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Pink Anti-Static Foam

Full customisation of conductive packaging products through pink anti-static foams

Pink anti-static foam inserts boast a wealth of beneficial features, including offering high levels of ESD protection for any static sensitive device.


Besides this, pink anti-static foam inserts offer excellent levels of protection against impact, shock and vibration whilst items are in transit.


Suitable for computer chips, circuit boards and various other static sensitive devices, pink anti-static foam inserts are extremely cost effective, assisting in reducing damage costs.


For further information on inclusion of this foam into your ESD safe packaging – or completely custom routed foam inserts, please get in touch.

Pink anti-Static foam is a polyurethane foam that is chemically enhanced with an anti-static agent (surfactant) and colored with a pink dye for identification. It will not generate static charge when it rubs against itself, and is usually used for single trip shipping.

Pink anti-static foam – a perfect enhancement of Corstat solutions

A large number of the stock boxes and packaging products you can source from GWP Conductive, such as transit packs, compak shippers and chip boxes, are all enhanced through the use of pink anti-static foam inserts.


Pink anti-static foam’s unique properties allow the foam to slowly dissipate electro-static charges that are potentially created by adjacent components, the component itself or even human handlers during the transit process.


Pink anti-static foam is also excellent for cushioning sensitive circuit boards, computer chips and other electronics from shock, impact and vibration.

Advantages of using pink anti-static foam inserts

  • Protection of static sensitive devices
  • Cost effective material
  • Unaffected by high atmospheric humidity
  • Expert in house foam designers and engineers
  • Additional cushioning protection for sensitive items
  • Perfect for customisation of our stock conductive ranges

What is pink anti-static foam?

Manufactured to include an Antistatic additive, these pink foams give a surface conductivity that will reduce over time.


Glycerol Mononstearate (GMS) is a commonly used additive (although other similar chemicals are also used), which is introduced during the extrusion phase of the material manufacture.


This additive will then slowly migrate to the edges of the foam before forming lines on the surface.


One end of the microscopic antistatic molecule protrudes from the material edge and draws in moisture from the ambient air to allow a conductive path for current to pass through.


This type of foam typically has a volume resistivity in the range of 1010 – 1012 ohms.cms and often has a surface resistivity that is higher still.


Due to the way in which the foam works, performance can be enhanced with increased atmospheric humidity.

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