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Correx cell dividers

Cell Partitions.

Improve efficiency of your handling

Correx® box dividers (also referred to as cell partitions or division sets) improve the efficiency of your handling through easy movement of multiple items in a single container. Their modular design ensures compatibility with practically any component, product or tote.

By minimising movement within the tote they also help to reduce damage caused by mis-handling, as does surface protection using cloth or foam covered material. The dividers are also durable, robust and easily cleaned to ensure a long lifespan.

01: Key Benefits.

Enhance the efficiency of your handling products with division sets

Being modular in design, and manufactured to fit most standard sizes of totes / boxes already in use at your business, Correx® tote divisions can be adapted to suit your specific products whilst eliminating the need to purchase new containers too (minimising costs).

Besides allowing easy handling of multiple items in a single container, by minimising movement within the tote they also reduce damage caused by mis-handling. This can be further enhanced through the use of Bubbleboard, offering surface protection through cloth / foam laminates. The dividers are also durable, robust and easily cleaned to ensure a long lifespan.

Advantages of Correx® Dividers

  • Divisions eliminate movement of parts during handling / transit to minimise damage
  • Bicell and / or cloth covered Correx® to allow protection for high quality surfaces
  • Adjustable nature ensures they can be tailored to various parts / components
  • Also allows for quicker part identification and visual checks of low stock
  • Easily cleaned surfaces also aids multiple uses and further increases lifespan
  • Will fit most standard sized containers already in use at your business

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    02: Stock Tote Dividers.

    Standard sizes held in stock for fast dispatch

    Please see below for the range of standard sizes of tote dividers that are held in stock at GWP Correx®.

    Can’t see the size you are looking for? Please get in touch so we can discuss creating custom sizes tailored to your specific requirements.

    SKU / Part No. Overall Size (mm) No. Slots Spacing (mm)
    SP5078 554 x 78 x 3 16 30
    SP3078 355 x 78 x 3 11 27
    SP2078 255 x 78 x 3 7 30
    SP5168 554 x 168 x 3 16 30
    SP3168 355 x 168 x 3 11 27
    SP2168 255 x 168 x 3 7 30
    GWP Correx dividers datasheet

    Summary Info / Datasheet

    Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various features and applications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

    03: Options & Technical Info.

    Complete flexibility, even when using stock Correx® box dividers

    Besides the creation of hard-wearing, re-usable totes and plastic boxes, it can also be used to customise a wide range of multi-trip packaging products through the creation of Correx® box dividers, Correx® partitions, division sets and other forms of dunnage.

    A range of standard dividers, featuring slots at 30mm increments, offers a high degree flexibility.

    It means they can be arranged to create various networks of cells to suit specific applications while also ensuring a perfect fit with the most standard sized totes and containers (including the range of stock Correx® totes, boxes and trays).

    Held in stock, these dividers are available within 48 hours of placing your order.

    If a stock product is not 100 percent suited to a particular application, however, an expert design team can either tailor an existing design to your needs or create a bespoke solution to suit your specific application.

    Division sets
    Division sets - either stock or bespoke - can aid your company's efficiency, protect items during transit and reduce costs

    Custom designs not only ensure the exact performance required, but also ensure your existing outer totes / containers do not become redundant or obsolete.

    For full technical details of the stock range of Correx® Dividers and partitions, please download the datasheet by clicking above.

    Material choices and options

    Besides minimising damage to items as detailed above, there are also material options which can further improve the performance of your divider sets.

    These materials, which are becoming increasingly popular, include Bicell and Fabric covered Correx®.

    Fabric or cloth covered Correx® (also sometimes referred to as soft touch Correx®) helps to prevent scuffing and marking of the stored or transported items’ surfaces – which is particularly important for polished and painted industrial components as well as retail products.

    Bubble-Board takes this one stage further, as its surfaces can be laminated with fabric to reduce scuffing, or foam to add cushioning.

    These both provide exceptional protection against damage in transit, with foam covered Bubble-board in particular offering additional levels of protection against shock, impact and vibration.

    What GWP Correx customers say about us

    Having discovered GWP through a simple web search, we initially chose them over the competition due to the competitive pricing. However, the subsequent quality of Correx® material and professional service also means we would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone.

    Shane Lloyd | Transport Manager, Veka Recycling

    04: Productivity & Efficiency.

    So how can dividers and partitions improve efficiency?

    In essence, the key benefit of using divider sets is that it allows for the safe, easy and efficient handling of multiple items within a single outer tote.

    This allows individual staff and operatives within your manufacturing environment to move more components or products in a single trip. This also applies to shipping items, either between your own sites or to your customers.

    For line side assembly, the use of Correx® divisions to segment components or items can also help improve productivity in a number of ways.

    Plastic box dividers
    Custom divider sets can be tailored to your products, totes, handling practices, or all of the above.

