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Anti-static polyethylene foam ideal for high fragility applications

Ethafoam, anti-static polyethylene foam provides the ultimate solution for protecting ESD sensitive items whilst in storage or transit. With a dedicated in-house foam design team, GWP manufacture foam inserts to suit any application or specific requirements.


Controlling static charge whilst also offering physical protection from impact, shock and vibration, Anti-Static Ethafoam inserts provide optimum performance for any needs.


For further information on this cost effective method of protecting static sensitive items in transit, please get in touch.

Ethafoam is the brand name of polyethylene foam plank manufactured by Sealed Air Corporation (formally by Dow Chemical Company). It is a durable, flexible, closed-cell foam with excellent memory when used in an appropriate coverage and density for the load


Expert fabrication of Sealed Air conductive Ethafoam

As well as providing exceptional anti-static properties, Ethafoam is also widely regarded as a true high-performance packaging foam. As such, it is ideal to protect sensitive electronic devices which may also be susceptible to shock, impact and vibration during transit.


Frequently used in its non-conductive form by the Packaging division of our business, we are able to offer an unmatched level of expertise in its design and fabrication across a wide range of applications.


Anti-static Ethafoam provides a controlled dissipation of electrostatic charges emitted from other neighbouring materials and personnel during handling, assembly and transit of the product. It offers a high degree of consistent, reliable performance that makes it a popular choice for manufacturers of high-value, delicate and static-sensitive equipment.

Advantages of using anti-static Ethafoam packaging

  • Controlled, safe dissipation of static charge
  • Permanent protection, ideal for multi-trip and storage applications
  • Extensive experience of design and manufacture at GWP
  • Dedicated foam design team
  • Ideal for use with our stock ranges of totes, bins and boxes
  • Excellent cushioning performance, including calculated performance levels if required

What is anti-static Ethafoam?

Ethafoam is a high quality, medium-density, closed-cell foam.


Already used in its’ non-conductive form throughout the Packaging division of our business, the anti-static grade we use at GWP Conductive contains internal anti-static agents designed to eliminate static potential from the foam itself.


It also dissipates electrostatic discharges from other sources (e.g. generated by handling, neighbouring components, external atmosphere etc.) and meets various standard such as EIA 541, ANSI; EOS/ESD.

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To discover more about how Ethafoam inserts can protect your products or devices and reduce overall damage costs, please contact our team.

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