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Anti Static Foam

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Static and Impact Protection.

Unrivalled expertise in ESD safe foams for handling and packaging

The wide range of conductive packaging, boxes, totes, cases and handling products supplied by GWP Conductive can also be customised with a wide choice of ESD safe foams.

These specialist foams offer in combating static discharge while also offering a high degree of cushioning protection from shock, impact and vibration.

The extra level of protection provided ensures that whatever the component, circuit board or PCB being shipped, it will arrive at its destination undamaged.

Anti static foam
GWP Conductive offer unrivalled expertise in all forms of anti static foam, and can enhance almost any exterior case or carton with a suitable option for your application

The wide range of foams available are manufactured by GWP using techniques including CNC routing, die cutting and even CNC water jet cutting.

6 reasons to use GWP Conductive anti static foams

  • Enhanced protection from shock and impact
  • Further protection from ESD (electro static discharge)
  • Can be tailored with etched branding / instructions
  • Wide range of cost effective manufacturing techniques
  • Custom designs with intricate profiles
  • Over 20 years experience of foam solutions

01: Pink Anti-Static Foam.

Full customisation of conductive packaging products through pink anti-static foams

Pink anti-static foam inserts boast a wealth of beneficial features, including offering high levels of ESD protection for any static sensitive device.

Besides this, pink anti-static foam inserts offer excellent levels of protection against impact, shock and vibration whilst items are in transit.

Suitable for computer chips, circuit boards and various other static sensitive devices, pink anti-static foam inserts are extremely cost effective, assisting in reducing damage costs.

What is pink anti-static foam?

Manufactured to include an Antistatic additive, these pink foams give a surface conductivity that will reduce over time.

Glycerol Mononstearate (GMS) is a commonly used additive (although other similar chemicals are also used), which is introduced during the extrusion phase of the material manufacture.

This additive will then slowly migrate to the edges of the foam before forming lines on the surface.

Pink anti static foam
Pink anti static foam is one of the most common forms of ESD foam, and is used extensively in Corstat products

One end of the microscopic antistatic molecule protrudes from the material edge and draws in moisture from the ambient air to allow a conductive path for current to pass through.

This type of foam typically has a volume resistivity in the range of 1010 – 1012 ohms.cms and often has a surface resistivity that is higher still.

Due to the way in which the foam works, performance can be enhanced with increased atmospheric humidity.

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Pink anti-Static foam is a polyurethane foam that is chemically enhanced with an anti-static agent (surfactant) and colored with a pink dye for identification. It will not generate static charge when it rubs against itself, and is usually used for single trip shipping.

A perfect enhancement for Corstat solutions

A large number of the stock boxes and packaging products you can source from GWP Conductive, such as transit packs, compak shippers and chip boxes, are all enhanced through the use of pink anti-static foam inserts.

Pink anti-static foam’s unique properties allow the foam to slowly dissipate electro-static charges that are potentially created by adjacent components, the component itself or even human handlers during the transit process.

Pink anti-static foam is also excellent for cushioning sensitive circuit boards, computer chips and other electronics from shock, impact and vibration.

Advantages of using pink anti-static foam inserts

  • Protection of static sensitive devices
  • Cost effective material
  • Unaffected by high atmospheric humidity
  • Expert in house foam designers and engineers
  • Additional cushioning protection for sensitive items
  • Perfect for customisation of our stock conductive ranges

02: Conductive Foam.

Conductive foam inserts and cushioning for ultimate protection

Conductive foam, available from GWP Conductive provides an ESD safe solution for handling and transporting any of your products that are sensitive to static charge.

Minimising the effects of electro static discharge on static sensitive electronic equipment, conductive foam offers an extremely reliable method for protecting items in transit.

Offering an entirely bespoke service, GWP will carefully design and manufacture your conductive foam inserts to suit any specific needs or requirements.

What is conductive foam?

Conductive foam is similar to standard packaging foams but with one crucial difference – the addition of carbon to the polymer mix during the manufacturing process to provide a high level of conductivity.

This allows any electric current to pass through the cell structure of the foam and away from the component.

Conductive foam
Conductive foam is manufactured with carbon (giving it its' black colour), making very effective at dealing with static

Generally, the foam will have permanent conductive performance, meaning it is ideal for multi-trip packaging and in-plant handling applications. Its performance isn’t affected by atmospheric conditions.

This ESD safe material will typically have a surface resistivity of fewer than 104 ohms/sq. and a volume resistivity of fewer than 104 ohms/cms, which offers a quicker transfer of any static charge to a grounding source or adjacent conductive material.

