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Custom wine bottle box
Wine bottle packaging
Wine bottle box with integral fittings
Printed wine bottle box showing handling instructions
Collapsed wine bottle box
Open wine bottle box showing internal dividers

Custom wine bottle boxes with integral fittings can significantly impact the success of your business if you ship wine or other drinks to your customers and stockists.

Businesses use wine bottle boxes to ship glass bottles via post or courier safely. Typically made using durable cardboard, wine bottle boxes contain integral dividers to separate and protect their contents. Printed branding and handling instructions are also common. A self-locking base allows for easy assembly and tapeless closure. Read more


Plastic free packaging
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
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Plastic free packaging
Plastic free
Biodegradable packaging
Recyclable packaging
FSC logo as used on FSC certified packaging
PAP 20 corrugated packaging symbol

About wine bottle boxes with integral fittings

Wine bottle boxes protect your bottles during shipping. Particularly suited to 750ml bottles, GWP can manufacture your bottle packaging to specific sizes. Using custom wine bottle boxes ensures a perfect fit and improved performance.

You can also decide how many bottles to include in your boxes, with options for 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12 bottle packs.

Dividers and fittings

Regardless of your size and configuration, your wine bottle boxes include a crash lock base that allows for quick and easy assembly by your packing staff. This design also allows your packaging to be stored flat before use, minimising storage requirements.

Your wine bottle boxes also include integral dividers and fittings. The divisions allow easier packing and increased fulfilment velocity by improving staff productivity.

The fittings also separate and secure your bottles during shipping, preventing them from damaging each other. Enhanced protection during shipping can significantly reduce your costs by eliminating returns and replacements caused by breakages.

Coupled with carefully chosen, durable cardboard materials, custom wine bottle boxes can virtually eliminate damage caused by mishandling.

Custom printed wine bottle boxes

You can also add print to the exterior faces of your wine bottle packaging.

Printed wine bottle boxes allow you to add branding, instructions, and symbols to ensure proper handling.

You can also add appropriate recycling symbols, enabling your customers to dispose of the packaging correctly. Wine bottle boxes are fully recyclable, plastic-free, and accepted in standard household recycling schemes.

Advantages of wine bottle boxes with integral fittings

  • Ideal for protecting wine and other glass bottles when shipping.
  • Particularly suited for 750ml bottles.
  • Crash lock base enables easy and quick assembly, saving your staff time.
  • Integral fittings reduce packing times and enhance pack strength and stability.
  • Internal dividers also minimise damage and breakages during shipping.
  • Custom sizes are available to suit any bottle shape, dimensions or design.
  • Various configurations allow you to accommodate different numbers of bottles.
  • Optional printing can allow for branding, plus handling and recycling instructions.
  • Fully recyclable by end-users in kerbside collections.
  • Suitable for vineyards, distilleries and eCommerce businesses.
Biodegradable packaging


Wine bottle boxes and their inserts are biodegradable, being manufactured using paper-based materials.

Recyclable packaging

Recyclable packaging

End users can recycle your wine bottle packs in standard kerbside recycling streams.

Packaging with recycled content

Recycled content

Corrugated cardboard usually contains between 50 and 70% recycled content.

Plastic free packaging