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GWP now offer the leading Bicell sheet material (alongside Correx®) for enhanced choice and performance

GWP are one of the few organisations within the UK to stock and utilise the new Bicell material. Consisting of a core layer with outer laminates, the unique benefits of this material are the additional properties the laminate offers (particularly a cushioned or anti scuff surface).


Keeping a range of sheets, sizes and finishes in stock, you can source this material on short lead times and prices comparable to the Correx® sheet equivalents. Custom versions are also available on request.


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Bicell is truly revolutionary material. Not only does its' construction provide it with exceptional bi-directional strength, the surface laminates can help to reduce surface scratches and cushioning from impact for a wide range of components, parts or surfaces.

Latest material innovations available at GWP

With a commitment to offering your business the very latest innovations in the market, GWP now stock a range of Bicell sheets and fabricated products.


Offering exceptional performance and a range of properties that can be tailored to specific applications, the Bicell material is available in sheet form or pre-fabricated into boxes, trays, dividers and other packaging products.

Advantages of Bicell

  • High degree of strength proportional to its thickness
  • Excellent resistant to bi-directional bending
  • Hermetically sealed cells offer exceptional compression resistance
  • Additional strength leads to cost savings through increased lifespan and reduced damages
  • Huge variety of surface finishes for specific applications
  • Fully recyclable thanks to its manufacture from polypropylene-polyethylene copolymers
  • Suitable and approved for use with food
  • Moisture and water resistant
  • Very good resistance to grease, oil and most chemicals
  • Can be sterilised for use in clean rooms and medical applications

Applications and Uses

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Bicell Applications

Due to the many properties of the Bicell material, it is suitable for an almost limitless range of applications and industries. Our primary use at GWP, of course, is the fabrication of re-usable and multi trip packaging. Its rigidity and hardwearing nature mean that it is perfect for creating totes, storage bins, divider sets, layer pads and a wide range of other dunnage.


However, the addition of insulating film, soft textile laminates and the use of colours and pre-printed films also makes it suitable for promotional packaging, POS displays and even trade shows. It is also ideal for creating sleeves and can be used for transporting food produce too.


It is so versatile that it can even be used for lining the loading areas of vans and vehicles!

What is Bicell?

Bicell consists of 3 layers which are joined together in a unique cellular structure to create a sheet material which uniquely is equally rigid in both dimensions. The surfaces can also be over-laminated to provide additional properties and performance benefits.


By laminating the Bicell material, a number of other benefits can be achieved.


The most common of these is the use of textiles, with various non-woven or spun-bound fabrics being used on one or both of the outer surfaces. Known as “anti scuff”, the fabric covering ensures that any items with highly polished, painted or decorated surfaces will not be damaged, scuffed or scratched during storage or transit.


Foam laminated board, also known as Cushioning Bicell, provides both anti abrasive properties for the surface of items stored or transported, but also provides an additional layer of protection against shock, impact and vibration.

Bicell technical information and data

Dimensions & Technical Information

For a summary of information, key benefits and options available with Bicell, please click below to download a PDF datasheet.

Whilst we do not hold stock, we are also able to source Bicell that has had anti-slip coating added, VCI laminates that prevent the oxidisation of any metal components packaged within, plus insulating films that allow packaged goods to maintain a specific temperature for a prolonged period of time (particularly useful with packaging food and perishable items).


Both flame retardant and conductive properties are another set of characteristics that can easily be added during the production process.

Bicell Sheet Technical Information & Data

Sheet Size

2400 x 1200mm









Sheet Size

2400 x 1100mm






Laminated 2 sides

(100gm spunbond)


Anti -Scuff

Sheet Size

2400 x 1200mm






Laminated 2 sides

(2mm polypropylene foam)



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