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10 compelling reasons to use EXOCase™ protective cases

Richard Coombes: Last Updated 17th February 2022
Posted In: Guides & Advice | Transit Protection xx 31623

Innovative Protection

10 reasons you should consider using EXOcase™ for your product / equipment cases

Choosing a custom-built protective case can be a difficult decision, particularly if you haven’t sourced them for your business before.

What material / case type would be most suited to your application? Does it need an IP rating (and if so, which level of protection does this need to be)? What size would be best? Is a bespoke case really better than simply using an “off the shelf” options? The list of questions goes on and on.

One option you may (or may not) have heard of, is EXOCase™.

A direct rival to both traditional flight cases and the high end rotationally moulded cases (such as those manufactured by Hardigg), EXOCase™ is fast becoming a popular choice for a range of applications. But is it suitable for you?

This guide provides 10 of the more compelling reasons why you should consider EXOCase™ when looking for a custom protective case.

Quick Reference / Contents

What is EXOCase™?

The worlds first waterproof flight case

Before extolling the virtues of EXOCase™, and analysing how they could help your business, it is first important to explain exactly what EXOCase™ is.

Developed in the UK, EXOCase™ is effectively a custom built case manufactured from a range of standard components. Whilst this makes it similar to a flight case, the construction, components, and materials used means that EXOCase™ can actually boast performance levels similar to moulded plastic cases (its nearest equivalent in this niche being the Hardigg Rota Mould options).

What this means in essence is that you can have a case tailored to the size you require, but with performance far in excess of traditional road cases / flight cases.

This balance, whilst the key driver behind the development of EXOCase™, is also what provides your business with a wide range of potential benefits and advantages.

EXOCase equipment cases
EXOCase equipment cases offer the protection of moulded cases, but with complete size flexibility

Why EXOCase?

The 10 compelling reasons to use EXOCase™

So, although there are clearly a wide range of features and benefits for using an EXOCase™ waterproof flight case, why exactly should you use them instead of traditional options such as moulded waterproof cases (e.g. Peli cases)?

Well, in no particular order, here are the 10 key reasons you should be considering EXOCase™ for your business’ protective case requirements:

  • Size flexibility
  • Exceptional strength
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Greater protection for items during transit
  • Extensive testing and certification
  • Cost effective
  • 19” rack options
  • Highest quality workmanship
  • Repairable parts / components
  • Wide range of customisation options

Please continue reading for further details of these benefits.

01: Size Flexibility

Specify your EXOCase™ to the exact size you require

Arguably the biggest advantage of EXOCase™ is that it combines the levels of performance of a moulded case with the size flexibility of a traditional flight case.

This makes EXOCase™ a totally flexible alternative to existing rotationally moulded transit cases (such as Hardigg Rota Mould) or standard waterproof cases (Explorer, Peli Storm™ etc.) as they can be supplied in virtually any size (and quantity).

Using a custom size case – rather than simply selecting the closest sized stock case – ensures you benefit from a properly engineered solution. It allows for improved protection, minimising breakages in transit and the costly returns / replacements this can lead too.

It can also help to realise cost savings through reduced shipping charges and material costs, as the cases are not oversized and potentially filled with more foam than required.

Custom transit cases
Custom transit cases, such as traditional flight cases or EXOCase, give you full control over the dimensions

02: Case Strength

Performance levels well above standard flight cases

Put simply, EXOCase™ is as much as 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case. This puts it in a similar bracket to a lot of the moulded plastic cases in terms of performance (whilst maintaining the size flexibility detailed above).

The immensely strong exo-skeletal design, plus unique box section extrusion (used only on EXOCases) adds strength and durability to the finished item. This in turn provides maximum protection to your tools, products, or equipment.

This construction is also coupled with panel material specially selected and based on the use of the case, along with a choice high quality fixtures and componentry.

EXOCase load testing
AN EXOCase™ undergoing load / drop testing to determine it's durability.

03: EXOCase Aesthetics

Attractive appearance when compared with vast majority of alternative protective cases

Although quality of appearance is subjective, EXOCase™ is undoubtedly aesthetically pleasing thanks to rubber shock absorbing corners, ABS plastic coated aluminium frame, stainless steel fittings and a choice of panel materials with alternative surface finishes.

In fact, all of this combines to create a case which not only makes standard flight cases look a bit old fashioned, but also means it compares favourably with moulded plastic cases (many of which appear very similar to each other).

EXO Flight cases manufactured by Protechnic
EXOCase™ can be custom manufactured to meet your performance criteria, and / or perfectly match your brand identity

This makes EXOCase™ ideal for corporate identification and promotion, as they can easily be enhanced by printing of logos, branding and other graphical elements (something which is nearly impossible with the ribbed sides of rotationally moulded cases).

EXOcase™ can also be supplied in a selection of standard hues or special-order colours (minimum quantities apply), both for the panels and frame members. This ensures a striking appearance which helps to enhance your brand and create visual impact when in use.