    For example, it allows for easier access to the components within the tote than if they were simply loaded in. It also allows for “at a glance” checking of stock to see how many items are left and when more will be needed to maintain production.

    Finally, the adjustable nature of the Correx® box divider sets also means that they can be utilised for various sizes of components.

    This can allow for easily segmenting different items within the same container, or re-using the same division sets across multiple production runs.

    Improve the efficiency of your warehouse / manufacturing facility

    • Allows for the safe and efficient handling of multiple items within a single outer container
    • Also allows for quicker part identification and visual checks of low stock
    • Can speed up assembly times through ease of access to components
    • Stock sizes fit most standard sized containers already in use at your business
    • Custom sizes created to specific requirements of your parts, components or containers
    • Can be stored flat when not in use to minimise storage space
    GWP Correx totes guide

    Checklist: 21 Key Considerations...

    …when sourcing tote containers. Get your free guide highlighting the critical questions you should be asking. Click below to download now.

    05: Part Protection.

    Reduce damage to items during usual handling processes

    Small and / or delicate components or products can often become damaged, particularly during transit but also during the usual manual handling processes.

    Quite often, the components can damage themselves if they are simply placed in a container in large numbers, through colliding into each other when being moved.

    By eliminating the movement within the outer container during handling and transit, Correx® dividers can vastly reduce or even eliminate items becoming damaged.

    Corriplast - effectively a conductive version of Correx® fluted plastic - can be fabricated to create stand-alone packaging, or dividers and inserts to enhance other products

    The impact of this can be huge.

    Critically, the cost associated with damaged components that have to be written off due to becoming unusable will decrease, directly impacting your operational profits.

    It can also improve manufacturing times if you experience delays due to the number of damaged components at certain stages of your production cycle.

    Minimise handling, storage and transit damage and the associated costs

    • Divisions eliminate movement of parts during handling / transit to minimise damages
    • Bubble-board and / or cloth covered Correx® offers protection for high quality surfaces
    • Adjustable nature of divisions ensures they can be tailored to various parts / components
    • Can be specified with Correx® outers ensuring a perfect fit, allowing stacking etc.

    05: Uses / Applications.

    Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for Correx® Tote Divisions

    View a selection of the Correx® divisions and partitions you can source from GWP. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

    06: Cost Reduction.

    Further benefits and cost savings for your business

    Besides the reduction in costs your business will see from decreased damages, there are a number of other ways Correx® box dividers can have a positive impact on your costs.

    For example, the durable and robust nature of Correx® ensures the dividers can be used over many hundreds of trips.

    Besides this, being easily cleaned further boosts their longevity, ultimately lowering the lifetime costs to your business (particularly when compared with corrugated cardboard or even vac formed fittings).

    Corrugated plastic totes
    Any tote you source from GWP can be customised in a number of ways, including with inserts, dividers, lids, external print and much more

    The adjustable nature of the dividers also ensures that even if components or production cycles change, the dividers can be easily adapted to suit (eliminating the possibility of them becoming redundant).

    They can also be dismantled when not use to be stored flat, saving valuable warehouse space.

    Finally, the stock range of dividers are available at exceptionally competitive price points, incurring no tooling costs and making efficient use of material.

    Cost savings for your business

    • Durable and strong material ensures longevity and reduces lifetime costs
    • Easily cleaned surfaces also aids multiple uses and further increases lifespan
    • Efficient material use and no tooling costs (on stock products) allows competitive pricing
    • Custom sizes to fit your existing totes eliminates the need for replacing outer containers
    • Adjustable nature of divisions ensures they can be tailored to various parts / components
    • Minimised damages to items during handling reduces “written off” or unusable stock
    GWP Correx - Correx totes guide

    Free Guide

    11 Reasons You Should Be Using Correx® Totes

    Get your free guide highlighting the 11 often overlooked ways in which using Correx® Totes can have a positive impact on your business. Download it now…

    07: About GWP Correx®.

    Your partner for driving efficiency through use of Correx®

    GWP can offer your business the benefit of over twenty-five years’ experience in creating successful handling solutions.

    Your business can select from the widest range of stock Correx® boxes, totes, packaging, bins, trays, dunnage, inserts and more from a single UK supplier, besides complimentary products such as moulded plastic containers and even anti-static options too.

    Besides this stock range however, you can specify a completely bespoke solution tailored precisely to your business’ needs.

    Correx divisions
    For the highest levels of protection during handling, custom Correx® divisions - which can even be integrated as part of the outer tote - should be considered

    From specific sizes to completely custom products combining various materials and structural designs, you can benefit from free advice and guidance at each stage of the design process, provided by an experienced and knowledgeable team.

    However, this range of products is only half of the story.

    Further benefits to your business include exceptionally short lead times, Just in time supply to minimise storage space, both high and low volumes at competitive pricing (there are in fact no MOQs) and strategies to reduce costs at each stage of your handling or packaging processes.

    Further Reading...

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