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Corrust coating – anti corrosive packaging to protect metal products

You sheet plant can now source a comprehensive range of  high quality consumable products for Baysek, U-Pack and T-series die cutting equipment. These cost effective products not only allow you to produce consistent results with your equipment, but will also help to extend your machinery’s lifespan too.


Please see below for a list of the common items you can choose from, or download the datasheet for further information on sizes, quantities and prices. If there is something you need that is not listed, please contact us and we will endeavour to help.


To find out more or request a full pricelist, please speak with a member of our team today.

Cutting corners on the cost of die cutting equipment and consumables is a false economy - with the poorer quality packaging produced quickly earning your business a negative reputation. Ensure the success of your business - and happy customers - by using quality die cutting consumables.

High quality anvil sleeves for a variety of equipment

Baysek, U-Pack and Shearline machines


Specially formulated Polypropylene Copolymer ensures extended cutting life and to protect your forms against excessive wear.


Extruded to high tolerances, to ensure near perfect consistency on wall thickness. This greatly improves consistency on cutting and creasing pressures.


Accurate internal dimension means no slippage around the cylinder which occurs with substandard materials. 6.5mm wall thickness which provides for maximum wear allowance.


Eliminates excessive machine wear, damage to cutting forms and inconsistent cutting and creasing producing that occurs when using pipes not designed for this purpose.

Forme suction cups for high volume output

Silicon rubber for Upack & Baysek


A Strong shape that resists collapse under vacuum pressure and it efficiently distributes load forces through the cup walls to the fitting.


Made of silicon rubber and include a flared lip to form a flexible seal against a work piece to allow the cup to be evacuated with a vacuum pump.

Suction cup feed / take off

Baysek, U-Pack and Shearline machines


Suction cup comprises a base body, including a panel member having an opening extending from one surface to another surface (adapted to be connected to a vacuum source).


The suction cups provide surface conformance and swivelling action for versatile positioning during operation.

High quality flexible nylon tubing

High quality for consistent performance


Extremely flexible, highly resistant to solvents and oils and has a high fatigue life for longlasting, consistent performance.


Suitable for use in numerous applications and machines, with 6mm outside and 4mm inside standard diameters.

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