04: Transit Protection

EXOCase™ guarantees exceptional protection for your items

Of course, having a case that is incredibly strong and looks great is of no use if it does not protect its contents. Fortunately, EXOCase provides superb levels of performance in terms of damage prevention.

In fact, EXOcase™ offers full protection from whatever you can throw at it. It is waterproof (being IP*6 rated – unique amongst custom built cases), dustproof, hard-wearing, plus shock and impact resistant. As already mentioned, the exterior skeleton and polyurethane corner joints mean it is also up to 6 times stronger than a traditional flight case.

Besides all of this, it can also be supplied with heavy duty or lightweight panels (depending on application), UV resistance, or even ESD Anti-Static protection through dissipative foam inserts. All this makes it much more adaptable than rotationally moulded cases.

EXOcase transit protection
EXOCase offers vastly superior protection when compared with traditional flight cases

05: EXOCase™ Testing

Extensive testing and certification

Like the majority of moulded waterproof cases, EXOCase™ has been rigorously tested to Military standards (Ministry of Defence level J).

This includes dry heat test (heated to +55 degrees Celsius for 48 hours), low temperature (cooled to -13◦C for 16 hours), static load tested (weight of 63Kg added to top of case for 24 hours) and vertical impact testing (dropped 6 times from 1,000mm on to varying faces). EXOCase™ passed all of these with considerable ease.

Perhaps most importantly however, EXOCase™ has also been tested for its resistance to water / dust ingress. As such, it has achieved an IP*6 rating, being the only protective flight case on the market that can offer this level of certification (please see this article for further information on IP ratings).

EXOCase IP testing
An EXOCase™ undergoing IP (ingress protection) testing. EXOCases are certified to IP*6, making them a true waterproof flight case.

06: Cost Effective

Competitive price points and low lifetime costs

EXOCase is very good value for money when compared with both traditional flight cases and roto moulded case designs.

The additional strength ensures fewer breakages in transit. Coupled with the exceptional build quality it also ensures a longer lifespan than traditional flight cases – meaning EXOCases™ will not need to be replaced as often – with the cost this incurs.

Besides this, being able to specify exact sizes also ensures additional cost savings with regards to storage and transportation (i.e. minimising space / weight used for this). This is particularly noticeable when compared with rotationally moulded cases.

07: 19” Rack Cases

Specialist options for electronics / communications equipment

As per Hardigg roto mould cases, EXOCase™ also offers an inherent 19” rack unit option. This includes a flexible ‘new look’ frame design to give a totally bespoke range of cases for the most fragile rack mounted equipment.

The strength of the extrusions and corner joints ensures that this is a much stronger solution than standard rack units, where the equipment stored often lends a large degree of dimensional strength to the overall unit.

EXOCase rack units
EXOCase can be supplied as a 19" rack unit for specialist electronics

08: Workmanship

UK manufactured cases ensuring highest quality

Designed and produced in the UK, you can be certain that the quality of workmanship, attention to detail and level of care when producing your EXOCases™ is second to none.

This is in stark contrast to the many cheap imports that promise much but end up being a “false economy”, due to the high level of breakages prevalent with inferior designs and mass-produced solutions.

Protechnic case distributors
EXOCases™ are designed and manufactured in the UK, allowing for quality of workmanship that isn't always present in imported cases.

09: Repairable Flight Case

Easily replace components and parts if they become damaged

An often-overlooked benefit of EXOCases™ is that they can be repaired in the unlikely event that a part or component becomes damaged.

Unlike nearly all other rotationally moulded and protective cases, the exterior “skeleton” allows for corner joints, panels, and components to be easily replaced if required.

This can offer huge cost savings (it is obviously much cheaper to replace a corner joint than a buy an entirely new case) and extend the life of the case almost indefinitely, whilst still offering the highest level of protection.

10: Customisation

Wide range of enhancements for a genuinely bespoke flight case option

Besides the size of the case, there are a wide range of options that you can select from when specifying your EXOCase™.

This includes options on the standard componentry (such as different handles, catches etc.) as well the panel material and colour (matching your brand colours for example).

Beyond this it is very easy to add print and branding to the walls of the case, and there are of course a wide range of interior options (including foam inserts that are tailored to your specific items).

You can even source EXOCases™ which have been tailored for iPads and charging multiple devices!

EXOcase foam inserts
EXOCase provides a wide range of customisation options, including the inclusion of fully bespoke, engineered foam inserts

In Summary

Considering EXOCase for your business

From reading through the key benefits of EXOCase™, it quickly becomes apparent that it combines many of the features of popular (and often more expensive) cases, whilst still providing a level of flexibility (in terms of both sizes, options and aesthetics) that simply isn’t possible with other case types.

So, if these 10 compelling reasons to use EXOCase have convinced you that they could be just what your business is looking for, please get in touch to discuss your requirement with a friendly, knowledgeable adviser today.

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About the Author

Richard Coombes

Richard Coombes

General Manager | GWP Protective

Having originally joined GWP Protective back in 2004, working on the factory floor, Richard now heads up the business as General Manager. [Read full bio…]

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