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SSI Schaefer EF Series

ESD Experts

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Custom Design

Tailored to your business

SSI Schaefer EF Series containers

ESD Tote Containers.

Extra tough conductive plastic boxes

The SSI Schaefer EF Series are the toughest ESD safe tote containers available today. With excellent strength alongside high levels of static protection, they can reduce your costs by minimising damage caused by static and mis-handling.

The Polypropylene material also offers increased lifespan, whilst easy clean surfaces enhances longevity further. The use of foam, dividers and layer pads means they can be customised too.

01: EF Series Tote Size Chart

Summary of technical data / sizes

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet (please see below table) for the information in PDF format.

SKU / Part No. Internal Size (mm) External Size (mm)
EF 2120 152 x 104 x 102 200 x 150 x 117
EF 3120 252 x 152 x 102 300 x 200 x 117
EF 4040 357 x 257 x 27 400 x 300 x 40
EF 4080 357 x 257 x 67 400 x 300 x 80
EF 4120 352 x 254 x 105 400 x 300 x 120
EF 4140 353 x 253 x 116 400 x 300 x 140
EF 4170 353 x 253 x 146 400 x 300 x 170
EF 4220 353 x 253 x 196 400 x 300 x 220
EF 4320 359 x 259 x 306 400 x 300 x 320
EF 6070 555 x 355 x 59 600 x 400 x 75
EF6140 552 x 352 x 116 600 x 400 x 140
EF 6120 552 x 352 x 96 600 x 400 x 120
EF 6180 552 x 352 x 156 600 x 400 x 180
EF 6220 551 x 351 x 196 600 x 400 x 220
EF 6240 552 x 352 x 216 600 x 400 x 240
EF 6280 551 x 351 x 260 600 x 400 x 285
EF 6320 552 x 352 x 295 600 x 400 x 320
EF 6420* 551 x 351 x 395 600 x 400 x 420

Please Note:

EF6420 features open hand holes.
All other EF totes feature closed hand holes

Size Guide Table (Lids)

SKU / Part No. Description To Fit
EF D32 Flat Lid Tote 300 x 200
EF D43 Flat Lid Tote 400 x 300
EF D64 Flat Lid Tote 600 x 400
EF D32S Hinged Lid Tote 300 x 200
EF D43S Hinged Lid Tote 400 x 300
EF D64S Hinged Lid Tote 600 x 400

02: Technical Specification & Features.

Performance data for the SSI Schaefer EF Series

Your business can now benefit from using the highest performance materials handling containers, bins and boxes thanks to the partnership between GWP Conductive and SSI Schaefer.

Widely regarded as one of the leaders in materials handling products throughout the world, GWP Conductive are the exclusive UK stockholders of the both the EF and LF Series conductive handling products.

This allows your business to source these products at exceptionally cost effective prices, in practically any volume and with lead times as short as forty-eight hours.

The EF Series range, in particular, is available in over 17 sizes, with a choice of lids and various other customisation options.

The conductive Polypropylene construction provides a specific volume resistance of 10Ohm x cm and specific surface resistance of 104Ohm, ensuring that you static sensitive items are provided with the highest level of static and physical protection.

EF Series performance data

  • Specific Volume Resistance: <10³ Ohm x cm
  • Specific Surface Resistance: < 10Ohm
EF series datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various features and applications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

03: Product Protection.

EF Series containers offer the highest level of protection

The conductive SSI Schaefer boxes containers provide your products, components and tools with market leading protection in more ways than one.

Firstly, the conductive Polypropylene material channels any static charges around the outside of the container, protecting any static sensitive items within.

Secondly, the tough and robust material also provides the highest levels of physical protection – everything from being dropped, crushed and general mishandling during normal transit and storage operations.

The levels of protection can be further enhanced through the addition of a standard range of lids.

Being available in hinged or clip on varieties, the lids offer further protection against dust and moisture, besides the resistance to grease, oils and alkalis of the material itself.

EF Tote with dividers
Conductive totes can be enhanced in a number of ways, including anti-static foam and ESD safe divider sets

The use of custom interiors for these boxes – such as Correx® dividers, custom foam inserts or even the range of EF compatible insert boxes – can all increase protection levels too.

This is achieved through minimising the movement of items within during transit. The anti-static foam options in particular also offer a degree of cushioning protection.

The result of all this is a reduction in damaged products and components.

This, in turn, can significantly lower your business’ costs through less stock written off as damaged, fewer customer returns and even an enhanced perception of your company aiding repeat sales (through reliable supply).

