Le Monde France Interview

Le Monde France Interview

GWP Group the focus of attention in France during coverage of the upcoming election

Following on from the recent radio interviews with BBC Radio 4, GWP were contacted by Le Monde newspaper and Radio France to feature in their respective coverage of the upcoming elections.

Discussing the current economy and to attempting to gain an insight into employees’ personal experiences, Radio France’s UK representatives visited GWP’s production facility in Chelworth Park, Cricklade on Tuesday 24th to speak with CEO of GWP Group, David Pedley and Adele Neal, Commercial Manager.

Radio France Interview with David Pedley

The Radio France Coverage

The interview was conducted by presenters Franck Mathevon (Radio France) and Phillipe Bernard (Le Monde Newspaper) who believed GWP to be a good barometer of the health of the UK economy.

Interviewing various employees from GWP Group, the questioning was largely focused on the current economic state of the UK, as well as personal experiences in relation to job security and employment.

In our industry, there has been a jump in activity in the last two years. Companies appear to be growing, and there are jobs. People recruited. And even when talking to suppliers, they are clearly getting busier.

Adele Neal | Commercial Manager, GWP Packaging

A bell-weather for the economy

Following the economic crisis in 2008, GWP Group recorded a drop in sales of 20% over a short period of time.

Whilst performance has seen improved dramatically, David Pedley, CEO of GWP Group believes that the UK is on the path to recovery, partly thanks to George Osbourne’s budget statement.

I think the Conservatives have done a good job on the economy. They have addressed the major issues that have plagued the country for years. I am very pleased that the Minister of Finance George Osborne has not promised too much reckless spending in the last budget, it is to his credit.

David Pedley | CEO, GWP Group

More Videos & Coverage of GWP Group

GWP Group also recently featured on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, the radio interview with Mishal Husain highlighting the success of GWP Group over the last few years.

The radio interview also discussed the economy in terms of how the business has recovered from the global financial crisis over the past years, and steps taken to mitigate such scenarios in the future.

Find Out More

The Radio France interview was recorded on Tuesday 24th March 2015. If you were unable to listen to GWP Group being featured on Radio France, you can listen to the interview below.

To view GWP Group’s coverage and videos please visit our YouTube channel below.

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