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Corrust Anti Corrosion Coating

Offer your customers packaging that inhibits corrosion and streamlines their packaging processes

Corrust® is an anti-corrosion coating that inhibits the onset of corrosion on metal products during storage or transit. Ideal for automotive, aerospace and engineering industries, Corrust® can help your customers avoid the costs associated with having to replace metal items that have corroded in transit.


Another benefit of Corrust® is that it reduces the need for additional VCI products such as papers or pads. Not only does eliminating the secondary packaging speed up packing times, boosting productivity, it also streamlines your clients’ packaging inventory, reducing their costs.

Several studies estimate that damage caused by corrosion, in storage or transit, costs engineering industries in Europe hundreds of millions of pounds each year. Corrust VCI corrosion preventative packaging is proven to completely eliminate this problem.

Features that increase efficiency and cost saving for your customers:

  • Reduce costs associated with corrosion damage in transit, reducing returns and “written off” stock
  • Eliminates secondary packaging such as VCI papers, minimising packing times
  • Removes the need for greasing items prior to packaging, considerably streamlining operations
  • Reducing inventory of specialist packaging items (VCI papers etc.) minimises purchases / costs

Improve efficiency of your sheet plant’s operations:

  • No PPE required to handle Corrust® coated board, improving efficiency of your plant
  • Short lead times (usually within 48 hours) eradicates need for and costs of storing material on site
  • Easily glued and converted on standard machinery / equipment
  • Fully recyclable, eliminating the need for complex disposal methods incurring significant costs

Using Corrust® can increase your sales and reputation:

  • Allows you to offer a wider product range, with potential for upselling and increased sales
  • Runs from 500 sq. metres, allowing you to fulfil low volume orders competitively
  • Coated board comes from an ISO accredited supplier demonstrating a focus on quality
  • Supply of high quality, reliable products increases likelihood of repeat business for your plant

How Corrust® can protect items against corrosion

Corrust® is a coating that acts as a Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI).


The coating releases molecules that coat metal surfaces of items that are stored inside a coated box and stop them from corroding.


This makes it a cost effective way to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metal items whilst being transported or stored.

Corrust VCI datasheet

Corrust® VCI Coating Info / Datasheet

For a summary of information, key benefits and conversion processes for Corrust® Anti-Corrosion Coating, please click below to download a PDF datasheet.

Corrust® works through VCI molecules vaporising out of the coating on the board and saturating the area within any packaging that has been assembled.


The VCI molecules are drawn out of the coating due to polarisation and attach themselves to the metal surface of any goods inside the packaging. The coating then prevents any reaction with oxygen that would cause rust to appear on metal surfaces.


Using Corrust® will ensure that your customers can be confident of lower numbers of returns / replacements due to corroded items on delivery as well as improved levels of satisfaction for their clients, ultimately leading to repeat business.

Ensuring efficient operations for your sheet plant

Corrust® is a completely safe coating, meaning that sheets of board that have been coated can be handled with no risk to your operatives.


This removes the need for PPE, saving you the costs of purchasing specialist protective equipment and also streamlines operations in your plant.


The chemicals used in the VCI process do not use any nitrates, heavy metals, silicon or any other potentially dangerous substances.


The benefit of this is that board coated in Corrust® is therefore biodegradable, recyclable and does not pose any threat to the environment. This means that your plant (or your customers) will not have to take any special measures to dispose of unused Corrust® coated board, minimising disposal costs and additional storage prior to disposal.


Board that has been coated in Corrust® should be converted within two-three months of manufacture to ensure maximum benefits of the anti-corrosive elements.


However, it can be stored for longer periods provided it is fully wrapped in stretch or shrink wrap.


This enables flexibility in your operations as you can keep coated board in stock if needed enabling you to respond quickly to customer needs and ensure continued satisfaction and repeat business.


Alternatively, as runs are available from 500 sq. metres, you can order the specific amount for individual jobs, as well as being able to cost effectively fulfil lower order volumes (boosting your overall sales).

Tangible benefits to offer your customers

Several independent research institutes have calculated that damage from corrosion costs the engineering industry in Europe millions of pounds every year.


Utilising a protective coating such as Corrust® will reduce some of those costs by protecting items against corrosion both whilst in transit and also when being stored and awaiting use.


This in turn minimises returns, replacements and the need to write off damaged stock. It can even improve the perception of your business, and lead to repeat business through reliable supply.


Besides this, Corrust is an incredibly effective way of reducing your clients packaging inventory and costs.


Instead of them having to source specialist VCI papers, films or bags, you can offer them an all in one solution. Besides the cost savings for them, eradicating the need for secondary packaging also streamlines the packing process, saving time and improving productivity.


Another commonly used alternative to VCI papers and bags is the use of grease and similar protective coatings directly onto the metals’ surfaces.


As with eliminating the requirement for secondary packaging, another key benefit of Corrust® is that it enables end users to use products directly out of the packaging without having to clean off these surface coatings. This can vastly reduce packing and unpacking times and enhance productivity and efficiency.


In summary, by offering your customers Corrust you can help them to minimise the cost and size of their packaging inventory, improve their packing times and improve their relationship with their own clients.

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GWP Coatings warrants Corrust® products will be free from defects when shipped to customers. Corstats obligation under this warranty shall be limited to replacement of product that proves to he defective. To obtain replacement product under this warranty, the customer must notify GWP Coatings of the claimed defect within six months after shipment of product to customer. All freight charges for replacement product shall be paid by customer.


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As the the only independent UK coater of corrugated board, your business can select from the widest range of specialist coatings available from a single supplier.


This includes coatings that offer water resistance, static shielding, anti-corrosion properties and high-quality colour flood coatings that can be made to any pantone colour.


As official members of the Sheet Plant Association (SPA) you can be assured that all coated board supplied is done so on a totally confidential trade service. This means that you can offer your customers a wider range of products that may not have been possible otherwise.


Based at a modern manufacturing facility in Cricklade all board is coated in-house. You can specify either high or low volume runs starting at just 200 sq. m, allowing you to offer your customers competitive options and prices no matter the size of their order.


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