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Static Dissipative Foam

Static Dissipative Foam inserts to offer exceptional ESD protection

Static dissipative foam offers a controlled and effective solution for protecting static sensitive devices whilst being transported or handled.


Ideal for use within various Corstat or Corriplast containers, static dissipative foam inserts can be designed and manufactured to provide calculated levels of cushioning performance for any application. Besides this, static dissipative foam controls transfer of static charges that may affect sensitive electronics or devices.


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Static Dissipative foam is a polyethelyne foam that is either black carbon-impregnated, or pink colored and enhanced with surfactants. It is the general choice of foam for reusable applications, unless you require the specific properties of conductive foam.

Static dissipative foam a superb choice for static sensitive protection

Alongside GWP’s conductive and anti-static foam packaging products, we can also supply inserts in a range of static dissipative foams.


Offering a slower but more controlled transfer of static charges that may affect sensitive electronics, this foam perfectly complements the vast majority of Corstat and Corriplast packaging and materials handling products.


We have a number of experienced, dedicated foam designers in-house with the ability to provide expert advice on the most appropriate material for a specific application.


This can even include the calculation of the exact levels of cushioning performance if an item is particularly sensitive to shock and impact. All of this is combined with a modern production facility, offering CNC routing, die and water jet cutting techniques.

Advantages of using static dissipative foams

  • Slower but more controlled transfer of static charges
  • Permanent protection ideal for multi-trip and storage applications
  • Die cut, CNC routed and water jet profiling available
  • Dedicated foam design team
  • Excellent cushioning performance, including calculated performance levels
  • Compatible with our stock ranges of totes, bins and boxes
  • Enhance totes and containers

What is Static Dissipative Foam?

Static dissipative foams protect sensitive electronic equipment, circuit boards and PCBs through the use of impregnated carbon, allowing any static charges generated to dissipate through the foam material.


The nature of the foam ensures that its performance is not affected by atmospheric conditions and has no restrictive shelf life – making it ideal for multi-trip, handling and storage applications.


The static dissipative foam that we use at GWP Conductive will generally have a volume resistivity between 104 – 1011 ohms/cms or a surface resistivity in the ranges of 104 – 1011 ohms/sq. whilst this results in a slower transfer of the charge, it is more controlled.

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For more information about static dissipative foam please contact our team today for a free, no obligation quote.

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