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A packaging supply network offering a greater product range, geographical reach and service levels

The original Corrboard project – involving nine partners from across the UK – quickly resulted in benefits seen not only by the companies involved, but by the individual customers as well. The Corrboard Alliance was, in effect, the logical next step.


So what additional benefits could this Alliance provide?

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The answer is many and varied. It includes improved disaster mitigation, a vastly increased product range, sharing of knowledge amongst the partners and a much wider geographical reach.


In fact, the range of additional advantages possible was greater even than initially envisaged.

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What is the Corrboard Alliance and why was it formed?

Effectively, the Corrboard Alliance is the sharing of products, knowledge, ideas, distribution networks, and manufacturing capacity amongst the nine partners in Corrboard.


As summarised on the Corrboard Alliance website, it is:

A simple one-stop shop for all your packaging needs, anywhere in the UK and Ireland

Comprised of established packaging specialists, it has allowed each individual company to pool their resources. This in turn allows the Alliance to help companies with multiple sites in the UK or Ireland.


The bottom line?


If your company has more than one site, has varied packaging requirements, or has specialist requirements which are logistically challenging, the Corrboard Alliance can supply you with the highest quality packaging. This is whilst also helping you reduce your costs and improve your efficiency.

How it works

Working with the Corrboard Alliance is incredibly simple.


In fact, if you already work alongside one of the nine members, you can simply approach them for further information and advice on your specific requirement or challenges.


If you do not currently trade with any Corrboard Alliance member, you can use a handy “postcode finder” tool on the Corrboard Alliance website. This will automatically find your nearest contact for you.

Corrboard UK Alliance

Alternatively, GWP Group is more than happy to help with your requirement and pass the enquiry on to the most relevant member. Simply get in touch and we’ll do the rest.


Once you’ve made contact, the nearest individual Corrboard Alliance member will meet you to discuss your specific requirements. Following this, a detailed Supply Proposal will be created, using all the resources available within the Alliance.


It really is that simple.

Who is involved?

There are nine partners in the Corrboard Alliance, spread across the whole of the United Kingdom.


These are – in alphabetical order – Beaucrest (Birmingham), Challenge Packaging (East Sussex), Corrboard (Lincolnshire), Dairi Pak (Shropshire), Fencor Packaging (Cambridgeshire), Garthwest (Yorkshire), GWP Group (Wiltshire), McLaren Packaging (Scotland) and Swanline Print (Staffordshire).


Each of the members is a well established, successful packaging company. As a whole, they can boast an overall annual turnover of £100 million and a combined 150 years’ experience. This knowledge covers every aspect of the packaging industry.

Extended geographical reach

The obvious benefit provided by the Corrboard Alliance is that of geographic reach. Traditionally, corrugated packaging suppliers only tend to service customers within an 80 to 100 mile radius. This is because transportation costs make supply over this distance uneconomical.


This is not a problem with companies that only have a single manufacturing site, are based within a single area or are happy to split the supply of packaging across differing suppliers (although this itself leads to increased admin, differences in quality etc.).

Corrboard corrugator

This meant that many larger or Nationwide companies would be forced to work with the larger “integrated” manufactures, due to them having numerous plants across the UK.


The Corrboard Alliance can now offer this benefit, whilst retaining the values and other advantages that are not inherent to the integrated plants (such as smaller order volumes, tailored service levels, truly custom design and more general flexible approach in general).

How the Corrboard Alliance is truly National

Another key benefit is the most versatile and robust distribution network in the UK for packaging. A fleet of over 25 vehicles haul paper-based packaging only, and are under the direct control of CorrBoard and Alliance Members.


So if your business has numerous manufacturing or distribution sites, has some unusual or difficult logistical challenges or are not getting the service you hoped from an integrated sheet plant, the Corrboard Alliance can help.

Product Range

The next major benefit of the Corrboard Alliance is the shared knowledge and, in particular, product range across all nine partners.


For GWP Group customers, this means access to a wider range of printing options, larger format packaging, high quality presentation packs, solid board boxes, specialist Point of Sale and even composite tubes.

Corrboard Alliance

For the other Corrboard partners, it means they can benefit from offering their customers GWP Groups’ range of Correx products, engineered foam, protective cases, anti-static / conductive packaging and even the wide range of corrugated coatings (such as waterproof, VCI corrosion inhibitor and pantone colours).


This effectively provides the widest range of packaging products from a single source within the UK. Plus, each product comes with a guarantee of consistent, high quality.

Disaster Mitigation

Besides the increased range of products and the geographical coverage provided by the alliance, there are also reduced risks for customers of the Alliance Members.


For example, should a particular machine at one of the partners sites – or even the entire plant – be taken out of action due to unforeseen circumstances, your packaging requirement can be manufactured by another of the Alliance Members. This will completely eliminate delays to your packaging if such a disaster was to occur. It also ensures that the quality of your packaging remains of consistently high quality too.


This benefit is of particular importance to any company where a shortage of packaging could halt or even slow production lines, and the negative impact this would have on costs and productivity.

Summary of Key Benefits

  • Enhanced product range to cover all packaging types
  • Improved geographical reach (for improved logistics)
  • Greater risk management / mitigation strategies
  • Consistent high quality across suppliers / locations
  • Central point of contact and customer service
  • Quality benefits through use of Corrboard materials

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