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Specialist coatings onto corrugated cardboard, in high and low volumes,with confidential trade supply

Specialist board coatings for trade customers is, in essence, what we do. Saying that, we constantly strive to achieve innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions where there is a need for an additional surface coating onto corrugated board. Our approach and experience allows us to offer the leading solutions that also take account of environmental, commercial and budget considerations.


We aim to make life for our clients as simple as possible – choose your coating and we apply it onto the selected corrugated board or packaging product. It’s as simple as that! That’s we are known in the industry as the leading coaters onto corrugated board.


  • Short lead times on all our coatings
  • Range of properties including water and oil resistant
  • Runs from as low as 200 sq. metres
  • Confidential trade service


Please use the links below to view our full range specialist corrugated board coatings, plus die cutting consumables.

Liquiguard Waterproof Coating

Water and oil resistant cardboard


Liquiguard coating is a water and oil resistant coating that has been developed for use across various industries. Typical applications are for wet and oily products such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and flowers, and it is also used successfully in moving automotive and industrial components that are greasy.

Spectrumcoat Pantone Colours

Pantone matched flood coating


Spectrumcoat is an overall, Pantone matched coloured coating that GWP Coatings have developed for use predominantly in the Point of Sale display industry. Spectrumcoat is also available from 500 sq. metres, and can matched to your specific Pantone reference.

Corstat conductive coating

Conductive coating for static protection


Boxes and containers coated with our conductive Corstat coating are easily converted on standard machinery. The results give durable anti static packaging that is cheaper than conductive plastic or fibreboard alternatives. For further information please click below.

Nomar anti abrasion coating

Anti abrasion coating to protect surfaces


This form of coating is used to protect packaged articles from scratching caused by rubbing against the inside of the corrugated shipping container, offering an excellent non abrasive packaging solution.If you think that Nomar anti abrasion coating could be the protective solution that you are looking for then please click below.

Corrust anti corrosion coating (VCI)

Corrosion inhibitor (VCI) for metal items


GWP Coatings is proud to offer Corrust coating, creating anti-corrosive packaging that inhibits corrosion. Corrust provides cost effective protection using a corrugated cardboard with a vapour corrosion inhibitor (VCI). To discover how Corrust could save you or your customers time and money, please click below.

Die cutting consumables

Die cutting equipment for sheet plants


Besides our comprehensive range of corrugated board coatings, GWP Coatings are able to offer a wide range of consumable products for Baysek, U-Pack and T-series die cutting equipment. Please click below for a list of the common items we supply to sheet plants across the UK.

Short Lead Times

While holding large stocks of specialist coatings, inks and corrugated board allows you to source low volumes competitively, it also allows you to take delivery of coated board on exceptionally short lead times.


Whether coating board held in stock by GWP Coatings, or supplied to us by you (the method favoured by a large number of sheet plants), our efficient production facility and highly trained staff ensure that both high and low volumes can be completed and supplied on exceptionally short lead times.

By using our in house coating machines, operated by skilled technicians with vast experience, you are guaranteed both performance and consistency of colour.


By operating more than a single coating machine, it allows further reductions in lead times and also means you can source material with multiple coatings (for example a flood colour coating and waterproofing corrugated) just as effectively.

Manufacturing Processes used at GWP Coatings

High and low volume coating

GWP Coatings also have a dedicated coater for Corstat conductive coating – ensuring that critical performance levels are never compromised on the finished Corstat boards.


Please watch the video below for further details of how the coating process works, the products / industries that typically use the specific materials, and a range of ways in which GWP Coatings can support your business.

Low & High Volume Coating

As the UK leaders in applying specialist coatings to corrugated cardboard, you may think that GWP can only help with large orders and high volumes.


However, you are able to specify all of the specialist coatings from runs starting as low as 200 square metres. This makes it an exceptionally cost effective service for practically any sheet plant or converter.

Coating quality control

As GWP Coatings keep an extensive stock holding of all the coatings, plus a huge range of inks that means you can specify  (again if on shorter runs), our operations are flexible enough to provide these short runs, or indeed very large volumes, whilst maintaining very competitive prices.

Why work with GWP Coatings?

  • Responsive to urgent requirements
  • Efficient manufacturing processes
  • High or low volumes welcomed
  • Entire range of specialist coatings in stock
  • Ink “library” which allows matching of any pantone colour
  • Range of board grades / sizes can be supplied
  • Happy to coat suitable board supplied by you
  • Highly cost effective production of large requirements

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