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Corstat Component Boxes

The convenient and ESD Safe Component Box range

Corstat component boxes supplied by GWP Conductive offer you a convenient and safe way to store and transport static sensitive devices or products. Manufactured from Corstat Conductive coated board, component boxes provide high levels of safety from ESD by creating a faraday cage.


Held in stock at GWP Conductive in a comprehensive range of sizes, your component boxes can be supplied flat packed or fully assembled. They are also available in custom sizes depending on order volume required.


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Damage from ESD (electro static discharge) can be extremely common during storage and transportation of PCBs, CPUs, Motherboards and a huge range electronic devices. By creating a “Faraday Cage”, Corstat Component Boxes eliminate this problem

The Electro static discharge safe method of storing and transporting tools and devices

GWP Conductive’s range of ESD safe component boxes offers a convenient and safe way to store and transport static sensitive devices.


The Corstat conductive coating provides Faraday cage protection, whilst the inclusion of antistatic foam provides an additional level of ESD safe cushioning.


The packs are available in a comprehensive range of sizes and are available from stock, assembled or flat packed as required for next day delivery.


Custom sizes of the Corstat Conductive component boxes are also available on request.

Features and Benefits of Corstat Conductive Component Boxes

  • ESD protection
  • Market leading anti-static protection
  • Wide range of standard sizes
  • Custom sizes available on request
  • Suitable for a range of applications
  • Stock holding and fast turn-around
  • Foam inserts for additional cushioning protection
  • Manufactured from Corstat Conductive fibreboard for excellent

Applications and uses 

View a selection of the Corstat Component Boxes we hold in stock and can also manufacture in bespoke sizes. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Static Safe Motherboard Packaging

With the motherboard (effectively a printed circuit board) serving to connect all aspects of a computer or device together – everything from the CPU, memory, optical drives, video cards etc. – it is imperative that they do not become damaged by static.


Damage from ESD (electrostatic discharge) can be extremely common during storage and transportation of motherboards and PCBs, which is why you can source a range of suitable Motherboard packaging from GWP Conductive a network of distributors.

Datasheet for component boxes

Summary Info / Datasheet

For further information on Corstat Component Boxes and a full list of dimensions for each stock item, please download the datasheet by following the button below.

The range of motherboard packaging provided by Corstat Component Boxes that are available from stock is also a great solution for protecting any static sensitive devices, components or equipment. They offer both physical protection and high levels of anti-static performance.


With a range of sizes, materials and interior options, you can be certain you will find your perfect anti-static packaging at GWP Conductive. Please click here to see all conductive packaging available, including those suitable for Motherboard packaging.

Technical Information & Data

Please see below for a full table detailing key information for each of the specific products within the stock Corstat Component Box range including a full list of model numbers, sizes and additional information.

Size Guide Table

No foam


With Foam


Internals (LxWxD)

40 x 40 x 15mm

No foam


With Foam


Internals (LxWxD)

60 x 60 x 25mm

No foam


With Foam


Internals (LxWxD)

100 x 100 x 38mm

No foam


With Foam


Internals (LxWxD)

135 x 50 x 20mm

No foam


With Foam


Internals (LxWxD)

74 x 64 x 40mm

No foam

SM12 A

With Foam

SM12 B

Internals (LxWxD)

146  x 70 x 24mm

No foam

SM14 A

With Foam

SM14 B

Internals (LxWxD)

146  x 146 x 24mm

No foam

IC5050 A

With Foam

IC5050 B

Internals (LxWxD)

178  x 89 x 25mm

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