Exceptional protection to minimise your business’ costs

  • Moulded polypropylene material offers strongest and most durable ESD Tote option
  • Exceptional conductive performance to keep static sensitive components or products safe
  • Can be combined with ESD foam or divider sets to further reduce damage
  • Lid options to offer further protection from moisture and dust
  • Resistant to oils, alkalines, moisture, dust and grease, protecting items within
  • Fully operational at lower temperatures (will not shatter / crack)

04: Efficiency & Productivity.

Boost the efficiency of your manufacturing, storage and handling processes

Besides the protection offered to your items, the SSI Schaefer EF Series boxes can also improve the efficiency of your operations.

The range of sizes have been designed to work alongside most industry standard sizes of racking, conveyors etc., which makes them perfect for both manual and automatic handling environments.

If being used manually, the integrated handle allows for quick and easy handling of the containers by your production or warehouse teams.

This efficiency can be further enhanced through the use of varying inserts (foam, division sets etc.) as it allows for the efficient movement of multiple items within a single container.

The load capacity of 20kg ensures that this is still the case, even with larger and/or heavier items.

UK exclusive product
The EF Series totes and inserts are held in stock by GWP Conductive - the only company in the UK to do so with this range

The stacking rims and lids also allow for safe and easy stacking of the containers.

Besides minimising any health and safety risks associated with stacking containers, this feature also allows for the optimum use of space within your plant or factory. This reduces the storage required and frees up valuable space.

Finally, with lead times as short as 48 hours you can further reduce your stock holding, again creating space within your facility for the storage of other items or increased production capacity.

Improve the efficiency of your operations

  • Range of sizes designed to work seamlessly with your existing racking / conveyors etc.
  • Stacking rims allow for safe stacking and optimum use of storage space
  • Handle design allows for easy and efficient handling by production or warehouse staff
  • Insert boxes / dividers allow efficient movement of multiple items within a single container
  • Exclusive UK stock holding at GWP Conductive to allow lead times as short as 48 hours
  • Up to 20kg loads allowing for efficient handling of heavier or multiple items in a single container
Happy customers

Whether used as manual transport containers – or for semi-automatic and fully automatic warehousing – SSI Schaefer EF series containers are used throughout all sectors that require static safe storage and handling. Quite simply, they are the toughest ESD protection available today.

05: Cost Savings.

Make a direct, noticeable improvement to your company’s costs

Whilst your business can see tangible benefits from minimising damages and improving your efficiency, there are in fact other ways that use of the SSI Schaefer boxes can have a positive impact on your operations.

The strength and durability provided by the containers ensure that, although the initial cost is higher than corrugated cardboard or fluted plastic alternatives, the improved longevity ensures that the overall lifetime costs are frequently lower.

The smooth surfaces also ensure that the totes are easy to clean, which again boosts their usable lifespan. This also makes them an ideal choice for medical or clean room applications.

The extensive stock holding of these containers also means that you can cost effectively order them in practically any volume.

Not only does this mean you can order the exact number that your business requires, but it again minimises the storage space required for the containers when they are not in use.

Additional ways to reduce your business’ costs

  • Strength and durability providing excellent longevity, in turn reducing lifetime costs
  • Easily cleaned surfaces to further boost lifespan
  • Minimised damages from static or mishandling results in less written off stock
  • Availability in both high and low volumes
  • Perfect for both manual and automatic / semi-automatic handling

06: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for SSI EF Series

Please see below for typical examples and applications of SSI Schaefer EF Series totes. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

07: About GWP Conductive.

Market leaders in ESD safe handling and transit products

GWP Conductive, trading for over twenty-five years, has become established as the market leader in anti-static packaging handling, storage and transit products.

With more than 85% market share in the UK and a distribution network across Europe, the vast majority of international, blue-chip electronics manufacturers utilise the products we offer.

Your business can benefit not only from the most extensive range of conductive packaging but from a wide range of exclusive products too. This includes the industry standard Corstat coated fibreboard, plus an exclusive stock holding of SSI Schaefer conductive products.

ESD packaging distributors
GWP Conductive offers the widest range of ESD safe and anti static packaging - both stock and bespoke - in the European market.

All of the stock ranges are available in both and low volumes on lead times usually within 48 hours.

Besides this, if a stock product is not exactly what you require, a team of expert designers with explicit knowledge of successful ESD safe packaging can create a bespoke solution tailored to your precise requirements.

This level of service is further enhanced through free, no obligation quotes and advice, a sampling service and the highest level of customer support at all times.

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