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Corstat Conductive Coating

Offer your customers the industry standard anti static protection provided by Corstat

Corstat conductive coating is the industry standard for the creation of static safe packaging. Manufactured within an ISO environment, it provides a buried shielding layer that creates a Faraday cage. This offers a safe, controlled path to ground for any static charges.


Corstat is completely safe to handle without the need for protective equipment, is easily converted on standard machinery and is fully recyclable (minimising disposal costs). There is also a wide range of pre-fabricated products available from an extensive stock holding that can be supplied on very short lead times.

Proven to protect from static discharge and guaranteed for 10 years, Corstat has been specified by virtually every blue chip and OEM electronics manufacturer since the early days of silicone technology. Its’ buried shielding layer & sealed surface allows for a controlled, safe path to ground.

Features that increase efficiency of your operations:

  • Biodegradable and eco friendly, with no requirement for specialist / costly disposal methods
  • Completely inert (no halogenated compounds, aromatics etc.) to eliminate need for PPE
  • Can be easily converted on the majority of standard machinery, including the ability for overprinting
  • Lead times as short as 48 hours minimises storage requirements and associated costs

Value for money for you and your customers:

  • Exceptional conductive performance for protecting electronics and minimising costs of damage
  • Buried shielding layer creates an effective, reliable “Faraday Cage” effect for highest protection levels
  • 10 year shelf live ensures longevity and ongoing performance
  • A cost effective alternative to moulded plastic to further reduce costs

Improve your business’ reputation and increase sales:

  • Potential for up-selling and cross-selling to boost sales from existing customers
  • Wide range of pre-fabricated products, available from stock on 48 hour lead times
  • Recognised industry standard anti static packaging solution, providing “tried & trusted” performance
  • Low runs (from 200sq metres) allows you flexibility with order volumes
  • ISO manufactured products enhances your company reputation and aids repeat business

The industry standard for anti static packaging

Corstat coated board is used to create long lasting, durable and reliable packaging for delicate components and any item at risk from static electricity. Used by the majority of the large electronic companies in the USA and UK, Corstat conductive coating creates a faraday cage in order to protect the items within.


This, in effect, sees any static charges channelled around the cartons’ exterior, creating a safe path to ground. The obvious benefit provided by these properties is a vast reduction in items damaged during transit or storage, which can in turn lead to hugely significant cost savings.

Corstat Conductive Coatings Datasheet

Corstat Coating Summary Info / Datasheet

For a summary of information, key benefits and conversion processes for Corstat Conductive Coatings, please click below to download a PDF datasheet.

Another key benefit you can offer to your customers by utilising Corstat is that of cost. Being significantly lower in cost than moulded plastic alternatives, Corstat also offers a 10 year shelf life to ensure long lasting performance.

This is in addition to the benefits of using standard corrugated packaging (low cost, good strength, light weight etc.).


Please continue reading for full technical details, or alternatively download the Corstat coating datasheet using the links above.

Improve your own efficiency and margins using Corstat

A common concern among sheet plants is that anti –static materials can be difficult to process and fabricate.


Fortunately however, Corstat coated board can be easily converted using standard machinery.


This allows you to maintain efficient manufacturing processes, which in turn leads to cost savings for your sheet plant and improved margins. This also allows you to offer exceptionally competitive pricing, aiding repeat business too.


Another significant benefit of using Corstat conductive coating is that it is completely safe and inert. As such, it requires no PPE or specialist handling measures to ensure that your workforce remains safe.


Not only does this create significant savings in conversion times, it also reduces the need to procure additional PPE equipment, ultimately saving you money.


On a similar note, Corstat is environmentally friendly and contains no heavy metals or aromatics. As well as reducing the need for PPE as mentioned above, this also means that board coated with Corstat can be easily recycled and so incurs no additional recycling and disposal costs.


The coating is also biodegradable and so can help support your plant’s environmental obligations.

Additional benefits of using conductive corrugated board

Use of Corstat coated board can offer a number of other benefits for your business.


This can be as simple as attracting new customers through an increased product range, or winning more business from your existing customers through upselling and cross-selling.


With Corstat being manufactured to ISO approved standards, the resulting packaging you produce will also be of the highest quality, further enhancing your reputation and aiding repeat business.


Besides this, Corstat coated board can be supplied on short lead times (usually twenty-four hours) due to our large stock holding. This enables you to supply your customers quickly and efficiently and become more responsive to urgent enquiries.


Also being available in both high and low runs, (with a minimum order of 200 sq.m), it allows you to offer flexible MOQs and minimise storage space through not having to over-order raw materials.


Finally, you can also offer your customers a wide selection of pre-fabricated conductive packaging products from a vast stock-holding held at GWP Coatings.


This not only reduces lead times still further, but allows you to provide products that have been widely and successfully used throughout numerous industries for over twenty-five years. These products are also supplied on a completely confidential, trade agreement.

View typical applications for Corstat Conductive Coating

View a selection of packaging products created using Corstat anti static coating, along with typical applications. Please click the individual thumbnails for a larger view.

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Corstat Coating Performance Details


Please see below for the specific performance / properties of Corstat. If there are any performance figures that you require but are not listed here, please get in touch.


1.0 Electrical


1.1 Surface Resistivity (per ASTMD257-78)


1.11 Buried Shielding Layer <10 ohms/sq

1.11 Exterior Layer <10 ohms/sq


1.2 Electrostatic Decay Rate (per Mil B 81705B, Test Method 4046


Federal TMS 101B)
Less than 2.0 seconds to theoretical zero


1.3 ESD Shielding: 99.9% Attenuation (Capacitive Probe Test)


1.4 Triboelectric Charge Generation approximately 0.1 C/inch std. condition


2.0 Chemical


2.1 Surface Resistivity


2.11 Reducible Sulphur: .00035% (.0008% non-tarnishing to silver, solder and copper per TAPPI T-406)

2.12 Amines: None


2.2 Galvanic Reaction: None


3.0 Mechanical


3.1 Liner papers 100% pure kraft


3.2 Shelf Life 10 years


3.3 Humidity Dependence: No effect on electrical properties

GWP Coatings: your confidential trade partner

GWP Coatings can offer your sheet plant a comprehensive range of protective coatings for corrugated cardboard. From water resistance to pantone colours, corrosion inhibitor (VCI) to anti abrasion, you can specify coated board that exactly meets the needs of your customers.


Regardless of the intended use or end application, this wide range of coatings enables you to offer your customers a greater selection of products, ultimately enabling you to win new business and increase order volumes from existing customers.


GWP Coatings is also proud to be a member of the Sheet Plant Association (SPA). This long standing relationship ensures you can be confident that all board / coatings supplied will be done so on a completely confidential basis.


With over twenty years of supplying the sheet plants of all sizes, you can be certain that any of the free, impartial advice and guidance provided, or indeed any board coated, will be of the highest possible standard.

Can you see how offering your customers Corstat can boost your sales, client retention and profitability?