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A free, no obligation audit of your packaging, highlighting efficiency & cost reduction opportunities

Do you know if your packaging is using the optimum material? Does it seem like you have a lot of wasted packaging? Are you experiencing a high volume of returns? Maybe you know your packaging isn’t performing as well as it should, but don’t know where to start fixing it?


Maybe you just wish there was someone who could handle this for you?


If any of the above is true, then your business could benefit from undertaking a full packaging audit. Working in partnership with GWP Group, you will be able to identify inefficiencies and cost savings at all stages of your packaging process, plus proven, actionable ways to improve it.


Best of all?


The evaluation service is completely free and with no obligation.

Full packaging review

So how would a packaging evaluation work?

The first stage of any packaging audit will be a consultation with an experienced packaging professional, who will be allocated to your business throughout the entire process.


This would involve a visit to your production facilities or logistics centres, to gain an in depth understanding of the challenges your business faces. From analysing your existing packaging supplies, product range, storage facilities and packing processes, this first stage usually highlights a number of ways in which you can improve your operations.


Following this, a thorough analysis of your usage patterns, overall volumes and fluctuations in demand, as well as design and material specifications, will allow for a detailed proposal to be created, highlighting the opportunities for your business.


In essence, GWP will work in partnership with you to help to develop the most efficient packaging procurement and delivery process for your business.

What will be covered in a packaging audit?

A packaging audit would take a holistic look at your packaging processes, and highlight any opportunities for improving it. However, from conducting a high number of audits alongside companies just like yours, the following factors / options tend to yield the greatest results:

Packaging consultation

Material Analysis:

It is possible to reduce storage and transit costs, plus that of the raw materials, by ensuring that the most appropriate grade of material is selected (frequently, it isn’t). See here for more info.

Packing Time Reduction:

Even small reductions in packing times can lead to noticeable improvements in staff productivity and output over the course of a year. Specific packaging designs can help you realise the benefits of these improvements. Read more here.

Design/ Construction changes:

A simple change to the design or structure of packaging can reduce costs through more efficient use of material, easier manufacturing processes and even storage and transit costs. Find out more here.


By combining slow moving lines or reducing the overall inventory, not only is management of your packaging stocks easier, but it allows you to benefit from economies of scale too. Find out more by clicking here.

Packaging evaluation

Stock reduction / VMI:

Safe storage of packaging can take up large areas of your warehouse or fulfilment centre – space that could be used more productively. A vendor managed inventory system will not only reduce the need for storage space and its associated costs but also result in less administration too. Find out how here.

Transit damage reduction:

The hidden cost of off the shelf packaging. Transit damage leads to high return rates, costs for replacing items and can even impact your brand perception and repeat sales. See how to stop it here.

Packaging reduction:

Secondary packaging, such as tapes and void fill, can not only lengthen packing times but is also a significant cost too. Often, they can be eliminated all-together. Read more here.

Single source supply:

Sourcing various packaging types from differing suppliers means increased admin, less competitive pricing and frequent issues with packaging products being incompatible with each other. Find out how a single source supplier can reduce costs and streamline your business here.

Packaging audit

Whilst not all of these may be relevant to your business or industry sector – you may even have already analysed / implemented some of them yourself – it allows you to be certain that your packaging is as efficient and cost effective as possible.

What is the next step?

A tailored proposal from GWP – following a full packaging audit –  can help you to meet your business objectives. This may be minimising waste, improving processes, rationalising the range of packaging products used, managing stock or simply reducing the overall cost of your transit packaging.


Once your ongoing targets and requirements are defined, GWP Group can help you implement these through a full value engineering programme, intelligent design, quality engineering and the highest level of support at all times.


The service that GWP Group will provide to your business is both flexible and scalable. Your changing business needs will be responded to quickly, plus you can be certain that your business will be supplied with the most suitable products and solutions at all times. And with no compromise on quality either.

Summary of key benefits:

  • Highlights inefficiencies throughout your packaging processes
  • Simplifies your supply chain
  • Identifies cost savings that can directly impact your business’s profitability
  • Actionable, proven strategies to benefit your business
  • Dedicated designers, engineers and senior management allocated to your project
  • Free, no obligation service

Request your complimentary packaging audit today

If you feel that your packaging could be improved but don’t know where to start, are going out to tender and feel it is the right time to review your overall operation, or simply need help with a specific issue, please get in touch.

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