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Corstat® Reel Storage System

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ESD reel racks

Anti Static Reel Racks.

A flexible bench mount solution

Catering for a wide range of products / reels, you can source 7” and 15” Corstat reel storage systems.  Also manufactured in single, double or triple units, this ensures that there is a suitable system whatever your application

Corstat reel storage units offer high performance ESD protection. Besides this, Corstat reel storage units provide the perfect alternative to moulded plastic reel storage systems.

01: Corstat® Reel Storage Size Chart

Summary of technical data / sizes

Please see below for the specific sizes / options available in the Corstat® Reel Storage System range.

SKU / Part No. External Size (mm) Cell Width (mm) No. Cells
RR7118 273 x 240 x 200mm 18mm 11
RR7132 273 x 240 x 200mm 32mm 7
RR7218 573 x 240 x 200mm 18mm 22
RR7232 573 x 240 x 200mm 32mm 14
RR7318 860 x 240 x 200mm 18mm 33
RR7332 860 x 240 x 200mm 32mm 21
RR15118 273 x 385 x 200mm 18mm 11
RR15132 273 x 385 x 200mm 32mm 7
RR15218 573 x 385 x 200mm 18mm 22
RR15232 573 x 385 x 200mm 32mm 14
RR15318 860 x 385 x 200mm 18mm 33
RR15332 860 x 385 x 200mm 32mm 21

02: Technical Specification & Features.

Performance data for Corstat® material

Please see below for the specific performance / properties of Corstat, or download the product datasheet below for a full list of sizes and details.


  • Surface Resistivity (per ASTMD257-78)
  • Buried Shielding Layer <104 ohms/sq
  • Exterior Layer <105 ohms/sq
  • Electrostatic Decay Rate (per Mil B 81705B, Test Method 4046

    Federal TMS 101B)
    Less than 2.0 seconds to theoretical zero

  • ESD Shielding: 99.9% Attenuation (Capacitive Probe Test)
  • Triboelectric Charge Generation approximately 0.1 C/inch std. condition


  • Surface Resistivity:

    Reducible Sulphur: .00035% (.0008% non-tarnishing to silver, solder and copper per TAPPI T-406)

    Amines: None

  • Galvanic Reaction: None


  • Liner papers 100% pure kraft
  • Shelf Life 10 years
  • Humidity Dependence: No effect on electrical properties
Corstat reel storage datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various features and applications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

03: Key Benefits.

The market leading method of shipping microchips and small static sensitive devices

The Corstat conductive reel storage system from GWP Conductive is a new and flexible bench mount storage system, catering for 7″ and 15″ component reels.

There is a choice of materials available too, both Corstat coated corrugated fibre board as standard and conductive Corriplast for clean room or high durability requirements.

Reel storage system
The Corstat reel storage system is one of many specialised products that GWP Conductive have developed to solve the problem of ESD damage

The storage system is available in single, double and triple module units and the division spacing can be 18mm or 32mm to suit the application. The units are supplied fully assembled and configured to suit your exact requirements.

Features and Benefits of Corstat® Conductive Reel Storage System

  • ESD Safe
  • Cost effective and reliable
  • Choice of materials for different applications
  • Durable, tough and hard-wearing
  • Can be manufactured to individual requirements
  • Corstat high-performance ESD protection
  • Available from stock for fast delivery
Happy customers

Why settle for the more limited options – and higher costs – of moulded plastic reel storage systems when Corstat and Corriplast equivalents offer the same performance at a lower cost? Now you can protect your reels during storage without compromise.

04: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for reel racks

View a selection of the Corstat Reel Storage units we hold in stock and can also manufacture in bespoke sizes. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

05: About GWP Conductive.

A genuine anti-static packaging manufacturer

Being able to offer products like the conductive reel storage system shows that GWP Conductive are more than simply an ESD safe packaging supplier.

The reel rack product – like so many others in the stock range – have been created by an experienced design team genuinely looking to solve the problems companies like yours have with static and the damage it causes.

But only by having an extensive knowledge of how static behaves, has it been possible to create the range of bins, boxes, racks and totes that are now available to your business.

UK exclusive products
GWP are the sole UK manufacturers of Corstat packaging products, as well as the only stockists of SSI Schaefer conductive lines

All of the stock products are available within 48 hours, but there will be the odd occasion where one of these isn’t completely perfect for your specific application.

This is where the designers come in again – being able to create a bespoke solution that meets your exact brief.

This solution can then be manufactured in a modern, well equipped factory specialising in packaging, with a dedicated team of customer support staff helping the whole project run smoothly at all times.

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Having problems with storing your reels safely? See how Corstat reel storage system can help you…

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