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Conductive Foam

Conductive foam inserts and cushioning for ultimate protection

Conductive foam, available from GWP Conductive provides an ESD safe solution for handling and transporting any of your products that are sensitive to static charge.


Minimising the effects of electro static discharge on static sensitive electronic equipment, conductive foam offers an extremely reliable method for protecting items in transit.


Offering an entirely bespoke service, GWP will carefully design and manufacture your conductive foam inserts to suit any specific needs or requirements.


Please get in touch today for further information, or to discuss your specific requirements.

Conductive foam is a polyethelyne foam filled with carbon (as are all black ESD foams), giving it its conductive properties and color. Conductive foam is designed for repeat use, and will act like a Faraday cage when an item is fully enclosed within it.

High performance yet cost effective conductive foams

At GWP Conductive, we provide your business with expertise in the creation of conductive foam inserts to work alongside our wide selection of conductive and ESD safe packaging, handling and transit products.


The conductive foams we use help to minimise the effects of electro static discharge on sensitive electronic equipment.


With years of expertise in the fabrication of foam inserts and a modern design and production facility including the latest CAD software and CNC machining, we can design and manufacture a conductive foam solution that will offer the optimum level of protection regardless of your end application.

Advantages of using Conductive Foams

  • Permanent ESD protection
  • Ideal for multi trip, storage and in plant handling applications
  • Quick transfer of static charge
  • Less than 104 ohms surface / volume resistivity
  • Available die cut, CNC routed or water jet cut
  • Expert in house foam designers and engineers
  • Additional cushioning protection for sensitive items
  • Perfect for customisation of our stock conductive ranges

Applications and uses

See below for typical examples and applications of Conductive Foams. Click on the thumbnails for a larger image.

What is conductive foam?

Conductive foam is similar to standard packaging foams but with one crucial difference – the addition of carbon to the polymer mix during the manufacturing process to provide a high level of conductivity.


This allows any electric current to pass through the cell structure of the foam and away from the component.


Generally, the foam will have permanent conductive performance, meaning it is ideal for multi-trip packaging and in-plant handling applications. Its performance isn’t affected by atmospheric conditions.


This ESD safe material will typically have a surface resistivity of fewer than 104 ohms/sq. and a volume resistivity of fewer than 104 ohms/cms, which offers a quicker transfer of any static charge to a grounding source or adjacent conductive material.

More information

If you would like to know more about Conductive Foam’s available from GWP Conductive including bespoke designs, please contact our team today.

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