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MPAS Defence Packaging accreditation achieved

MPAS Defence Packaging accreditation achieved

Director Ian Heskins becomes a Military Level Packaging Designer

With the old DR14 defence packaging design qualification having been replaced with the new MPAS (Military Packaging Accreditation Scheme), GWP Group are pleased to announce that Director Ian Heskins is amongst the first people in the country to be awarded this qualification.

Any organisation wishing to bid for packaging contracts directly with the MOD must have an MPAS certified designer and GWP Protective in particular have strong links with many companies in the defence and supporting market sectors.


What is MPAS?

This scheme, setup and administered by Allan Webb Ltd working in conjunction with DE&S, takes the form of an intense study and training programme, based on modular CBT based courses and focusing on the design of military packaging to Defence Standard 81-41.

The course and training is split into 3 levels. These are graded as Awareness, Practitioner and Expert, with students on the course progressing through these levels in turn. The Awareness course is a web based, remote studying format for people with little or no defence packaging experience, whilst the Practitioner course follows the same format but for those who have completed the Awareness section, or those with some past experience.

Finally, the Expert course is a 5 day, classroom based programme that must be passed before MPAS certification can be awarded. On completion of the 5 days, the students’ portfolio of work must also be presented to the MPAS board who will then decide whether to award the certificate. Once given the accreditation, MPAS qualified designers will be able to sign off a SPIS (Services Packaging Instruction Sheet) for use in the Joint Support Chain.

Ian Heskins, MPAS Certified

Having completed the 3 levels of the MPAS course, following an intense period of study leading up to a very challenging assessment, Ian Heskins is now able to create Service Packaging Instruction Sheets (SPIS), which allows GWP Group to bid directly for MoD packaging contracts. Already operating extensively within this sector, and also having a FATS/4 contract in place, GWP Group can offer a fully comprehensive and unique level of service in this industry.

John Hardcastle of military training provider Allan Webb Ltd recently awarded Ian his certificate.

The course itself was technically quite challenging and provided a very in-depth knowledge of Defence standard 81-41, which ensures the safe transit and long term environmental protection of a huge variety of high-value and delicate defence equipment.

Ian Heskins | Director, GWP Group

Ian Heskins becomes a Military Level Packaging Designer

 Replacing DR14 Packaging Accreditation

The packaging of military equipment, and the outsourcing of contracts for this service, began as long ago as the early 1970s. Progressing through a number of quality levels (including the ISO 9001 that GWP also hold), the DR14 accreditation eventually became the MoD standard for any companies wishing to design packaging for the MoD and its network of direct suppliers.

The DR14 qualification was required for people to sign-off a SPIS (Service Packaging Instruction Sheet). This document sets out the criteria, performance and specification that the packaging must meet in order to be fit for purpose.

The leading military packaging company

With FATS/4 contract already awarded, and an extensive working knowledge of the packaging related Defence Standards, GWP can offer a very wide range of packaging services to the defence industry. For everything from foam lined protective cases for transporting missiles, to ESD safe packaging for communications and a range of specially coated corrugated solutions, however demanding the military packaging requirement, GWP can help.

For further information on how our MPAS defence packaging qualification compliments our def stans packaging and FATS4 accreditation, please follow the relevant links below.



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