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Correx® Inserts

Standard sized or completely custom Correx® inserts and layer pads

As well as Correx® outer containers and rigid plastic handling solutions, GWP also design and manufacture a selection of custom inserts for further enhancement of your stock and parts handling.


With simple layer pads and slip sheets for separation of stock within containers (or on pallets), or more advanced die cut inserts that are designed to your specific items, whatever your requirement Correx® inserts can enhance both productivity and efficiency.


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GWP are an efficient, friendly, easy to deal with team of people. The items we need are held in stock for us to minimise our storage and lead times, and the pricing is very competitive. I would definitely recommend them to others.

J Weyman | Director, Bondline Electronics Ltd

Wide range of options to create a tailored Correx® Insert

For further customisation of your Correx® handling supplies, GWP is also able to supply a selection of stock or completely bespoke Correx® inserts, slip sheets and layer pads.


These layer pads are available in sizes to fit the majority of standard Correx® totes, trays and boxes, and are ideal for when rigid layer separation is required.


A dedicated Correx® design team are also able to create completely custom Correx® inserts, which can include features such as die cut holes for a product or component location, dividers, handles and folded edges to create space below the insert.


A range of additional surface finishes is also available.

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Key benefits of GWP Correx® Layer pads and Inserts

  • 2 standard sizes always in stock
  • Can be created to specific sizes and designs
  • Surface laminates including foam and cloth for added protection
  • Perfect for any rigid separation requirement
  • Flexible, durable and hardwearing
  • Available on short lead times
  • Available with added anti-static protection (Corriplast)

Applications and Uses

View a selection of the Correx® inserts and layer pads available from GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

Bicell Inserts and Options

Any Correx® layer pad or insert that you specify can also be manufactured from a selection of alternate materials, including Bicell and Fabric covered Correx®.


Fabric or cloth covered Correx® (also sometimes referred to as soft touch Correx®) helps to prevent scuffing and marking of the stored or transported items surfaces. This, therefore, makes it very useful for the manufacture of precision instruments, components and even high-quality consumer goods.


The brand new Bicell material provides even greater protection, as its’ surfaces can be laminated with fabric (anti-scuff) or foam (cushioning).


These both provide exceptional protection against surface scratching as with fabric covered Correx®, with the foam covered Bicell also offering additional levels of protection against shock, impact and mishandling.


Finally, for use in environments where ESD / antistatic performance is a consideration (for example in electronics manufacture), your layer pads and inserts can also be created from conductive Correx®, known as Corriplast.

Free Guide: A 21 point checklist for successfully sourcing totes

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