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Corstat® Bin Boxes

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Bin boxes

Anti Static Bins.

Protect ICs, Dip Tubes and components

Corstat bin boxes offer ESD protection for virtually any static sensitive item. Ideal for storing IC devices, dip tubes and essentially offering a versatile handling and storing solution, these conductive storage bins can eliminate the costs associated with damage in storage and handling.

Corstat bin boxes are available in a wide range of standard sizes, plus closed, open front and fully open variants. This ensures they will offer full protection from harmful static charges.

01: Corstat® Bin Boxes Size Chart

Summary of technical data / sizes

Please see below for the specific sizes / options available in the Corstat® Bin Boxes range.

SKU / Part No. Format Internal Size (mm)
634 Fully open bin 152 x 76 x 114
944 Fully open bin 229 x 102 x 114
964 Fully open bin 229 x 152 x 114
1110 Fully open bin 300 x 100 x 100
1115 Fully open bin 300 x 150 x 100
1120 Fully open bin 300 x 200 x 100
1130 Fully open bin 300 x 300 x 100
1200 Fully open bin 635 x 60 x 108
1205 Fully open bin 635 x 108 x 108
1226 Fully open bin 635 x 153 x 108
1244 Fully open bin 635 x 203 x 108
1266 Fully open bin 635 x 260 x 108
2205 Open front bin 635 x 108 x 108
2244 Open front bin 635 x 203 x 108
2000 Closed bin 635 x 108 x 108
SKU / Part No. Format External Size (mm)
BN6090 Reel Bin / Fitting 600 x 90 x 140
BN6160 Small Bin Box 600 x 160 x 140
BN6240 Medium Bin Box 600 x 240 x 140
BN6320 Large Bin Box 600 x 320 x 140

02: Technical Specification & Features.

Performance data for Corstat® material

Please see below for the specific performance / properties of Corstat, or download the product datasheet below for a full list of sizes and details.


  • Surface Resistivity (per ASTMD257-78)
  • Buried Shielding Layer <104 ohms/sq
  • Exterior Layer <105 ohms/sq
  • Electrostatic Decay Rate (per Mil B 81705B, Test Method 4046

    Federal TMS 101B)
    Less than 2.0 seconds to theoretical zero

  • ESD Shielding: 99.9% Attenuation (Capacitive Probe Test)
  • Triboelectric Charge Generation approximately 0.1 C/inch std. condition


  • Surface Resistivity:

    Reducible Sulphur: .00035% (.0008% non-tarnishing to silver, solder and copper per TAPPI T-406)

    Amines: None

  • Galvanic Reaction: None


  • Liner papers 100% pure kraft
  • Shelf Life 10 years
  • Humidity Dependence: No effect on electrical properties
Corstat bin boxes datasheet

Summary Info / Datasheet

Download the PDF Datasheet to view detailed information on the various features and applications, or see a full list of sizes & model details.

03: Product Protection.

Protecting sensitive electrical components with Bin Boxes

Corstat conductive coating has long been regarding as the optimum way of protecting any static sensitive devices.

Being specified by practically every OEM and blue chip manufacturer of electronics or specialist equipment, Corstat has earned its’ reputation as the most cost effective, reliable and long lasting form of conductive packaging available.

Bin Boxes are just one of the popular handling and storage products manufactured from Corstat. IC devices, dip tubes and other delicate electrical components are at risk of irreparable damage from static electricity but, by storing such items in Corstat bin boxes you can significantly reduce damage to these sensitive items.

The unique Corstat coating provides a Faraday Cage effect, channelling static electricity around the outside of the bin box rather than allowing it to enter and damage the items inside.

Open front conductive bins
The open front conductive bins are ideal for protecting items such as ICs, Dip tubes and other static sensitive products

As well as reducing the costs and administrative burden of having to refund damaged components once they have been shipped, storing items in Corstat bin boxes can also help protect your company’s reputation by removing the risk of supplying customers with damaged or faulty components.

Please continue reading for further benefits Corstat Bin Boxes can offer your business, or download the relevant technical information by clicking the link above.

Eliminate damage to static sensitive components whilst in storage

  • Unrivalled ESD protection to minimise damage to sensitive components whilst in storage
  • Custom sizes can be precisely tailored to your product for bespoke protection levels
  • Corstat coating & structural design creates a Faraday Cage effect to protect from static
  • Physical protection from mis-handling, dust and UV
  • Corriplast (fluted plastic) equivalents available for increased durability and clean room applications

04: Efficiency & Productivity.

Using Corstat® Bin Boxes can increase your operational efficiency

Besides the obvious benefits of eliminating damage to static sensitive components, conductive bin boxes can help to improve the efficiency of your operations too.