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Conductive foam is a polyethelyne foam filled with carbon (as are all black ESD foams), giving it its conductive properties and color. Conductive foam is designed for repeat use, and will act like a Faraday cage when an item is fully enclosed within it.

High performance yet cost effective conductive foams

At GWP Conductive, we provide your business with expertise in the creation of conductive foam inserts to work alongside our wide selection of conductive and ESD safe packaging, handling and transit products.

The conductive foams we use help to minimise the effects of electro static discharge on sensitive electronic equipment.

With years of expertise in the fabrication of foam inserts and a modern design and production facility including the latest CAD software and CNC machining, we can design and manufacture a conductive foam solution that will offer the optimum level of protection regardless of your end application.

Advantages of using conductive foams

  • Permanent ESD protection
  • Ideal for multi trip, storage and in plant handling applications
  • Quick transfer of static charge
  • Less than 104 ohms surface / volume resistivity
  • Available die cut, CNC routed or water jet cut
  • Perfect for customisation of our stock conductive ranges
  • Expert in house foam designers and engineers
  • Additional cushioning protection for sensitive items

03: Static Dissipative Foam.

Static Dissipative foam inserts to offer exceptional ESD protection

Static dissipative foam offers a controlled and effective solution for protecting static sensitive devices whilst being transported or handled.

Ideal for use within various Corstat or Corriplast containers, static dissipative foam inserts can be designed and manufactured to provide calculated levels of cushioning performance for any application. Besides this, static dissipative foam controls transfer of static charges that may affect sensitive electronics or devices.

What is Static Dissipative Foam?

Static dissipative foams protect sensitive electronic equipment, circuit boards and PCBs through the use of impregnated carbon, allowing any static charges generated to dissipate through the foam material.

The nature of the foam ensures that its performance is not affected by atmospheric conditions and has no restrictive shelf life – making it ideal for multi-trip, handling and storage applications.

Static dissipative foam
Static dissipative foam is another great solution if you need to protect electronics and static sensitive items from both ESD and shock / impact

The static dissipative foam that we use at GWP Conductive will generally have a volume resistivity between 104 – 1011 ohms/cms or a surface resistivity in the ranges of 104 – 1011 ohms/sq. whilst this results in a slower transfer of the charge, it is more controlled.

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Static Dissipative foam is a polyethelyne foam that is either black carbon-impregnated, or pink colored and enhanced with surfactants. It is the general choice of foam for reusable applications, unless you require the specific properties of conductive foam.

Static dissipative foam a superb choice for static sensitive protection

Alongside GWP’s conductive and anti-static foam packaging products, we can also supply inserts in a range of static dissipative foams.

Offering a slower but more controlled transfer of static charges that may affect sensitive electronics, this foam perfectly complements the vast majority of Corstat and Corriplast packaging and materials handling products.

We have a number of experienced, dedicated foam designers in-house with the ability to provide expert advice on the most appropriate material for a specific application.

This can even include the calculation of the exact levels of cushioning performance if an item is particularly sensitive to shock and impact. All of this is combined with a modern production facility, offering CNC routing, die and water jet cutting techniques.

Advantages of using static dissipative foams

  • Slower but more controlled transfer of static charges
  • Permanent protection ideal for multi-trip and storage applications
  • Die cut, CNC routed and water jet profiling available
  • Dedicated foam design team
  • Excellent cushioning performance, including calculated performance levels
  • Enhance totes and containers
  • Compatible with our stock ranges of totes, bins and boxes

04: Conductive Plastazote.

Expertise in the fabrication of all Plastazote foams including conductive grades

Plastazote provides an entirely ESD safe method for protecting items in storage or in transit. Predominantly used within protective cases or containers, Plastazote foam inserts offer engineered levels of protection and can be designed to suit any specific needs or requirements.

Boasting a wide range of beneficial features, Plastazote foam inserts deliver market leading cushioning performance whilst protecting items from impact, shock, vibration and static charge.

How does conductive Plastazote work?

Conductive Plastazote is manufactured using a special carbon compound to provide conductive properties alongside its renowned cushioning performance.

As the carbon is introduced by pre-compounding (not post impregnation as with some types of conductive foam), it ensures it is fully encapsulated in the polymer. As a result, the foams are non-sloughing and provide an excellent level of performance.

Conductive plastazote
Plastazote is widely used in high performance packaging - such as the inserts manufactured by GWP Protective - and the conductive grades offer exceptional protection too

The two main grades of conductive Plastazote, LD30SD and LD40SD, are static dissipative nitrogen blown cross-linked polyethylene foams which provide not only conductive performance but also advanced levels of cushioning protection to fragile components.

