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At GWP, the Correx® division is much more than just plastic packaging manufacturers. The way the business has been structured is unlike any competitors, allowing you to take advantage of services and added value benefits that are simply not available anywhere else.


We aim to build a lasting relationship with your business through these services, high quality products and a genuine focus on your satisfaction.

GWP Correx services

All of these unique benefits offer tangible benefits to your company and operations. This in turn ensures that, when combined with the outstanding range of Correx® products and complete flexibility, you can benefit from a service level that is unrivalled across the packaging and materials handling sectors.

Why work with GWP Correx®?

  • Ability to competitively manufacture in both high and low volumes
  • Efficient production techniques for the shortest possible lead times
  • Correx® design team with vast experience
  • Value added services including inventory management and custom design
  • Genuine focus on your satisfaction throughout the business
  • Plastic Packaging Manufacturers with Stock product range in stock for immediate despatch


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Specific Knowledge of Correx Design & Manufacture

Unlike many other suppliers of Correx packaging and products, GWP Correx offers your business specific, detailed knowledge of how to best design and manufacture using corrugated plastic.


This means that, rather than simply adapting designs that are successful in corrugated cardboard or cartonboard, your products will be designed specifically to get the most benefit from the material.


This in turn leads to products that perform better, last longer, are easier and quicker to manufacture, protect your products better and are more cost effective.


For further information on the Correx design process and how it could benefit your business, please click below.

Correx Design Service

Experienced designers with specific Correx® knowledge


Unusually for a company manufacturing Correx® packaging products, GWP employ a high capacity, experienced design team with specific knowledge in the fabrication of corrugated plastics. This includes free advice, samples and creating designs tailored your exact spec.

Improve the efficiency of your business

A key focus of the GWP Correx design team is not only creating the best corrugated plastic products in the market, but also in realising tangible benefits to your business. Besides cost effectiveness, this is most commonly achieved through improving the efficiency of your business.


From short manufacturing lead times on both high and low volume requirements, as well as fully managing your inventory of Correx products, there are a number of strategies that can improve productivity and even aid cash-flow. You can even choose to undertake a full audit of all your packaging and handling processes to identify further efficiencies and cost savings.


Please use the links below for further details on how using Correx can have an impact on your business.

High and Low Volume Manufacture

Flexible runs and order volumes to suit your business


Through a combination of a large stock holding of Correx® and other materials, plus efficient manufacturing techniques, you can specify both very high and very low volumes of your multi trip packaging products at extremely competitive prices.

Short Lead Times

Reduce lead times to maintain your operational efficiency


By keeping a large stock holding of material and products, plus manufacturing all of your Correx® and Bicell products in house, it allows you to receive your orders on exceptionally short lead times. This flexibility and rapid response can in turn have an impact on your ongoing costs.

Packaging audits / evaluation

A free, no obligation review of products and processes


Do you know if you are using the optimum product or material? Or if your processes are as efficient as could be? Why not let GWP Correx analyse your current setup in order to highlight potential cost savings and untapped competitive advantages?

Cost reduction strategies and ideas

As well as the gains to be made in efficiency and benefits to be seen through utilising custom design, there are other more direct ways of reducing costs.


This can include a fully managed inventory of your Correx products – reducing the warehouse space you need to maintain. Alternatively, a range of stock products can also eliminate the need for tooling, bring costs down.


There are a number of other cost savings ideas that apply more broadly to your packaging supply, which you can also see by using the links below.

Inventory Management

Reduce stock holding, warehouse space and associated costs


If you havee a large, ongoing requirement, it is possible to supply products on a “Just in Time” basis. With GWP effectively holding and maintaining your stock, you can save both space & the associated costs, freeing up your warehouse for other uses.

Stock Correx Products

Proven products available on exceptionally short lead times


Although a main focus frequently lies in creating custom handling and multi trip packaging solutions, you can also source a wide range of stock Correx® products. The benefits of this are obvious – low costs, short lead times and a tried and tested solution.

Single source packaging suppliers

Ideas & services to make a tangible difference to your costs


With GWP Group working alongside companies from a diverse range of sectors, it has allowed the development of a wide range of cost saving strategies and ideas. From reducing packaging times to minimising shipping costs, please click below for actionable ideas that could benefit you.

Who are GWP Correx?

The GWP Correx® division is the newest of the 5 GWP businesses, becoming a part of the GWP Group in October 2013.


Following huge growth in the number of businesses expressing an interest in – and ordering – Correx based products, the decision was made to create a new, dedicated division to manage this growing market.

Correx design

And whilst the GWP Correx® division itself may be fairly new, the GWP Group experience with Correx® spans many years.


As Plastic Packaging Manufacturers who has long utilised Conductive Corriplast as a key offering from the GWP Conductive division, whilst also offering standard Correx® products through the GWP Packaging division, it ensures that GWP Correx® has the technology, skills, knowledge and people to create the perfect Correx® solution for any application.

Correx guide

Free Guide

Discover 7 actionable ideas to reduce costs through using Correx®

Get your free guide to see how you can start reducing the costs of handling, fulfilment and shipping for your business

Our operations

Operating out of a brand new office and production space in Wiltshire, GWP Correx are able to ship your products throughout the UK and Ireland. This in turn has seen GWP work alongside both international blue chip companies and smaller independent businesses alike.


With a growing team of dedicated, internal sales and customer support advisors, backed up by an expert Correx® design team, dedicated production planners and operatives, you can be certain that you will receive the highest possible level of customer service.


Besides this, all of your products will be manufactured in a modern, clean facility by a highly skilled and well trained production team. With the latest machines and manufacturing processes, this allows for short lead times whilst maintaining the highest quality regardless of product type or volume.


Please watch the video to the right / below this text to for an overview of our operations, design and manufacturing process at GWP Correx®

Advantages offered by the GWP Correx® division

As well as leading the field in manufacture of both low and high volume Correx® products, as a separate division we can also offer your business an additional range of benefits and products.


This includes stocking a wide range of rigid plastic containers, available on very short lead times including next day when required. This range of products, including component boxes, euro bins and boxes and standard totes from SSI Schaefer, means that you have a much broader choice of products than from the vast majority of other suppliers.

High and low volume Correx manufacturing processes

GWP are also continuously and pro-actively seeking innovations in new material technologies, a policy which has led to us becoming the first UK based company to offer the new Bicell material.


Bicell is an exceptionally tough and hard wearing rigid plastic sheet material which can be laminated with fabric or foam to give anti scuff and cushioning properties. In certain applications it can provide an additional level of bi-directional strength and rigidity over standard Correx® materials.

Sheet Plant Association

As well as selling directly to end users, as part of the Sheet Plant Association GWP are able to offer support and products to members of the SPA.


This is primarily in the supply of low to medium volume Correx®, Bicell and Corriplast sheet materials.


However, GWP’s expertise and experience in the conversion of Correx® may also be beneficial for sheet plants which historically have struggled with processing Correx® through standard sheet plant equipment and waste management systems.

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