The stock range of Corstat bin boxes are manufactured in three variants: closed, open and fully open. The use of the open front and fully open bin boxes enables your staff to quickly identify the items they require and significantly increase the efficiency of stock picking / retrieval operations.

This can mean orders being fulfilled more quickly and efficiently, reduce production and assembly times and boost overall productivity.

The open front and closed variants are also stackable, allowing you to maximise storage space. This can allow for a larger inventory of products, or a reduction in the costs associated with warehouse / storage.

Open front bin boxes
Making use of picking bins (either conductive or standard) can usually result in significant improvements in productivity

Another way to maximise the use of your storage facility is provided by the option of having Corstat bin boxes supplied flat. This not only reduces delivery costs, but also ensures they take up minimal space when not in use.

However, with lead times usually within 48 hours on all conductive stock products, it provides you with the flexibility of not needing to keep a large inventory of your conductive handling items.

A final potential benefit to your operational efficiency is that Corstat is completely inert and safe to handle. There is no requirement for PPE (saving time and boosting productivity) whilst Corstat is also fully recyclable.

This means that there are no complex or costly disposal methods required, minimising effort, cost and time.

Benefits to the operational efficiency of your business

  • Held in stock to enable short lead times, allowing you to reduce your stock holding / storage
  • Can be stacked to maximise your storage space and minimise the associated costs
  • Allows quicker / easier identification of items and streamlines stock retrieval processes
  • Can be stored flat when not in use further reducing storage required
  • Does not require protective equipment or clothing when handling
Happy customers

Conductive transit, handling and storage products manufactured from Corstat conductive fibreboard account for over 80% of the entire anti static packaging market in the UK. Why not specify the best ESD safe packaging for your business too?

05: Cost Savings.

A focus on cost effectiveness and performance

Corstat bin boxes – and indeed the full range of conductive packaging manufactured using it – provides an excellent balance between high performance, long lifespan and cost effectiveness.

The corrugated cardboard material which is used for manufacturing Corstat Bin Boxes is widely regarded as offering the perfect compromise between cost and durability.

As such, whilst Corstat bin boxes boast a much lower unit cost than plastic alternatives, their longevity ensures low lifetime costs too.

The Corstat coating itself is also supplied with a 10 year guarantee, whilst the stock range of bin boxes also benefit from no tooling costs (further reducing the unit price).

Anti static picking boxes
The performance of Corstat material helps your business to reduce storage damage caused by static, which in turn can lower your ongoing costs

These initial cost savings are also complimented by indirect savings across the life of the Bin Boxes.

This includes the reduction in written off stock (i.e. that was damaged and is no longer usable), the gains in efficiency and productivity,  the potential for reducing storage space and even the potential increase in repeat business through reliable supply.

Reduce ongoing costs and improve your business reputation

  • Significant cost savings when compared to plastic bin boxes
  • Extensive stockholding of standard sizes eliminates tooling charges and ensures low unit costs
  • 10 year guarantee on Corstat coating, ensuring low lifetime costs
  • Durable construction and material ensures ongoing performance over many uses
  • Inert and environmentally friendly, eliminating the costs of PPE and specialist disposal
  • Enhance your company perception and repeat sales through reliable supply

06: Uses / Applications.

Image gallery highlighting typical applications / uses for Corstat® Bin Boxes

Please see below to view a selection of conductive bin boxes by GWP Conductive. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

07: About GWP Conductive.

Your very own ESD expert

GWP Conductive has been the undisputed UK leader in anti-static packaging for the last 25 years, with more than 80% market share.

With a huge range of products that offer the highest levels of protection for your sensitive electronic components, it allows you to eliminate costly damages caused by exposure to static electricity.

All products are manufactured by an experienced team of operatives in a modern facility that is accredited to ISO standards. This ensures the highest quality and performance is guaranteed.

Corstat bins
GWP Conductive keep a wide range of Corstat (and Corriplast / SSI Schaefer) products in stock for immediate dispatch

Besides this, a wide selection of stock products are typically available for shipment with forty-eight hours of being ordered, allowing you to source high-quality ESD safe products on exceptionally short lead times.

Sold through a UK wide distribution network, this ability to take delivery of products so quickly ensures you do not need to keep a large inventory of conductive packaging in stock, and can help with saving valuable warehouse / storage  space.

If a stock product is not completely perfect for your requirements, a dedicated design team will be able to able to create a bespoke anti-static packaging solution for any product or application.

Our designers will work closely with you to determine your requirements before providing a solution that will offer the optimum level of protection for your products.

This level of support and care is complimented by a highly knowledgeable team of customer advisers who will be happy to help with any request and provide free, impartial advice.

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