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Improve Efficiency

Ways to noticeably improve efficiency, enhance productivity & reduce costs through clever use of packaging

“Lets improve efficiency”. It’s a good idea, something brought up in countless meetings in businesses just like yours. It’ll help to reduce costs. It will help improve the number of orders that can be fulfilled. It could even have a significant impact on profitability.


All true. But where do you start?

improve efficiency

Whilst there are many aspects of your business that you could analyse to identify efficiency gains, perhaps the largest opportunity lies with your packaging.


Being involved in so many processes within your production or fulfilment operations, the improvements can be quick and significant. It can improve how you handle orders and deliveries. It can improve (and reduce) the way you store and retrieve your stock. It can even minimise the admin of ordering and maintaining your packaging supplies.


If your business could benefit from proven strategies to improve efficiency – and the subsequent effect it can have on your costs – please continue reading. Alternatively, speak with an advisor today to discuss your specific challenges or requirements.

Minimise storage

Strategies for minimising your stock holding & costs


Most businesses can identify with problems of storage. It may be that you simply don’t have enough. Maybe you need the space to expand production capacity. Perhaps there is a lot of wastage from stock that becomes damaged during storage.

Consolidate packaging

Rationalise lines for a lean inventory


One of the most commonly overlooked ways of improving efficiency is that of packaging consolidation. Whilst not easy to implement, it can have a significant impact on the admin and management of your packaging, besides reducing costs by creating an efficient, streamlined inventory.

streamline packing processes

Optimum material and construction for specific product protection


By minimising packing times, it is possible to reduce labour costs, increase output and productivity. Any reduction in packing times can have a significant, positive impact on your business, whilst not affecting quality and / or instances of transit damage.

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