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Corstat Layer Pads

Layer Pads that are superb for rigid layer separation

Corstat layer pads, manufactured from Corstat conductive corrugated board, provide the ideal solution where rigid layer separation is required. With high levels of ESD protection for a range of uses, Corstat layer pads are available in two sizes to fit the Corstat Stackable totes also available.


Conductive Corstat layer pads offer exceptional protection and performance for any static sensitive device or products. Predominantly used for rigid layer separation requirements, layer pads are ideal for separating products and devices.


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Corstat layer pads offer a surprisingly easy way to maximise the efficiency of your in-plant handling. Providing perfect ESD safe layer separation, these layer pads allow you to store and transport more items per tote / per trip, maximising productivity and efficiency.

All the benefits of Corstat coated fibreboard

Created from GWP Conductive’s very own Corstat coated fibre board and benefiting from the high level of ESD protection provided by this unique material, Corstat conductive layer pads offer both a flexible and competitive solution where rigid layer separation is required.


ESD safe layer pads are available in 2 stock sizes to fit our Corstat Stackable Totes. If a special size is required however then please enquire as these can be easily manufactured.

Features and Benefits of Conductive Corstat Layer Pads

  • Exceptional degree of anti-static protection
  • 2 standard sizes in stock
  • Can be created to specific dimensions required
  • Flexible and competitive solution to rigid separation requirements
  • Durable and hardwearing
  • Superb ESD protection from Corstat coated material
  • Available on short lead times

Summary Info / Datasheet

For further information on Corstat Layer Pads and a full list of dimensions for each stock item, please download the datasheet by clicking below.

Technical Information & Data

Please continue reading below for a table detailing key information for each of the specific products within the stock Corstat Reel Layer Pad range.

Model No.


Size (WxLxH)

570 x 370 x 3mm

Model No.


Size (WxLxH)

370 x 270 x 3mm

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