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Plastazote® is a closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam manufactured by Zotefoams unique production process.A wide range of polymer combinations is available to give increased stiffness, improved temperature resistance and conductive performance.

Plastazote is the market leading foam insert material

Plastazote is widely regarded as the leading foam for use in high performance, technical applications and at GWP we can offer unrivalled expertise in its precision fabrication.

The conductive grades which form part of the Azote product range from Zotefoams PLC are formulated with a special carbon addition to provide conductive properties alongside its’ exceptional cushioning performance.

This makes conductive Plastazote the material of choice if protection from shock, vibration and impact is required alongside ESD performance and high-quality product presentation.

As a result, Plastazote is widely used within tough, rigid outer containers such as the SSI Schaefer ranges we hold in stock, as well as the protective cases manufactured by our GWP Protective division in Salisbury.

Advantages of using conductive Plastazote foams

  • Controlled release of static charge
  • Market leading cushioning performance
  • Superb protection against shock, vibration and impact
  • Calculated levels of performance if required
  • Permanent protection, ideal for multi-trip and storage applications
  • Ideal for use with rigid containers, SSI Schaefer ranges and protective cases
  • Die cut, CNC routing and water jet profiling available
  • Dedicated foam design team

05: Ethafoam.

Anti-static polyethylene foam ideal for high fragility applications

Ethafoam, anti-static polyethylene foam provides the ultimate solution for protecting ESD sensitive items whilst in storage or transit. With a dedicated in-house foam design team, GWP manufacture foam inserts to suit any application or specific requirements.

Controlling static charge whilst also offering physical protection from impact, shock and vibration, Anti-Static Ethafoam inserts provide optimum performance for any needs.

What is anti-static Ethafoam?

Ethafoam is a high quality, medium-density, closed-cell foam.

Already used in its’ non-conductive form throughout the Packaging division of our business, the anti-static grade we use at GWP Conductive contains internal anti-static agents designed to eliminate static potential from the foam itself.

Anti static ethafoam
Ethafoam is arguably the best choice of foam if you are shipping high volumes of items, due to both its performance and low cost

It also dissipates electrostatic discharges from other sources (e.g. generated by handling, neighbouring components, external atmosphere etc.) and meets various standard such as EIA 541, ANSI; EOS/ESD.

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Ethafoam is the brand name of polyethylene foam plank manufactured by Sealed Air Corporation (formally by Dow Chemical Company). It is a durable, flexible, closed-cell foam with excellent memory when used in an appropriate coverage and density for the load

Expert fabrication of Sealed Air conductive Ethafoam

As well as providing exceptional anti-static properties, Ethafoam is also widely regarded as a true high-performance packaging foam. As such, it is ideal to protect sensitive electronic devices which may also be susceptible to shock, impact and vibration during transit.

Frequently used in its non-conductive form by the Packaging division of our business, we are able to offer an unmatched level of expertise in its design and fabrication across a wide range of applications.

Anti-static Ethafoam provides a controlled dissipation of electrostatic charges emitted from other neighbouring materials and personnel during handling, assembly and transit of the product. It offers a high degree of consistent, reliable performance that makes it a popular choice for manufacturers of high-value, delicate and static-sensitive equipment.

Advantages of using anti-static Ethafoam packaging

  • Controlled, safe dissipation of static charge
  • Permanent protection, ideal for multi-trip and storage applications
  • Extensive experience of design and manufacture at GWP
  • Dedicated foam design team
  • Ideal for use with our stock ranges of totes, bins and boxes
  • Excellent cushioning performance, including calculated performance levels if required

06:Why GWP Conductive?

Genuine expertise in both static and foam performance

Anti static packaging is a very specialised discipline – in that not many regular packaging companies would have the knowledge, designers or manufacturing equipment to make successful ESD solutions.

The same can also be said about foam packaging.

Whilst anyone can line a box with foam, or create some inserts, knowing the intricacies of the material, how it behaves, and the optimum material and amounts to provide the required protection, applies to only a handful of companies.

Foam converters
GWP employ highly skilled, dedicated staff and utilise the latest equipment to ensure your foam inserts will be better than if sourced from other foam converters

Due to the way in which the wider GWP Group has been formed, your business can benefit from the combined knowledge of 2 divisions – one focusing on conductive packaging, and the other on foam.

With a close collaboration between the two divisions, you can be certain that any anti static foam that you source from GWP, will not only protect from electro static discharge, but can give a tailored level of physical protection too. This can even involve calculating the exact type and amount of foam required using specialist software.

Coupled with being able to source your exterior boxes, totes and packaging from a single source, it is clear that if you need conductive foam of any description, GWP should be your first port of call.

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