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ConneXion packaging app and virtual expo / trade show

Matt Dobson: Last Updated 25th July 2022
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The “LinkedIn” for Packaging!

ConneXion: a new forum for corrugated industry professionals

GWP Group are proud to be part of the new ConneXion packaging community!

Taking the form of both an app – similar in the way it operates to LinkedIn – plus a virtual expo, the community has been setup to counter the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic (e.g. cancelled physical trade shows and events).

Organised and powered by The Packaging Portal / Brunton Publications, the fledgling project has already seen a great response from both companies and individuals working within the corrugated packaging industry.

Connexion packaging app

Background – why ConneXion?

When the Coronavirus pandemic struck earlier this year, virtually all businesses and industries were transformed overnight. This was true of the corrugated packaging sector too.

With working practices and the ways businesses communicating with one another being particular affected, there was (understandable) concern at how suppliers and customers within the corrugated industry would interact effectively.

The response – driven by The Packaging Portal – comprised of a two-pronged strategy. Firstly, to create an app to foster a community of packaging professionals, and secondly to develop and launch a virtual tradeshow to replace the cancelled physical events that would have taken place during 2020.

The result was ConneXion, a new community and forum for corrugated professionals worldwide.

The Connexion packaging app

The first part of the strategy to enhance communication amongst packaging professionals was the Connexion app.

Available for free on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (Apple / iOS), the Connexion packaging app allows for both individuals and businesses to share updates, new product launches, news, videos and much more besides.

Connexion community
The ConneXion packaging app provides a community forum for professionals in the corrugated industry

Billed as “LinkedIn for the packaging industry”, the news feed and app layout will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used any form of social media.

The main benefit however is that rather than scrolling through lots of potentially irrelevant updates and status, Connexion provides a focused stream of interesting (and often unique) content specifically relating to the corrugated packaging industry.

This relevancy makes it essential for anyone working in the packaging, and specifically corrugated, industry.

Podcasts and features

There is more to the ConneXion app than just the news feed and content from the suppliers that are currently onboard, however.

The app works on a “freemium” model, whereby for a £2.99 monthly fee (the first month being free) additional content and features can be unlocked.

In particular, the auditorium – which contains regular podcasts, roundtable events, webinars, video, and even live streaming – is available for premium subscribers.

This wealth of content provides another layer of interaction as well as yet more useful and interesting content that is highly targeted to the packaging industry.

The Connexion launch event / virtual expo

The second main part of the ConneXion project is that of the virtual expo.

Free to attend, and effectively an online replacement for any physical trade shows (which have been cancelled due to Covid-19), the expo allows visitors to see and interact with exhibitors as they would in person.

Utilising advanced 3D graphics, visitors can watch video content, download PDFs, and talk directly to staff from exhibiting companies. It is also possible to chat with other visitors and with “virtual assistants” if visiting outside of hours when the trade show stands are manned with real people.

As with the ConneXion App, there is also a selection of unique content available in the form of live / recorded seminars available throughout the duration of the event.

Running for the whole of November (2nd to 28th) the expo, like the app, offers free registration which takes only a few minutes to complete.

Connexion virtual expo
The ConneXion virtual expo runs throughout November 2020, and is free to attend

How GWP are involved

As GWP are involved in not only manufacturing corrugated packaging, but also selling a number of products and services directly to sheet plants (including the range of specialist coatingsCorrex® fabrication and foam conversion), the app provides a great opportunity to communicate with colleagues, customers and potential partners alike.

You can see regular updates from GWP in the newsfeed of the app, and various members of the GWP team will also be attending the virtual expo at various points throughout its month-long duration.

GWP Group CEO David Pedley has also been interviewed for 2 episodes of the podcast series, talking about the challenges he has faced throughout the 30 years of trading.

Premium partners

Besides all the efforts of the team at The Packaging Portal in setting up platform, there are a number of other premium partners that have been instrumental in getting the app and trade show up and running.

These include Bobst, EFI, Fosber Group, HP and Koenig & Bauer Durst (platinum), Absolute, BW Papersystems, EDF Europe, ESKO, JB Machinery, JKSP Services, Karl Marbach, Lamina System, Pamarco, SUN Automation and TCY (Gold partners), Avanti Conveyors, Bahmüller, Barberan, CITO, Dücker Group, Highcon, Kiwiplan, Kolbus Autobox, Solema and Swanline Group (silver) and Al-Gar, Domino, E+L Corrugated, Macarbox, Machine Compare, MHI Europe, Tiruna, and Xeikon (bronze).

All of these businesses (and more) will be exhibiting at the virtual expo, as well as having prominent presence on the app too.

Find out more

To download the Connexion App, simply search for “connexion community” on either the App store (iOS / Apple) or Google Play (Android).

You can also register to attend the virtual expo by clicking here.

Alternatively, you can read more about the Connexion project by visiting

Both the Connexion packaging app and virtual expo are completely free, providing you and your business with opportunity to join the fastest growing packaging community.

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