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Conductive Picking Bins.

ESD safe shelf bins / containers

The SSI Schaefer LF Series bins provide physical strength and protection from Static Discharge (ESD). As such, they reduce your costs by minimising damage, and guard against mishandling.

The range of sizes work seamlessly within your existing racking or warehouse setup, as well as with louvre wall panels, whilst the tough Polypropylene material and easy to clean surfaces enhance their longevity.

01: LF Series Bins Size Chart

Summary of technical data / sizes

Please see below for a full list of model numbers, sizes and additional information, or alternatively download the datasheet (please see below table) for the information in PDF format.

Model No.

LF 110

Internals (LxWxD)

65 x 91 x 44mm

Capacity (litre)


Volume Res.

10³ Ohm x cm

Surface Res.


Model No.

LF 211

Internals (LxWxD)

135 x 88 x 67mm

Capacity (litre)


Volume Res.

<10³ Ohm x cm

Surface Res.


Model No.

LF 221

Internals (LxWxD)

191 x 128 x 111mm

Capacity (litre)


Volume Res.

<10³ Ohm x cm

Surface Res.


Model No.

LF 321

Internals (LxWxD)

294 x 182 x 133mm

Capacity (litre)


Volume Res.

<10³ Ohm x cm

Surface Res.


Model No.

LF 351

Internals (LxWxD)

292 x 430x 129mm

Capacity (litre)


Volume Res.

<10³ Ohm x cm

Surface Res.


Model No.

LF 322

Internals (LxWxD)

294 x 183 x 185mm

Capacity (litre)


Volume Res.

<10³ Ohm x cm

Surface Res.


Model No.

LF 532

Internals (LxWxD)

445 x 279 x 185mm

Capacity (litre)


Volume Res.

<10³ Ohm x cm

Surface Res.


02: Technical Specification & Features.

Exceptional protection & performance in a range of sizes

If you are experiencing damage to your static sensitive items, the LF SSI Schaefer bins can help.

The conductive polypropylene material offers conductive performance of <10³ Ohm x cm volume resistance. They also provide 10⁴ Ohm surface resistance. This means that any atmospheric static is safely around the bins exterior. This protects the items within.

The bins offer exceptional physical protection too. The tough moulded plastic is resistant to moisture, oil and grease. It is also dimensionally stable from -20° to +100° Celsius. This means they are ideal for different climates and even cold storage.

LF Series performance data

  • Specific Volume Resistance: <10³ Ohm x cm
  • Specific Surface Resistance: < 10Ohm
LF Series datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various features and applications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

03: Features & Benefits.

Additional features of the LF Series bins

The range of sizes suit a wide range of products. Besides this, they integrate with your existing racking and warehouse storage systems too.

They also feature integrated fixings on the reverse to allow them to be mounted on louvre wall panels. This means they can be used to maximise vertical space at your work-station, picking wall or manufacturing line.

With their semi-open front storage design, the LF Series are sturdy and robust. The complementary sizes enable their use in any combination within your shelf units.

Improve the efficiency of your operations

  • Eliminates damage from static or mishandling results in less written off stock
  • Resistant to water, oil and grease, plus stable from -20° to +100° Celsius
  • Moulded polypropylene material creates strongest and most durable ESD bin available
  • Designed to work with your existing racking/warehouse setup
  • Noise absorbent on conveyors
  • Can be mounted on louvre wall panels to maximise vertical space
  • Recessed handgrip on reverse panel for easy manual handling
  • Custom foam and division sets available to offer improved flexibility
Happy customers

The LF Series of bins have been designed with one thing in mind – to improve your picking efficiency. This couldn’t be more true, allowing you a direct view of stored goods (even if the bins are stacked) which quickly translates into more productive stock picking and checking.

04: Cost Savings.

Make a direct, noticeable improvement to your company’s costs

Minimising or even eliminating physical and static damage to your stock reduces costs.  This includes fewer returns and written off stock.  Improved productivity of your workforce also helps to drive down your costs. But the SSI LF conductive bins can save you money in other ways too.

The strength and durability of the bins mean they are a long lasting solution. The upfront costs are higher than using Correx® products or conductive cardboard alternatives. Their longevity means the lifetime costs are considerably lower though.

They are also easy to clean. This means they outlast corrugated bins which are usually discarded if they become dirty. This can occur either during normal handling or long term storage.

SSI Schaefer picking bins with ESD protection
The SSI Schaefer range of LF (Lager-Fix) bins are perfect for the safe storage and retrieval of static sensitive devices, parts and components

Finally, the bins are in stock at GWP Conductive. This means you can take delivery of your order usually within 24 hours. This also reduces the amount of bins you may need to keep in stock (reducing storage costs).

It also means you can be responsive to sudden peaks in demand or production. This will also prevent disrupting your picking or warehouse processes.

Further ways in which you can lower your costs

  • Strength and durability – providing excellent longevity – reduces lifetime costs
  • Easy to clean surfaces to further boost lifespan
  • Stacking rims enable more efficient use of space, lowering storage requirements/costs
  • Availability in both high and low volumes
  • Extensive stock-holding and 24-hour dispatch, further reducing your storage requirements

05: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for SSI LF Series

View a selection of the SSI Schaefer Bins held in stock. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

06: About GWP Conductive.

Market leaders in ESD safe handling and transit products

GWP Conductive is the undisputed leader in the UK anti-static handling market.

This equates to a market share of over 85%. It is also reflected in the fact that the only place you can buy the SSI Schaefer conductive lines from is us or our carefully selected distributors.

There is more than just the exclusive products, which also includes the renowned Corstat. In fact, your business can see tangible benefits from partnering with GWP Conductive.

This includes free, impartial advice on your specific requirements. A dedicated and knowledgeable advisor allocated to your business. And, uniquely, a custom anti-static design service.

Conductive packaging design
GWP Conductive can offer your business a bespoke design service, thanks to an experienced team of designers and engineers

A team of award-winning designers provide this service. And each designer has a vast experience of the difficulties posed by static.

This allows for conductive packaging or handling products tailored to your exact requirements.

This, in turn, is supported by a skilled production team. This team operates in a well equipped, modern and clean production facility.

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