inside from the stresses of the postal service.

Manufactured from fluted corrugated cardboard, it allows for the creation of a strong and robust range of packing boxes, cartons and sleeves.

Ultimately this enables packages to withstand potentially rough handling as they go through the postal system.

Personalised mail order packaging
Whether selling through an ecommerce site or traditional channels such as catalogues, your shippers can be enhanced with various print options

You can call on a team of experienced packaging designers that utilise state of the art technology to design a packaging solution tailored precisely to your specific products or requirements.

By tailoring the fit you can be confident that the protection offered is at its optimum, with the added benefit of removing the need for void fill or additional protective materials. This, in turn, can reduce the cost of your overall packaging spend.

Standard sizes and designed tailored to your specific requirements

Alternatively, you can specify corrugated packaging that is in line with Royal Mail sizing guidelines.

This means that you can avoid incorrectly paid postage on any items you send, potentially reducing shipping costs and allowing you to be sure that you are charging your customers the correct price for receiving their items.

Royal Mail postage guidelines can be complex, so having packaging supplied in standard sizes can also help with reducing the administrative burden of ensuring compliance.

The obvious benefit of this is that it  can save your business time and money.

Any standard sized Royal Mail box can still be customised to your specific requirements through print, branding, internal fitting sand material choices.

Features that can boost sales and protect your reputation

  • Exceptional transit protection, eliminating damage and enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Reduced number of customer returns, less written off stock and reduced refund costs
  • Print options to help boost brand recognition and support advertising
  • Option to include tamper proof elements to increase security of items and reduce theft
GWP Packaging sourcing ecommerce packaging guide

Checklist: 21 Questions to Ask When...

…sourcing ecommerce or fulfilment packaging. Download this free guide and make sure you are getting the packaging that is right for your business.

03: Branding & Added Value.

Additional options to add value and enhance your mail order packaging

As highlighted above, all mail order packaging can be further enhanced in a number of ways.

For example, by choosing from a range of print options, your packaging can feature your company branding, logos and messaging, allowing it to be easily identified and to help with ongoing brand recognition and awareness.

Being able to choose from a range of printing methods also ensures there is a suitable option for every budget.

From simple, single colour flexographic for low cost and / or very high volume requirements, through to full colour digital or litho laminated printing used on high value consumer products (and allowing photographic quality), there is a suitable option regardless of your budget, brand positioning or expected sales volumes.

Corrugated mail order packaging
Your mail order packaging can carry your branding (plus instructions and info) in a number of ways

Besides the consideration of appearance and brand recognition however, security is also becoming an increasing concern when operating a mail order business.

Fortunately, there is a range of solutions that can help to keep your products safe and your customers satisfied.

Your mail order cartons can include tamper proof elements that are an integrated part of the structure of your packaging, ensuring that high-value items can be sent with confidence and the risk of interception or theft is significantly reduced.

Not only does this keep customers satisfied, it also reduces the costs associated with refunding or replacing missing or damaged items. Reliable supply effectively offers your brand the opportunity for an enhanced reputation amongst your customers.

What GWP Packaging customers say

Being able to talk through concepts, see samples and tweak until we have exactly what we want has been indispensable in our operations; it means we can get the product just so and be confident that when we receive bulk delivery all will be as expected.

Liz Cuff | Marketing Manager, Tracklements

04: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for ecommerce packaging

View a selection of mail order packaging manufactured at GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

05: Efficient Fulfilment.

Helping to streamline packaging processes

Having adequate warehouse space can be a serious issue for mail order companies.

As such, you can choose to have your packaging supplied “flat-packed” so that it can be assembled as required. This also ensures that empty packaging won’t take up valuable space and increase your costs through additional storage requirements.

Packaging that is supplied flat can be designed in order that it can easily assembled, allowing your staff, colleagues or even seasonal temps to quickly have packaging prepared ready for orders to be fulfilled and dispatched.

Crash lock boxes are a great example of this.

Besides the cost savings to your business associated with increased productivity, by aiding the minimisation of lead / despatch times it also enhances your business reputation too (potentially aiding repeat sales).

Fulfilment times
With consumers expecting ever shorter fulfilment times, it is crucial that your packaging allows you to meet these targets

Alternatively, if space isn’t an issue for your business, you can choose to have your mail order packaging supplied ready assembled. This can allow for quicker fulfilment of orders, helping you to cope with high order volumes and / or seasonal peaks in demand.

Finally, another option is to enter into a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service (subject to order volumes).

With such an agreement the stock levels of your packaging are completely managed by GWP Packaging. This ensures that you have a consistent supply of packaging, and that you never face stock outages, orders are not delayed, and that you also have stocks of the right type of packaging.

Not only does this keep packaging stocks consistent but also reduces the administrative burden on your company.

How mail order boxes can help streamline your processes

  • Can be supplied flat to save valuable storage space in your warehouse
  • Easy for workers to assemble, minimising packing times allowing orders to be fulfilled on time
  • Option to have boxes supplied ready assembled allowing for reduced packing times
  • Lightweight materials and custom sizes to reduce courier / shipping costs
  • Available in Royal Mail compliant sizes to ensure consistent shipping costs
  • Can help to rationalise inventory, leading to shorter lead times and ensuring supply continuity
  • Available with Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) on large volumes to guarantee stock levels
GWP Packaging ecommerce guide

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18 ideas to "pimp" your ecommerce packaging

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06: About GWP Packaging.

Experts when it comes to fulfilment and mail order packaging

GWP Packaging has over twenty-five years of experience in providing reliable and cost effective corrugated cardboard packaging solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Your satisfaction – and that of all companies benefiting from the high quality packaging we design and manufacture – is paramount and a key focus.

A team of talented and experienced packaging designers will work closely with you to fully understand the details of your packaging project. This will include free advice and guidance in advance of ordering to ensure packaging that is not only tailored to your specific requirements, but exceeds your expectations too.

Just in time packaging products
GWP Packaging can supply a huge range of packaging products - both standard and bespoke - on a "just in time" stock holding agreement

In addition, a pre-production sampling service means you can be confident that the product you are ordering will suit your specification before it is manufactured.

All packaging is designed and manufactured on-site at a state of the art facility in Cricklade, Wiltshire.

Besides high performance, cost effective packaging, however, your business can benefit from a range of additional services, many of which are not available elsewhere.

This includes Just in Time supply of your packaging (minimising your required storage space), the use of theoretical software to accurately predict packaging performance to eliminate transit damage, plus a wide range of packaging cost reduction strategies too.

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