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Trade service to sheet plants

Low volumes

Coatings from 200 sq. metres


Sheet Plant Association members

Added Value Services & Support

Minimal lead times, just in time supply and a focus on consistent high quality and flexibility

The message “Choose a colour to match your environment, or a finish to meet your application” effectively sums up what GWP Coatings can offer your business.

In essence it allows your business (as an end user) or sheet plant to provide both the finishing touches (e.g. branding and/or decorative print) or finishes that are integral to a products performance.

This includes, for example, adding waterproofing, oil resistance or anti-static properties to corrugated packaging).

Coating services
As well as a focus on consistent and high quality coatings, GWP also take pride in offering a wide variety of value added services.

However, all of the coatings, material and products that you can source through GWP are complimented by a wide range of supporting services to further maximise the benefits to you.

Why work with GWP Coatings?

  • Widest range of specialist coatings available anywhere
  • Free advice, guidance and samples
  • Confidential trade service to sheet plants
  • Stringent quality control during all processes
  • Can coat supplied board or offer both (coating & board)
  • Accurate storage and delivery
  • Instant access to complete and accurate inventory
  • Automated stock movement, checks and reports

Confidential Trade Service

Support and services tailored to your sheet plant

If you are a sheet plant or packaging manufacturer, GWP Coatings’ offering is simple. Get high quality, coated board delivered when you need it as part of a completely confidential trade service.

By keeping all trade board coating in house at GWP’s production facility just outside of Swindon, it allows you to be certain that stringent quality checks are applied at every stage of the process.

This can be the checking of colours for pantone matching. The longevity of your Liquigard water and oil resistant coating. Or even the conductive performance of the exclusive Corstat® anti-static coating. This combination of equipment, services and experience effectively ensures your coated board will be of the highest standard.

Besides this, trade board coating comes with the promise of complete confidentiality. This gives you peace of mind that you can increase your product offering to your clients with no concerns of losing their business.

Short lead times

Short Lead Times

Reduce storage and be more responsive

While holding large stocks of the specialist coatings, inks and corrugated board at GWP allows you to source low volumes competitively, it also allows for exceptionally short lead times. This allows to you be more responsive to urgent customer requirements.

Low / high volume board coating

Low / High Volumes

Flexible MOQs & competitive pricing

GWP Coatings are able to offer the full range of specialist coatings from runs starting as low as 200 square metres – making it an exceptionally cost-effective service for practically any converter. This can have a direct impact on helping you to win more business for your sheet plant.

Sheet Plant Association

Sheet Plant Association

Confidential trade supply to sheet plants

GWP Coatings are long standing and active members of the Sheet Plant Association, allowing fellow businesses that are part of the SPA to easily access our entire product range quickly & easily. GWP are heavily involved in sharing of information, best practices etc. as well.

Additional Support / Benefits

A range of complimentary services to enhance your business

Besides allowing you to offer your customers a wider range of corrugated packaging products, the confidential agreements you can undertake with GWP allow you to source a much wider range of products as well.

For example, Correx® corrugated plastic can be notoriously difficult to convert on standard machinery. However, if your customers are looking for this type of product, GWP Coatings can supply this as a trade service. The same applies engineered foam, anti-static products, handling supplies and even specialist corrugated products such as crash lock boxes or spools.

This is in addition to managing a stock holding of your commonly used products which you can call off on a “Just in Time” basis.

Please see below for further details of these services.

Just In Time Delivery

Just in Time Delivery

Accurate forecasting and cost savings

By working closely with GWP you can take advantage of a “Just In Time” delivery service – whereby GWP hold and manage the stock-holding of your material, coated board and / or converted packaging products, which are then supplied just as it is needed.

Trade packaging manufacturer

Additional Product Range

Offer your customers more choice

The same confidential trade service that applies to all of the coatings you can source from GWP, is also available across the full range of specialist foams, Correx®, print, anti-static products and other packaging and handling products that the wider GWP Group manufacture.

Who are GWP Coatings?

Background and further information

GWP Coatings, previously trading under the Corstat® name, is now a key part of the GWP Group, focusing specifically on specialist coatings onto corrugated cardboard. This is predominantly offered as a trade service to other sheet plants and packaging manufacturers.

However, as with the other areas of GWP Group, a key focus is your complete satisfaction. This is achieved, in part, through minimal lead times, just in time supply and a focus on consistent high quality and flexibility

As well as sharing this knowledge and product range with you, the long-term aim will always be to strengthen the relationships with your business through the level of service offered as standard.

Low and high volume coating
GWP have various dedicated, well maintained pieces of equipment that are operated by skilled technicians to ensure consistent high quality.

Processes, ethos and culture

At GWP Coatings we strive to provide you with innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions where there is a need for an additional surface coating. Whether this is to protect from water, oil, abrasion, or to simply add branding or instructions, you can benefit from a solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Besides this, and in contrast to the vast majority of other material coaters, you can specify finished board from as little as 200 sq. metres.

This is in addition to matching any pantone colour, meaning that expensive silk screen printing can be avoided. This provides a perfect solution to short run pre-print liners and low volume / high quality packaging products.

As a business, we are certain the solutions provided offer you the optimum performance and flexibility, regardless of the environment or application they will be used for.

GWP Coatings Video

Get an insight into the manufacturing process at GWP Coatings

Please watch the video to the below for an overview of GWP Coatings operations, manufacturing process and team.

Sheet Plant Association

Unrivalled support for UK sheet plants

Due to the nature of GWP Coatings’ business, the vast majority of coated board is supplied direct to UK sheet plants. This, in turn, has seen GWP become heavily involved with the Sheet Plant Association.

The “SPA” effectively provides a forum for the owners and managers of Corrugated Sheet Plants – and their associated suppliers – to meet and discuss matters of common interest.

SPA members
GWP Coatings are members of the Sheet Plant Association (SPA), ensuring coated board is available to a wide range of manufacturers and industries.

It is also heavily involved in matters affecting the corrugated packaging industry as well as the sheet plant sector specifically, promotes the sector to potential new customers, and encourages best practice amongst members.

Training, relating to industry specific skills, knowledge, and personal development for the employees of member companies is also a key objective, as is the promoting of co-operative working between member companies.

For further information regarding the Sheet Plant Association and GWP Coatings’ involvement, please click here.

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