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Official Sheet Plant Association members, supplying coated board to sheet plants nationwide

GWP Coatings is pleased to announce an on-going membership of the Sheet Plant Association, allowing members of the SPA to easily access our entire range of board coatings quickly and easily, as well as advice and complimentary services that may be beneficial.


With there currently being more than 100 members and representatives from over 70 sheet plants, GWP Coatings has taken an active role in providing services, presentations and seminars, as well as having a strong presence on the official SPA website.


With the services and products that are offered by GWP Coatings, it makes sense for us to have an in depth involvement with and membership of the SPA.


As well as illustrating our commitment to the sheet plant sector of our industry, it allows networking with other companies throughout the UK and the numerous other benefits that the membership offers.

Advantages GWP Coatings offer to the SPA Members


  • Easy access to our complete range of products and services (many not available elsewhere)
  • High or low volumes welcomed
  • Entire range of specialist coatings in stock
  • Ink “library” which allows us to match any pantone colour
  • Short production lead times
  • Coating of suitable board supplied by members
  • Sampling and prototyping service
  • Highly cost effective production of large requirements
  • Involvement with seminars, presentations and activities
Sheet Plant Association Members

More information about the Sheet Plant Association


The mission statement for the SPA can be summarised as follows…

The UK Sheet Plant Association exists for the benefit of its member companies and their employees. The Association promotes the interests of the corrugated sheet plant sector. It also looks to identify any upcoming issues, problems or opportunities in the immediate future, before establishing a best practice solution and then use its power to buy any expertise or solution once before passing this through to its members at a much lower or even no cost basis.

The Sheet Plant Association is, in essence, a forum that offers members the opportunities to discuss the challenges, opportunities and advances in the sector. It allows sheet plants to share examples of best practice amongst each other, as well as highlighting training and development opportunities.

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