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Rapitainer® Reusable
Transit Packaging.

Save as much as 80% when compared with using high volume corrugated cardboard containers

Rapitainer returnable transit packaging

Achieve a huge 16 x ROI.

One user already saving approximately £120K per year from a £10K investment

If your business uses high volumes of single trip corrugated packaging (such as 0201s), then Rapitainer® could significantly reduce both your costs and environmental impact.

As an example, Rapitainer® can typically cost up to £15 per unit. This is however 10 times the cost of standard, double-walled corrugated cardboard box, which you might expect to pay £1.50 for.

The difference however is that Rapitainer® can be used many times over. At 50 trips, the cost has dropped to 30p per box, per trip. After 200 journeys, this is down to just 7p. Meanwhile, the corrugated boxes are disposed of after a single trip.

As a result of this, one business already using Rapitainer® has saved over £120K per year having switched from single trip corrugated. From their initial investment, this will result in a huge 16 times return on investment over a three year period.

Reasons to switch to Rapitainer®.

Reduce automotive packaging costs

Lower Your Costs

Reduction in packaging spend of up to 75% when compared with single use corrugated

Prevent automotive component damage

Minimise Damage

Tough material also minimises transit damage and associated costs (waste, returns etc.)

Short lead times

Efficient Transit / Storage

Folds flat and – uniquely – multiple collapsed Rapitainers® fit inside a single rapitainer for return shipping

Improve your efficiency

Improve Productivity

Tape-less closure improves efficiency of erection, and eliminates cost of secondary packaging

Durable automotive packaging

Lessen Environmental Impact

Reduces requirement for recycling, landfill and energy for producing new packaging. Also fully recyclable.

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    Returnable transit packaging for all businesses

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    What GWP Correx customers say about us

    GWP helped us with a project to improve and rationalise our door panel packaging, and I was very pleased at the response. The new packs have worked well in tests and will provide benefits not only to us but our end customer, all in all a win – win situation.

    Jeremy, Packaging Engineer | Honda Manufacturing UK

    What GWP Correx customers say about us

    We have purchased thousands of handling products from GWP, including picking bins as well as boxes, foam, dividers and more. Many of these have been bespoke, being expertly produced by GWPs’ in house designers. GWP are efficient, friendly and easy to deal with.

    John, Managing Director | Bondline Electronics Ltd

    Rapitainer® in Action

    A solution for every application, industry and challenge…

    About GWP Correx®.

    Market leaders in returnable transit packaging

    GWP Correx® have almost 30 years’ experience in manufacturing and supplying successful returnable transit and line-side packaging to businesses like yours. You can join both well-known global brands and smaller companies alike in allowing us to be your trusted manufacturing and design partner.

    We are one of the largest independent converter of Correx® material in the UK. This means you can benefit from working with an experienced and knowledgeable design team, a customer satisfaction manager allocated specifically to your business, and your products being manufactured in a clean, modern and well equipped production facility.

    This approach allows us to focus on producing genuinely cost effective – and cost saving – products for your business. The aim will always be to reduce your spend through innovative products that last longer, enhance your productivity, improve your efficiency and are cost optimised before manufacture.

    We also understand that operating a returnable packaging loop is tough, and can involve working to extremely tight deadlines. As such, we stock a range of Correx® sheet materials alongside a range of  injection moulded rigid plastic products to ensure lead times that fit your manufacturing schedule.

    Whether you are looking to source totes, bins, stillages, multi trip packaging, trays or indeed any materials-handling or packaging product, we can help.

    Why Trust GWP?

    Leading independent manufacturers

    Leading independent manufacturers
    Genuinely innovative products such as Rapitainer
    Over 25 years’ experience
    Specialist design team
    Short lead times
    Widest range of products
    Focused on reducing your costs

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