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Going the extra mile – key benefits and services that your business can take advantage of…

The unique way in which the GWP Group is structured has enabled us to constantly push the boundaries in terms of innovation, product performance and service levels we can offer to you.


As such, and in response to the needs of businesses just like yours, you are now able to take advantage of a range of services and benefits directly related to static-safe packaging and handling. The ultimate aim of these is making the procurement of your anti-static packaging as simple and easy possible.

Conductive packaging experts

Besides a selection of exclusive products and a nationwide network of specialist distributors, you can also utilise a bespoke conductive packaging design service and rely on quality control systems that ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Why work with GWP Conductive?

  • Over 25 years experience
  • Huge range of stock products
  • UK exclusive lines
  • Dedicated anti static packaging design team
  • Extensive market knowledge across various sectors
  • Ensures your products and components arrive safely
  • Removes concerns of critical system failures
  • Ensures long lifespan of products
  • Market leading brands and range of products to choose from


Please see below for further information on the range of services available to your business, or get in touch to discuss your individual conductive packaging design requirements with a member of our experienced team.

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Product protection against static and damage

We understand how important protecting your products and components is to the success of your company. Besides the potential costs of returns and replacements, unreliable supply can alienate your customers and cause damage to your hard earned brand perception.


As such, working alongside a company that not only understands how to protect against static, but also the structural and design requirements to prevent transit damage, can have a significant impact on your business. This is why GWP Conductive has developed and offers you a unique mix of services, knowledge and benefits.


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UK Exclusive Products

Products not available anywhere else


Being the UK leaders in the manufacture and supply of conductive and ESD safe packaging and materials handling products, we are able to offer products which are exclusive to GWP in the UK. These include products manufacture in house by GWP, such as Corstat coated products as well as leading branded ranges such as SSI Schaefer.

Conductive Packaging Design

Custom designs tailored to your needs


GWP Conductive have a vast amount of experience in the design and manufacture of custom anti-static packaging. As such, when one of our stock products is not exactly right for an application, our engineers will evaluate your needs and using the latest CAD software and technology, design the perfect solution.

GWP Conductive Distributors

Exceptional product availability


The unique way in which GWP Conductive operates has seen us forge close links with a number of companies. These specialists companies have become official distributors for our range of stock products including our conductive boxes, in plant handling and storage items, totes, divisions and SSI Schaefer ranges.

Large Stock Range

Dispatched in 24 hours


As well as creating custom conductive packaging and materials handling products, we also have a range of stock products to suit a wide variety of applications. Our range of bins, boxes, totes, shippers, dividers and foam products are available in a selection of standard sizes on exceptionally short lead times.

Additional benefits for your business

Besides the obvious need for product protection, there are other ways your business can benefit from a strong working relationship with GWP Conductive, and GWP Group as a whole.


This includes being able to source a large range of complementary packaging from a single source – for example corrugated packaging where there is no need for static protection, custom foam products and even handling and line-side products. The ability to combine traditional ESD safe packaging with these other forms of packaging often allows the creation of products that are simply not available anywhere else.


Besides this, your entire packaging inventory, storage and processes can be analysed to identify strategies to boost your efficiency and reduce ongoing costs.


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Single source packaging suppliers

Streamline your entire inventory


Besides sourcing all of your ESD safe packaging from GWP, you can also select from corrugated packaging, protective cases, foams, handling products, retail and POS and many other types of specialist packaging. This not only streamlines your packaging procurement, but allows for cost savings too.

Packaging audits / evaluation

A free review of your packaging


As well as looking to see if you are using the optimum packaging product or materials, by undertaking a free and no obligation packaging audit with GWP Group, you can highlight inefficiencies in your processes, ways to improve productivity, minimise storage and, ultimately, reduce the costs to your business.

Who are GWP Conductive?

Previously trading as Corstat Containers (Corstat is now re-focused as product brand), GWP Conductive design and manufacturer specialist ESD safe conductive and anti-static packaging.


We are widely recognised as market leaders within this industry, with extensive experience in managing and reducing the damage caused by ESD on devices such as integrated chips, PCB’s and other static-sensitive devices.


In fact, GWP Conductive products make up more than 85% of static safe packaging market within the UK.

Our Operations

The range of anti static packaging you can source from GWP Conductive includes both stock and bespoke products, each developed with specific requirements and applications in mind.


In order to ensure your complete satisfaction, GWP are always prepared to look at innovative solutions to challenging new problems. This can include working closely with both the other divisions of GWP and with your business to ensure that any packaging solution developed can be truly relied upon.

GWP Conductive stock holding

GWP Conductive also constantly invest in new plant and machinery to keep a low cost base and a very fast turnaround on your orders.


Also embedded in the company culture is a responsibility to the environment through use of environmentally friendly materials. This has seen the development of an award winning range of innovative and diverse products, as well as a number of well-known brands. These include Corstat, Corriplast, and the SSI Schaefer range of rigid conductive containers.


Please watch the video to the below for further information about the products, services, operations and people at GWP Conductive that strive to make a difference to your business.

What is Anti-Static Packaging / ESD Safe?

Static charge is prevalent in our everyday environment and can cause easily cause damage or alter the effective operation of electronic equipment.


In fact, static electricity has posed problems for industry for many years, long before the advancement in technology over the last few decades. It has even been recorded that static control procedures and devices were in operation as early as the 1400s, to prevent and minimise electrostatic discharge igniting gunpowder and other explosives.


One of the main problems with ESD is that it’s practically invisible. Within industry today, ESD can damage many electrical parts and components, including microchips, electronic assemblies and circuit boards, often beyond repair.

EK exclusive anti static packaging products

Manufacturers of such devices and components must therefore control static discharges in not only their processes, but also during transit to the end users. Failure to do so can see the equipment or components supplied either not working, or having a significantly reduced operating lifespan.


Failure to address improper packaging of ESD sensitive components, products and equipment costs both manufacturers and users millions of pounds each year.


It can impact on productivity and reliability in practically all aspects of today’s electronics industry, and this is because most suppliers and end users do not understand how ESD sensitive items fail. To start addressing these issues, speak with the experts at GWP Conductive.

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